LSU Students Conducting Research at CAMD to Improve Medicine

January 26, 2020

Drug discovery is a multi-national,
multi-billion, multi-decade process and we are just one lab working across the world helping to solve inflammatory disorders. Our research is on
understanding inflammation and the macromolecules that initiate
inflammation. In the early part of drug discovery or understanding inflammation, we’d like to approach it from a reductionist approach. So we want to know how does something function, so we first will reveal the structure of the
macromolecules and then we can see how it makes the inflammatory molecules. And then we might have the ability to even stop its production via drugs. Our research here at LSU is amazing, because I’ve currently worked with five
undergraduate students to help me do my research. I’m training your future scientists, your future physicians, your future teachers on how to do basic research and they’re contributing to a very difficult problem. I actually really love it. It’s my favorite thing about coming to school every day. I want to be a physician and so I’m really like maximizing this time I get to spend in
the lab, because not only has it been a very unique experience, but I really
think that it is preparing me to be a better physician, because I’m able to
critically think better, to understand how drugs are researched and what
research is like where medicine comes from. Here at CAMD (Center for Advanced Microstructures), we’re off campus but we are part of LSU. We often have high school students, other
medical professionals come out and just learn a little bit more about how basic
research is done. This particular process of inflammation
is very important to all families. It’s important in that most people
we’ll end up getting heart disease or cancer or neurodegenerative disease
later in life, so it could help ameliorate some of those diseases. ♪♪

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