Little Moments | June Vlog

September 1, 2019

(classy jazz music) – Hi guys, happy Sunday! I am starting the vlog
here because I wanted to fill you guys in on
some June adventures. I technically should’ve started yesterday, because we did hanbok shopping, which was very exciting. Ben and I are having a
Korean blessing because my dad really wanted us to have it. I personally want something that is a little bit more subdued, muted colors. I know that’s not what
they do traditionally, but you know what? It’s my Korean blessing,
so I am gonna wear whatever color I want. I also went to VidCon,
which was so much fun. I basically smashed everything
I had to do in one day, so two panels and a couple meetings, and it was so amazing getting to meet some of you guys there. Thank you so much for coming to my panels. VidCon was great. I got to meet amazing creators, like I got to meet Conan Gray! I freaked out, I freaking love him! I got to meet Rickey Thompson,
Manny MUA, Laura Lee. We were on a panel together. And so, yeah, I just was
fangirling the enter time. So, that was my VidCon. But today, I just finished
filming my June favorites, and so I’m just gonna start editing that. And after this, we’re gonna go to my big brother’s show. So we are in the car now,
we’ve rallied together. How are you feeling, James? – A little nervous. – Oh, you’ve got this, mate. – It just means that I’m
looking forward to it, so it’ll be good. I’m more excited than
anxious, so that’s good. – Oh, nice. Yeah, turn that anxiousness
into excitement. That’s a great mental trick. We’re going there early with him so we can sound check. – Yeah, we’re gonna try
and help James look good. He doesn’t play that
often, so whenever he does, it’s a little treat for us. We all get together and,
you know, show our support and have a little rock
out, so I can’t wait. – [Jenn] We’re rocking out! – We’re rocking out. (electronic music) – [Jenn] Yeah, he did it, woo! (cheering) This is the most delicious
peanut butter on Earth. It has coconuts in it. Perfect portioning. Oh my god, so delicious. But yeah, today’s Monday. I’m looking around the house
and it’s an absolute mess, and it’s making me feel some type of way. It’s not crazy, but it’s just not as tidy as I’d like, so today I’m gonna spend most
of it just cleaning up. I know I’m gonna feel so much better about my life after this. So, one thing I love to do while cleaning is listen to an audiobook, and if you guys have been
watching my channel for years now, you guys know how much I love Audible, and I’m partnering with them again. If you guys don’t know what Audible is, it is a service where they have an unmatched selection of audiobooks, audio shows, news
broadcasting, a ton more. And I wanted to share with you guys one audiobook that I’m listening to. It is Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I absolutely love Trevor Noah, and when I heard him on Oprah’s podcast, his story is so interesting because he’s from South Africa and he was born during the time of apartheid. But it’s basically this huge law that was in South Africa that had so much racial segregation for
all the people there. And so, basically, him coming
into existence was illegal because his mom was black
and his dad was white, and mixing of the races was a crime. Yeah, he just explains his story there. I’m only halfway into the book, and so I can’t wait to listen to it as I clean the rest of my house. If you guys would like to
try Audible for yourself, please use my link, it
is Or you can text “CLOTHES” to 500-500. They are offering a free audiobook with a 30 day trial membership, so please take advantage of it. If you don’t like the book, you can just swap it out for another one. Also, all the books
that you get on Audible are yours to keep for
the rest of your life, so if you cancel your membership, you can still listen to the book. So yeah, go to my URL. It’s, or you can just text “CLOTHES” to 500-500. So, I’m just gonna finish
the rest of my smoothie, and then I’m just gonna start
cracking down on the house. There’s a lot to clean here. Gonna start with dishes first. Whenever I wash dishes, I
have to wear these gloves because I like to wash my
dishes with scalding hot water! Okay, let’s do this. (jazz music) (barking) All right, so I just finished
cleaning my entire place. It is looking spic and span, and I just feel a lot better up here. So yeah, so now I’m just
gonna get ready because I am meeting a friend at 3:00, going to therapy at 6:00, and then seeing Sophia
at night for dinner. I recently just bought all
the new Colourpop foundations. This is their No Filter Foundation, and I have only seen two reviews. I can’t wait to form my own opinion. They sent me three of their large sizes, but I don’t think any
of these are really me. Maybe I’ll try medium 85. Ooh, cool. Oh, okay, wow, it’s very watery. It literally just dripped out. Okay, wow, but yeah, it’s
a very watery consistency. Look at that. Let’s blend this guy out. It’s supposed to be full coverage, but I actually think it’s quite light, but maybe I just need to blend it in more. It’s looking a little pink on me. I mean, is it the same color? I don’t know. I mean, I guess this’ll have to do. I mean, I don’t really wanna
remove this and start again. That’s how lazy I am. So, I made the Aimee Song’s bars again, but I made the mistake of
getting pre-packaged dates. I guess they’re not as soft and malleable as the fresh dates, so
these are so crumbly. They’re supposed to cut
into really nice squares, but these are kinda just
