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Lilian Stomach Aches Solved, Thanks to ZZT

October 10, 2019

Since you already have ZZT At first, I used to have frequent stomach aches It often come and go all the time. Especially after I finish every meals. If I do not eat, then there is no stomach aches. This happens quite often. At least once a week. You mean you have stomach aches at least once a week. After I had used your ZZT Meridian Therapy, I think in english is called ZZT. Yes, ZZT ZZT sound waves technology. After approximately one month, I think. I believe is less than that According to records, it is below one month. You told me that you felt better, during the third week. Every night I only spend 20 minutes on this ZZT Therapy. Placing it on my tummy, while watching TV You are watching the TV while doing ZZT Meridian Therapy. It is unbelievable and it is very good. Till now, there is no more stomach aches. Touch Wood, Touch Wood, Touch Wood There is no need for you to touch wood. This old issue of yours is due to the wind accumulation in your stomach meridians. Ever since, there is no longer any more stomach aches. I am extremely grateful for such a wonderful therapy. I was really skeptical, as the therapy feels too gentle. I had doubted and asked myself, “does it really help?” You were skeptical because there is no feeling. Yes Precisely, no feeling of massage or pain. That’s right, because it utilizes sound waves. I felt that when there was no feeling, How will it even help. Fortunately I persisted for a month diligently, before I can really see results. How is it after that? How much better you felt after that? There is no longer any pain. I believe with ZZT, you will no longer have any more stomach aches. Please do not worry too much. Let me summarize today’s meeting in one quote. Caring for your health, saves your life. Am I right? My husband used to be very skeptical. But I said: “After going through one month of ZZT Meridian Therapy, had I complaint to you anything about my stomach aches?” He said: “You are right, you are not suffering from any stomach aches already.” Therefore, he also started to believe in this therapy. I like what you said: “Unblock our meridians” He would like to consult you, on his sensitive nose. Please advise him to place ZZT here.

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