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Lolita blames Teresa for the epidemic in Barrio Maulap | Starla (With Eng Subs)

December 18, 2019

Put him here! How are you
holding up, ma’am? Please assist them! – Get them a cot!
– His fever’s too high. – I’ll be back.
– Alright, doc. Attend to the new ones! – How is he, sir?
– Have a look at him, doc. Doc! – Yes, Chairman?
– What’s going on? Don’t panic, Chairman.
We’ll get through this! Call your patrolmen. Tell them to assist us here. – Doc Philip!
– Sylvester! It’s my nephew!
His fever’s really high! Really? – Come, follow me.
– Yes, doc. Over here. Doc! Here. Alright. We’ll just check
your temperature, dear. It’s too high. Princess, give this baby
paracetamol. Don’t worry,
I’ll take care of him. – Here’s the medicine, doc.
– Good. Doc, where’s Sylvester? He’s over there. What’s happening to our town? – Sylvester!
– I’m really worried. – Mister Apol!
– How’s Rambo? His fever is still high. This is really bad timing because my sister-in-law is
looking for a job in Marikina. Doc Philip, what
can we do to help? You can help distribute these
water bottles and medicine. Okay. Rambo, I hope you
get better soon. – Doc Philip…
– Yes, Mister Kulas? I brought some tea. This is made with
fresh basil leaves. Don’t worry, I got some bottled
water from Lolita to boil the leaves. I’m planning to give this
to the patients. That can help bring down
their fever. This way, please. Come on. Mister Kulas, I’m glad
you thought of that. Thank you for your help. – Philip.
– Teresa. What kind of disease is it? I still have to run a few tests, but it might be typhoid fever. You know what? This is all your fault! You brought bad luck
to our town! This is all your fault! – Stop it, Lolita.
– Why should I? I’m just telling the truth. This is all her fault. What you’re saying is
impossible, Lolita. – This is an epidemic!
– That’s enough. Making a scene
won’t do us any good. – I’m just telling the truth.
– Lolita, please… Just calm down. I’m sorry. Everyone’s
a bit cranky today. Philip, I asked for help
from the doctors who conducted a medical
mission in our town. They’re on their way. We’ve contacted them, Attorney. The doctors will be here
shortly. Good! Please tell them that there’s a possible
typhoid fever epidemic. – Yes, Attorney.
– Go ahead. Tere, thank you. Thank you.


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