Living With Mental Illness: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

December 26, 2019

Hey friends! May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I
want to get real about mental health. No more whispering in the corners or hiding
in the dark– it’s time to take off those masks and be honest about what living with
mental health issues is really like. I’m going to be sharing my personal stories,
tools and tactics that I’ve learned throughout a lifetime of dealing with mental health issues. If you have questions or there’s a topic you
want to tackle, nothing is too taboo! That was a lot of alliteration. Please send me a message, leave a comment
and let’s talk about this stuff. It’s time to get it out there in the open. By the way, my organization NoStigmas has
all sorts of support and programs and training to help you navigate mental health issues
as well. Hop on over to and check out
ways that you can take action. We’re also fundraising to help support our
programming and I hope you will consider supporting us during the month of May as well. Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to starting this conversation. Be well.

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