looking like granola pieces, so. Yeah, this is very disappointing. This is our typical goodbye shot. Ben is going to Morocco. – I’m shooting for a radio
station in San Diego. They do a thing called Epic 48 where they give a
competition where there’s the best 48 hours of their life, and it’s all a surprise, so
it’s gonna be fun, I can’t wait. People that have no
idea what they’re doing, where they’re going, and they’re gonna be genuinely stoked to be there, so it’s gonna be a fun one. So, we are going to New
York and then Morocco. They’re back on Sunday. – Yeah, so a good week gone. – Just gone for a week. – I’m so proud of him, though! – Thank you. – Videography is really taking off, and I can’t wait to see
what the video looks like. – I just sent Ben off,
and now I’m gonna go see my friend Christina. I haven’t seen her in several months, so we’re just gonna catch up. She just got back from her trip to London, so I can’t wait to hear about her trip. And I just got my new sunglasses. These are by Sloane and, oh! And these actually look good when they’re worn as they’re supposed to. I don’t have to do a
constant half eye with this. I can wear them directly on my face. Coffee for Sasquatch. I got the ginger peach ice tea, and Christina got the Arnold Palmer. Hello! So, Robin and Sophie made me dinner. We’ve got some Moroccan food and some Mediterranean food over here. I came kinda late, so
everyone already ate, so. – [Both] Cheers! – Wow, this looks so bomb,
I can’t wait to dig in. (laughing) Sophie, I love you! – Thank you for coming, Jenn. – Thank you, thank you for having me. – I love you. – We literally just chatted
up a storm in the room and now it is almost midnight, and so it is time for me to go home. – Get out my house! – No! (laughing) We’ve got Silas in his element. – [Sophie] Permanent location. – Fortnite. Hello? Is anyone out there? (laughing) I shaved my legs for the first
time in a very long time, and so now they’re silky smooth! I’m using this Replica body lotion. It is in my favorite
scent, which is Beach Walk. It smells so good! Oh, it’s hard to tell because
the fabric’s not right, so I think right now we should
just focus on the graphic. Yeah, a little, like a sliver of skin. Okay, so right now
we’re trying to pick out the next color for the hoodie that’s going to be out
in the fall collection. What color calls out to you guys? Dusty maroon? Hello everybody, I am here
at the Eggie headquarters, and I thought it was finally
time to introduce you to a portion of my Eggie team. So over here, we have Angela. – I’m a designer for Eggie, and I pretty much collab with Jen. We overlook inspiration, and from there, I just sketch out, and just kind of start forming a collection, and we overlook pretty much everything. – [Jen] And over here we
have the beautiful Leona. So, she’s basically like
the mastermind of the fit, so when things come from the factory, she goes in and fixes everything. We should make this tight,
we should change the fabric, so she’s incredible! Okay, back on the road, going home. The meeting went great. We were looking at our back
to school and fall collection. Some of the samples are sprinkling in, so it’s been really cool
to see everything come in. There’s also gonna be a drop in July, so lots of new Eggie stuff for y’all. I feel like we’re finally starting to really establish ourselves as a brand, and it’s been so freaking
cool getting to see the clothing on you guys. That’s like the most rewarding thing ever. But we’ve listened to the feedback, and so, I didn’t realize
how many crop tops that we’re putting in the collections. I think it’s because I’m very biased. Every shirt, I like it cropped, so for this drop, we’re
gonna do things that are normal length shirts. So I think it would be a lot easier for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing, you know, bearing your mid-drift or wearing high-waisted things, so yeah! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Several hours later,
and I’m all gussied up because I’m heading to the Jackie Aina Too Faced Born This Way Foundation party. I am so excited to go see her in support. Stephanie is currently on her way to scoop me up along the way. This set is from Storets. The top is first season Eggie, and the earrings are by
a brand called Nikita. So, Steph should be here any minute, so I should probably get my shoes on. But a quick Cheeky update. I’m sure a lot of you guys, I’m sure no one is actually wondering, but the reason why
Cheeky’s hair is like this is not intentional by any means. So, you know how the groomers cut the back of her neck
and she had to get stitches. So, while she was
healing, it got infected, and then it started to
compromise her immune system, so she got an ear infection,
a yeast infection, and a paw infection. Then we took her to the vet and he told us that she had all these issues. She is on the last couple
days of her medication, so she’s all good. I can’t wait till she’s
nice and fluffy again. You’re still so cute,
’cause you’re my baby. All right, so we just got
to the event, and it is– – It’s nuts.
– Incredible! – It’s really cool. – Shall we give ’em a tour? – Yeah, let’s goo! – Here we have Miss Jackie! – Hi, vlog! – Congratulations! – Thank you! – My chai queen! Good morning, we are at Prevail for Fran’s early birthday celebration. Ah, and So So is here! (hip-hop music) We did it, we did it. I’m in pain. – I can’t even take this off,
look at how pathetic I am. Slowly unravel. Hey guys, yeah, just gonna
pop in and say goodbye. This is gonna be a short outro. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye! (upbeat jazzy music)

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