Libertarian Argues Against Obamacare, Says You Should Diagnose Your Own Illnesses

December 24, 2019

let solemn from uh… a company jersey users uh… hoti earlier possess hologram older daniel pearl prompted enable spoiler look there for a
couple of uh… utube videos popula a libertarian thermal bonita and if you’re not very political
back-to-back or represent you know libertarian trying two o’clock benefit understand
their is a role for government the patriot retreating service socially
liberal okay um… so what do you think the role
for government is ballpark government probable arm if a lake like uh… regulation each year a cake um… even though i do think
e_p_a_ had done perhaps lady more micromanaging of pets that cater to her but i do think there’s
any company ph i think you can get a captain said you
know america shut down the here needed um… and i think there is a well but just
need to be important they are not kato thank you yeah big business eleven well yeah i mean i think in fact
deregulation should be stronger in some respects uh… but bledsoe tell me what it is that
uh… so what uh… blue where would you and i disagree that worried arm arguable how how big do you think
government should be how much you know do you think they should spent
more than a lot of people company may have been about forty percent of the
economy include eight local a big intricate should be well i think that uh… government
should be spending close to about uh… i don’t know uh… uh… i mean i i don’t have a specific
number per se but i have no problem with government uh… spending twenty four percent of g_d_p_ if they’re
spending that money wisely i don’t i think it’s actually silly i think it’s
actually a silly question uh… how big to government babies it
should be as big as it dad takes two do what involved want would you be prepared anyway co
everywhere that you would cut out thirty ported bureaucracy well i can tell you foreign aid
represents maybe less than one percent of our budget uh… seria serve well when i cut out
military spending of course definitely and out i think we could
uh… we could we could do ghetto close to half our military budget and see actually no uh… implications in
terms of uh… of national security hi understand there in argument by some that there is some notion out there that
if we have two times the military budget of the rest of the world combined uh… than what we are doing is in some
way discouraging other people from growing
their their military budgets because with it’s impossible to catch up with
this i’m not sure i’d buy into that but we have eight hundred databases around
the world there’s actually no reason for it um… i would much rather have you ever
yes i mean so i mean you know as a liberal we i
don’t have any uh… i don’t have any uh… problem at all uh… with massive cuts to the defense budget uh… not at all and fact uh… it but the difference is i would like to see
that money i would like to see that that but budget cut and then i would like to see it uh…
put into government programs i would like to see uh… universal
health care which would probably end up saving us money um… but i would like to see uh… very
robust universal health care uh… min i’ve only more infrastructure
spending i would like to see uh… mass transit expanded greatly i’d like to see uh… more direct funding of uh… broadbent uh… across the country there is a i would like to see better uh… urban planning uh… about what people here look great
repaired you know arctic here you have there been a liberal given the heart or libertarian take the
fifth it armpit that you want uh… i agree that we would electrically eg
delivered raptor and it would be less i disagree on the
boats uh… i do think there is a vault government
somewhat and uh… how do you think that universal health care with what what
what what what about the approach do you focus groups uh… aka i think reporters e-card atlantic shihan change something but
they are something called medicaid but it can’t go back to dislike
disqualify me from being libertarian but it’s a mandatory savings account six to
eight percent hearing com attachment i’m not sure if the employer matches
particularly about the medical field cap pick up a little bit of pro-choice
upload either a new tactics include speaking at work here really poor i’m not sure how it works but they have
medicate if you ever arm unchartered break an option technically
government parker product at parker but the people you know if you could
think of that colonial with another trick their family but um… i think it’s more of a hectic
more the health care caught problems copycats eliminating they want this or fix the problem with republicans or
won’t that and coliform but i think third-party when we were not
leaders were reforms geo first of all that suggest it said
there’s no there’s no documentation anywhere other by other than bus by uh… insurance companies where
you’ll see annie argument that tore reforms gonna save any money and i think
taxes are california can r_t_c_ that buddy but a mandatory savings account by
the government is made it seems to me uh… is uh… it’s just that i mean and hurt bargaining their money out of that export only their third-party paid it
became clear enchant pool and you know you exposure to the idea that no one spent
money more carefully and someone’s and zero i’m calling the some like over
nineteen or twenty five percent of but isn’t administered by autumn urges
managed by the government larry i don’t know how it’s many of our
account cat scan it killed a cowbell put this savings
account party joe the government may just like your social security and that
your own account na na na ca ka security will be
distributed well like i mean you know there’s like a
pop he pitched you’re putting your al-mahdi
