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August 17, 2019

Let’s face it, lube makes everything about sex better. It can soften the skin It can reduce genital irritation Hmm. And it can even change the taste of oral. Okay, come on Hello and welcome back to Watts the Safeword. I’m Amp and today I wanted to talk about something that happened the other day. I was in my favorite sex shop the other day looking through their isle of motion lotion – AKA – lube I know what lubes I like and I have some favorites but I was looking through some of the newer stuff that I’ve never used before at the shop and As I was reading through the ingredients something caught my eye ingredients manufactured Neither the manufacturer nor retailer assumes any liability for the use of this product. Now wait a minute! You’re telling me that if I buy this lube, and I’m using it on myself and something happens. I get a rash It just doesn’t sit well with my body I’m not going to hold them accountable for what they are selling to me? No Now, lube, short for lubrication is used within sex or just masturbation to make it easier slicker Smoother less painful in many cases and there’s a lot of it out there and personally I really just like the word lubricant. I mean why I say lubricant when you lubri can But I suppose trying to redefine a term that’s been around for hundreds of years is a Slippery slope! And so it got me thinking how many of these lubes out here, or even good for your body I mean with warnings like that. It kind of leads you to believe that some of the stuff That’s in the lube might not be good for you. Turns out the first known form of lube was in ancient Greece in 350 BC when olive oil was used on dildos. Japan used to use mashed yams as a lubricant and even China and Korea had a bit of history in the lube department when they would boil seaweed and get this mucousy kind of slick liquid they would use as lubricant Luckily we’ve come a long way with lube since then so today I wanted to just break down some of the different kinds of lubes that exist out there the different purposes Pros and cons and what you should look out for when you’re buying your lubes So let’s just jump in and get our feet wet and what better way of getting your feet wet than with water-based lube Now when I was looking at the market the majority of lubes I saw out there were water-based. Pros four water-based lube include being safe for condoms, being safe for all toys, being very inexpensive and just being easy to find However, they don’t always stay wet for long. Water-based lubes are water-soluble So they can’t be used in bodies of water it also means that our bodies will absorb it over time and become sticky and tacky If it becomes tacky you can of course add a bit of water or even just some spit Oh. Well now. I have to clean that up Damn it They’re also very easy to clean up with soap and water And they’re not going to stain. Also for you kinksters out there water-based Lube like JLube for example are great for fisting and general water-based lubes conduct electricity so you can use those with estim or electrical toys and There’s just tons of options out there for water based lubes, which can be both a Pro And a Con if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Before we talk about this next form of lube I do want to make a point that there is a reason California is known to just have more sex in general I mean we have an entire valley dedicated to this next form of lube What? Why is it called Silicon Valley then? Silicon comes in many shapes in forms in our society I mean just look at RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now silicone lube is condom safe and stays slickest the longest and this is because our skin’s mucous membrane cannot absorb the lube therefore it stays slick and it continues to just be nice and slippery also rosy soft It’s also hypoallergenic and because it stays slick the longest you’re going to be reapplying less versus like water-based loops And you’re probably gonna be saving a lot more lube. And it’s good you’re saving money on the amount of lube you’re using because silicone lube can be a bit more expensive Similarly silicone lubes will break down a good deal of silicone toys So make sure that if you are using a silicone lube, you’ve checked to make sure it’s not gonna break down most toys because Science! And while it is incredibly slick It’s also really hard to clean if you’re getting it on wood tile, or any sort of flooring that you would otherwise not want to slip on Similarly if you get out of any clothing, any fabric, any bed sheets, it can stain that cloth So make sure you soak that fabric in any Dawn Dishsoap and water before actually throwing it in the laundry [This bit contains a load of dodgy puns on US names of detergent which this Brit doesn’t understand – but you get the idea!] [Here’s an alternative joke – How much fun is doing laundry??] [Loads.] I’ll go, no problem. Just avoid the floor It’s still great for glass and metal toys But it should be noted that it should not be used for electrical play because it will work as an insulator But honestly silicone is still my favorite for penetrative sex and for sex it won’t take a buttload Although you could use it to get a buttload. I’m not gonna judge You do whatever you like. Now our next Lube is not only great for cooking up trouble in the kitchen But also great for cooking up trouble in the bedroom for some people and that is oil based lubes. If you’re looking for a loop That has a long lasting Silky feel and it reminds you of your favorite meal Oil-based lubes might be the right lube for you. Many people find that it’s an easy way to go from a nice massage to something a little more sexy and intimate and Because they’re so easy to find they are considered some of the cheapest easiest forms of lube to obtain But that’s really the only pros that I have but let me ask you a question Do you like Star Trek because oil based