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Loneliness Epidemic – WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING

December 29, 2019

– [Narrator] There
is a huge problem in this world and
in modern society. The loneliness epidemic is real, and it’s not going anywhere. I want to change how you
feel and see loneliness and hopefully
impact you to think more about the
effects of loneliness so that it doesn’t hurt
or affect your life. Let me tell you some stories. Five years ago, my friend John
committed a criminal offense and was sentenced to
spend 10 years in jail in a maximum security prison. Now, John was just a normal guy. He wasn’t shy but he wasn’t
super confident either. I would say he had an average
personality and temperament. He was quite mentally stable
before going to prison. He had a job, and
friends, and family, but he just made a bad decision
on one particular night. Anyways, John was in prison
for the first couple of years without any issues, or
incidents, et cetera. I would visit him
as much as I could, and he was just staying clean, keeping his head down,
and doing his time. The more time went on and the
more visits I saw with John, I could totally tell
his mental capacity was slowly getting worse, but he managed to
keep it together. One day, I found out that
John had to be single celled because he had
attacked his cellmate and beaten him up pretty good. Anyhow, more time went
on and John got worse, and next, he assaulted a guard. So they were done and
had had enough of him. They sent him to
solitary confinement and that’s when the loneliness really started to affect John. When I did eventually
have chance to visit John, he told me a lot of things
that had affected him in solitary confineent. The problem is also that
now the periods of inmates spending time in
confinement has increased and this will only make this
area of loneliness even worse. Why, what caused John’s downward
spiral to his loneliness? He told me this: “The isolation,
the lack of stimulation, “and the feeling
of claustrophobia “was 10 times worse
than he had thought, “and no matter how strong I was, “I couldn’t mentally
handle the loneliness. “I just wanted to get away
from myself, but I couldn’t. “I thought, oh yeah, it’s
great being single-celled “and away from people, but
it’s the total opposite.” We are not programmed
to be alone everyday without human connection for
months or even years on end, I personally feel
we shouldn’t have solitary confinement in prisons. The impacts of loneliness, the mental and physical
depression is bad, and it’s only gonna get worse. I understand we need
to punish prisoners when they do bad things
and get out of line, but there has to be another way. Next, meet Becky. She’s 15 years old,
goes to school, and absolutely loves her life. Or does she? Mm, she may be happy
on the outside, but on the inside
she is screaming with hurt, pain,
frustration, and loneliness. And she is not alone. There are thousands of
teenagers that are struggling in this loneliness
epidemic of modern society. I was born in 1986
and was a teenager in the late nineties,
early 2000s. I remember having
a Nokia flip phone, and of course the rise of Google and the internet becoming
more and more popular. However, I would
literally go on my phone once or twice a day,
or I’d keep it close to call my mom to say I would
be home at six for supper. And the only internet I
used was at school, really. I was so happy, I wasn’t
lonely, and I loved life. Granted, I didn’t have a
million friends or whatever, but I was okay mentally. However, nowadays
what we are seeing, we see teenagers such
as Becky, for example, having a huge problem
of loneliness. But I like to call
it inner loneliness. Sure, she might have
4,000 friends on Facebook and 22,000 Instagram followers, but the problem is
she’s taking hours a day talking to these
people on Facebook about pointless shit and liking all her favorite Instagram posts when in reality, she
would be much happier and not so lonely if she was hanging out with
her real friends at the movies, or
lunch, or whatever. I am glad in some sense that
platforms such as Instagram are waking up and realizing that looking at the idea of changing
their likes, et cetera, but that would only get rid
of one problem, in my opinion. Next take Paul. Paul is lonely and it’s
only getting worse. The older he gets, the
more lonely he gets. He has more friends than
he did when he was younger. He has a high-paying job. So why is he so lonely? The problem is all these
things don’t make him happy. He suffers from depression, mental instability, and anxiety. From a young age, he has
suffered from these things and hasn’t fixed them. Just like Paul, there
are so many older people in this loneliness epidemic. They may have
friends, family, kids, money, and whatever else,
but they are lonely. They are lonely because they
work in a job they hate, which is causing depression. They are lonely
because social media and society is
portraying that you must have thousands of
likes, moneys, et cetera, and people are trying to be
something that they are not. They are trying to
be like someone else. And this is causing
extreme loneliness. They are lonely in their
mind, in their heart, because they are not living
like their idols on the internet and it’s upsetting me. We need to do
something about this. Of course, we all feel
lonely and depressed at occasional points in life, but the problem is
loneliness is becoming a weekly, if not
daily, occurrence. This is scary, I
think you all agree. Next take Claire. Now, she’s 27 years old and
is very lonely in school. She was very popular at school. She had lots of close
friends and groups of people, but now she has nothing. The problem is she has
neglected her close friends, neglected her social skills, and isolated herself
in her house. See, isolation again. She just goes to
work, comes home, wastes time on her
phone, and sleeps. The lack of basic personality
skills or life skills we know have is very disturbing. We are choosing to
ignore our close friends, find excuses for not
meeting our families, and making excuses for
why we can’t change. The reality is useless unless we think more consciously and
take action on these things. The loneliness epidemic is
only going to get worse. Thanks for watching
today’s video. What do you think about
this loneliness epidemic? Are you lonely?


  • Reply LifeLadder May 20, 2019 at 5:34 am

    WHY ARE WE SO LONELY??? Share your thoughts below 🙂

  • Reply 1LeggedWitchyWoman May 20, 2019 at 6:33 am

    Excellent topic. You're absolutely right, lonliness is an epidemic and its only going to get worse. Especially as our dependence upon technology and social media grow. I had to make myself stop going on Fakebook because of all the negativity OR 'life embellishment' as I call it, was making me irritable after a few minutes of scrolling down my wall. It had gotten to the point that I had hardly anyone left as I had unfollowed the vast majority of them for various reasons. I'm by nature a loner, and enjoy my solitude, but I have friends who suffer a great deal from depression and loneliness. I began making a conscious effort to have social events at my home – anything to get them out of the house and amongst people that care about them. My 'tribe' has benefited from this a great deal, including myself. We must as a society learn to lay down the devices and socialize IN PERSON. Hold conversations, discuss world topics face to face, break bread together and build intimate REAL friendships. It only gets worse as we age and if young people are already having this problem, I worry greatly about the future generations.

  • Reply Magdalena Helen May 21, 2019 at 2:27 am

    This is an important topic and it's great you're covering it on this channel. I especially liked your inclusion of case studies and B roll! Are you going to go into these topics further? I'd personally love to see more, and you can delve into all sorts of related topics to do with mental health!

  • Reply Ahimsa42 May 23, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    "Suicide is another thing that’s so frowned upon in this society, but honestly, life isn’t for everybody. It really isn’t. It’s sad when kids kill themselves ’cause they didn’t really give it a chance, but life is like a movie: if you’ve sat through more than half of it and it sucked every second so far, it probably isn’t gonna get great right at the very end for you and make it all worthwhile. No one should blame you for walking out early. "– Doug Stanhope

  • Reply blindmansg1 May 25, 2019 at 5:55 am

    Well made video. Nice work. i have a supposed friend who whenever we do something together she spends the whole time on her phone, makes me wonder why we're hanging out.

  • Reply Sun Media 1 June 5, 2019 at 12:20 am

    U are so informative and great channel as well, in touch .

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