into account the government just making sure you do it haircut having a cable pick out that you
can’t call up for anything back in okay uh… you know a doctor
appointment uh… yeah while you’re describing is the affordable care medical required medical care recap it
not be affordable care i a newsletter if they hear good news
for you it is uh… when you look at these subsidies
and you look at uh… price controls um… it is a very similar to the world
correct and the alert in singapore is delivered
to the ministry of health uh… um… whether uh… i don’t think that medical savings account inc we’ll go to
let you pay urine check paper think like doctor appointments and an ongoing
meteor big impact the payout humanistic it’d be co-payments and hospital think
and hospital d x completely different when you have to pay you know what your
all among you you think and and that and their belt the way back you know insurance companies who uh… alina for dr departments and
things like that saves saint anne’s rafiq mandated
government catastrophic health insurance our winner here i would do attitude mandatory spending
caps you keep a habitat for catastrophic emergency insurance which would be
privatized open i would like to know what case it out at lots of people apparent sharon program uh… lecture i wasn’t here that we have a a slight difference and i don’t know
that this is uh… ideological per se u_s_ uh… we’ve do you know a policy uh… mechanism debate the your you’re
talking about different model but i mean he portable characters is such a lead
the same neighborhood where you are going to use the private industry uh… it mandates that people have
insurance in this case in singapore it mandates you have a health savings account uh…
presumably to buy health care uh… in singapore they offer subsidies and
price controls in the affordable care act they are for
subsidies impress contracts for me it doesn’t go far enough uh… i don’t go out luck community housing authorities are
arguably laughingly affordable care but the plight of the medical character
would attract third-party eight reading market forces have become a participant
on we can chat come people charge cupping you don’t know how much a co-worker to
do bloodwork or go for a doctor’s appointment on the how much caught
company two hundred about issue will cost how much it probably
cost sixty two hundred dollars right now there’s no competition now let me ask you this let me i don’t
know yet let me ask you this why is it can you explain to me why it is and i’m not talking
administrative cost everybody knows that medicare is far cheaper to administer by the tune of about twenty to twenty
five cents on the dollar than private insurance that’s obviously ’cause they have no
profit in the motive and they don’t have the same sort of uh… marketing
expenses you know the shareholder up profits at
set aside d growth of cost of medicine under medicare is slower than the growth of cost of medicine improper in the private insurance
industry can you explain that to me well with market forces equal political it’s market forces are met to decrease costs in in medicine why is it not working in this country uh… but what medical costs are going up well
under medicare private care solvent um… apartment add up but i i i didn’t but i don’t know i will
pay that if your car armed if you had a actor in your paper retired
your account yeah amazing online health and savings
accounts is now i’m going to shop around for the
doctor but like you just said unite not only don’t know what a blood test should cost we don’t even know if we should have i mean i don’t pay my ass right now literally i’m not going to
see ships and i don’t know what it is and i’m
gonna go to the doctor in the doctor to say to me you got kidney stones reached akram you need to go into more tests or you
just gotta go home and uh… put some uh… ban gaye on either side i don’t
know it’s not like me buying a scenario don’t
like you know you wanna even back in the day
when you buy a stereo when they had a mom all nothing recorded tweeter you
know whatever it was tweeter accelerant when that was uh… actually stereo
place we had to try and sell your stuff but i can go and i can listen to a
stereo it as a that sounds ok for me i’m gonna buy that one the idea that patients are consumers and can actually be educated consumers is completely ridiculous i mean yes if you know i am catastrophic
as easy to fight cancer i’m going to dedicate my uh… a lot
more time to learn about cancer but i can’t diagnose myself i can’t tell
whether or not this doctor ivy the ideas that we’re supposed to trust these
doctors and the reason why medicare the rate of medical of of medical um… of of medicine essentially is growing slower than under private
insurance because they do more best practices is is that they have the the they not
only by in balk but they also do best practices in the
affordable care act one of things that they put him in a
better things is uh… you know comparative uh… studies his dash was say we’re going to find
things that are officiant not verses doing nothing but
uh… against are there are many medical services and so the argument you’re making uh… that the fact is that the the the private market the the the the
so-called free market to the extent that there is one in medicine uh… doesn’t keep down costs there’s a
reason why all the industrialized western countries pay a fraction of of what our government never mind what
we as per capita hehe or helped health coverage in health care and that’s not because they’re all
depending on the free market is all because they have far more socialize systems of medical medicine delivery
than we do that’s just a fact robert ko our help crap yes i did and
they do not exceed any correlation between the fact that we pay what everybody else pays for medicine and by medicine i mean all or army reserve grasp of the fact that
