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Loneliness Epidemic | How you can help

February 25, 2020

We work our whole lives with the idea
that we’ll never have to be dependent on someone else. But we hear from every senior and their families is ‘whatever you do never put me in a nursing home, keep me in my own home.’ But what we also know to be factual is that home is different than what we remember it to be. At some point our home actually becomes this place of loneliness. Just because they say ‘don’t put me in a nursing home,’ doesn’t mean ‘I want to sit here lonely and isolated in my own home.’ So when we say we want to be in our own home, what we are imagining in our heads is that it is vibrant and full of life and our families are there. We’re remembering good old times and we’re dreaming of the future. And then all of a sudden the kids
are gone and the grandkids are grown and they stop visiting and our spouse is no longer with us and home is just lonely. And so we have this growing epidemic of
loneliness where we have people all sitting separately and while we’re
saying to ourselves we’re more connected than ever because we have all of these
wonderful technology solutions, the truth is a phone between us does not replace the soft touch of a hand or hug or a kiss or sharing tears together. If we’re lucky enough the one thing that all of us will have in common is that we will all grow old, and none of us know what that chapter will look like for us when we get there. And we would all hope or be lucky enough that a place like Tabitha a friend like Tabitha would be there to stand by us and walk with us in that
journey no matter what. you

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