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Liquid Cold Medicine Reviews: Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu Nighttime Relief Liquid

November 18, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today I’m going to be talking
to you guys about Vicks NyQuil. This is a powerful nighttime relief. It covers all of the flu
symptoms that I have. As a parent, you all know that
you just can’t take a sick day. This stuff has helped
me so many times I’ve felt like I had the flu or a terrible
cold and I wasn’t going to make it. And then I did. I totally made it! Thanks, NyQuil. I would take it before bed. It covers my aches and pains. The headache, the sneezing. That like– tickle of a cough. That it’ll just keep you
up and keep you awake. It helps us to get a good night’s sleep. I can definitely tell a difference. You get this wonderful
restful, amazing sleep. You can go ahead and tackle your day. It really is the reason I was able to
get through my night and on to my day. You get it in this easy liquid form. As soon as I take it, it’s
almost like a warming feeling. It relieves you of your symptoms. That way, you can get
a good night’s rest. That way, you can wake up
and tackle the next day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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