lubes have some serious [Cons] And the first of which is don’t use oil-based lubes with condoms ever just don’t do it They will break down your condoms And they will rip and tear. They’re also known to trap bacteria in many cases and it will still stain the hell out of your Sheets though I will say when I was looking through oil-based lubes the one caveat to oil-based lubes was Coconut oil. There was a huge argument online whether it was good for you, bad for you, many people said that it led to heightened yeast infections in some women But others said that it was an antifungal anti-irritant, also smells good, tastes good And it is recommended for some people who find Irritation in just basic water-based or basic silicone. So use with caution make sure you double check and make sure it’s not gonna do anything to your body, and if you’re finding you’re having a lot more yeast infections I mean stop, so I’m not coconuts about this lube, but it works with some people. Its 7am, I haven’t had coffee, and I’m still able to do puns That’s a miracle. Coffee is kind of a lube for your body to get it started for the day. What does that Make the creamer? I mean I like a good creamer in my coffee Is that a metaphor? Then there is the last big lube category which is hybrids. Hybrids? You mean like one of those furries? No Unless you’re talking about like incorporating the best parts of like an animal which is Maybe the silicone and the best parts of a human which are like water-based and putting it into one majestic beast Which would be hybrid lube! Then yes! No! Hybrid loops are just taking the best parts of silicone and the best parts of water-based lubes and mixing all into one They’re fine for condoms and generally safe for toys, though still check that label And they stay super slick for a decent amount of time not as long as silicone But they’re not gonna get as tacky as water-based so you might still need to reapply at times. The cost generally intermediate. Other slick contenders That should be mentioned in the lube category. The first of which is arousal lubes Now arousal lubes are generally water based lubes that have added chemicals in them that cause that cooling or warming sensation and this can Really heighten the sensation for some genitals, but it can also irritate you so be careful there’s also flavored lubes which can add a nice sensation and taste to oral sex or just licking your person’s body in general. Finally on our list is desensitizing lubes. Now these can help tops last longer if they’re known to get off Too quickly and can help with discomfort of anal or just general penetration for a bottom But be conscious that pain is your body’s way of saying this isn’t okay or something’s not right, so don’t go overboard with these desensitizing lubes and make sure you are using them correctly So now that we’ve gone over what lubes exist out there Let’s talk about just some general safety before we end this episode. First off if you’re gonna be using lube and condoms In your sex make sure that you’re adding a little bit of lube on your penis or whatever you’re inserting Before you put the condom on Imagine rubbing a condom over your skin without putting any lube on it There’s gonna be lots of friction there, and you’re gonna find a lot of ripping and tearing that’s gonna happen No matter how nice the smell in the feel of oil-based massage lubes are Do not use them for insertion and don’t use them with condoms. Some lubes will prompt that they have aloe vera in them And it’ll say that this is better for your skin It’s gonna hydrate you but be aware that aloe vera can break down silicone toys so do not mix those two. There are some really inexpensive lubes out there But what you’re saving in costs you’re going to be paying for in STIs, other infections or just discomfort in general and get your notes ready because i’m gonna go over a lot of the chemicals that you don’t want to find your lubes that I found in a lot of those lubes on the shelves. The first of which are Petrochemicals and petrochemicals can be found in a lot of those flavored lubes. Avoid parabens as they’re known to mimic estrogen in the body propylene glycol can cause general irritation. Poly quan … poly kwacha … Poly … polyquaterniun has actually been found by the World Health Organization to increase HIV 1 replication. Other chemicals to avoid include nonoxynol-9 petroleum oils, sugar alcohols, acetate, benzocaine, midi-chlorians, glycerin and citric acid to name a few it’s always the best practice to read your lube labels make sure that what you’re reading actually makes sense you can actually pronounce it and If you’re unsure about anything look online I’ll leave a list down below of all these chemicals you should avoid for your own reference, so thanks for joining me today I hope you found this episode insightful, educational, slick! All lubes aren’t created equal And I spent in years different lubes to find the one that worked for me, and I’m talking about I’ve tried flavor lubes I’ve tried numbing lubes I’ve tried water base, I’ve tried silicone and I will round out this video by saying that my favorite and my Go-to Lube has always been silicone the purer the better I really likes Sliquid. Wet has a decent silicon and I actually really really enjoyed the mr. S body glide. Whether you’re using lube, please I really hope you’re using lube, always have a safe word. And today’s safe word is SLICK Because I am Leave a comment down below you found out that your lube was trashed! Leave a like if you found this informational and educational And I’ll see you guys next time. on Watts the Safeword! Bye If you have a favorite kind of lube, leave it in the comments I’ll put together a little list also fun fact spit lube is actually the lube that porn companies used to simulate cum in like scenes and it tastes awful! It’s also Well, I don’t want to get in an argument on Twitter, so its great!


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