really hurt unnecessarily worker the contract with but i think i think we have quick bite petrov every day i got a lot of i caught
on audio i mean i can help getting sharper hurt
motor company took note that that jerk third-party payment we will have a huge
issue do not like you know you like for example expect while not you know i have before congress come in and out
popped open it up to go to the doctor about technical three times before i’d like to go on to the doctor you know i think what have you ever seen
anywhere you know you use with your tooth is hurting and you don’t have that hundred dollars
to going to see the dentist and you just hoping that maybe i can
treat it with orajel for five bucks over the counter and i and i used that example only
because there was a story of uh… the young kid who amuse mother made that decision
because she didn’t have the money indicate that now i’m sure there’s more also right
there with with with his pain in my ass is in fact a kidney stone or what if it’s uh… would have been
skinny cancer and i decide i’m not gonna go away
because i don’t wanna pay the copay i’m gonna be a smart consumer i’ve had asses
in my dad uh… pain a mass is before going to do it and at what point will do it there if
there’s a guy who did you know you are lamar so it’s time for me to go into the
doctor that could be bumper or about economic
alec accordingly even if you do if you make undoubtedly
first doesn’t have to be a personal responsibility to be able to diagnose
yourself as a doctor who goes to school for eight
years what what arab talking about provider our
experience we don’t know what is minor not accept only tell me what scheck lucky tell me why walla walla yes you say
there has to be personal responsibility for that oh show operable ecad electrochem disposed to accept that they
won’t why people blow for while at plot no telling how you good morning to
get more only morally people have the a responsibility to know whether or not they perhaps a serious
ailment or a non serious ailment i want to know where you get the justification for them
around i mean if i had no option talking about if i have no options then i have no
options but i mean if we live in a civilized
theoretically evolves society why should that be a moral content that i had a personal responsibility to
know whether or not my ailment is minor or significant and could be worse in the
future five the if i don’t go to the doctor why should that be a more often welfare well here’s what he called her kettle
creek checkup jessica cooper checkups every year maybe
a week ago for check up every year maybe it’s what every two years maybe it’s
what the victory is depending on a house in their personal robot enough spare
what they wanted to double shot not dislocated oberstar not attracted much
may be able to find out if you’re not because they don’t know what to take
away from the medical clinic if you’re sick photograph doctor we can play all right if you think
you’re not sure if barbara boxer go ahead expelled responsibility art abstraction locusts are not if the
government gonna pay for market share but i want to get their trying you know or anti-democrat there some way or why should i have to pay somewhat katie it lacks everyday we’ll have that right
at the time finally we hope will not we have that right now you’re a smoker your health insurance
goes i don’t know i talk about economically i don’t like the workbook but that’s not right market some private market thus the private market broker if you have to go or waco suction issue
art i’m not sure and alcatraz entry-level
architect mad artwork him under which which well had
universal health care paperwork hopeless would i now nonetheless it was medically sa levy and end okay the whole week if you don’t ever saw how tired you know
do you know what you know it’s single-payer healthcare would provide you know what it is you know time
talking about while quarter order canadian system
medicare or work medicare for all itself insurance that is just simply administered by the
government it’s just bought in bulk what’s problematic with that well because we create what louis it
would be incorrect you can either in eaten at government fractured here
working more idiot indictable hypothetically approximate fifteen
eighteen twenty percent g_d_p_ or it will just choose not to pay band woking
rationing some very good care that we are seeing rationing in canada it’s
called it’s common sense pride have insurance rations care at all
the time you go in for certain procedures the
dime they they have insurance companies are going to pay for that team rationing of care all the time
overpay large use account would rather do it like talking about it you’re talking about rationing of care
because you only get so much for your health savings account everything’s rationed well i can’t barbara individual trees were traction
and not the government and what the government to do dot what i don’t know
why i want i want a bill i want a panel of experts of doctors who are going to tell me whether or not the care that i’m getting
from eye dr is legitimate that’s what i want okay but you know you don’t trust her doctor like you ten
point zero trust your doctor the couple before about um… our trust in the
final i trust my daughter rallies shopping i don’t i don’t want to
try to help rescue dog i’ll tell you why i trust my dog i trust my doctor because high-end surrounded bike very
wealthy people who are and i have relatives who are
doctors and i live in new york city and why i have all of these cute around the to allow me to trust my
doctor my insurance company they don’t
necessarily trust my doctor because they don’t pay for everything
that my doctor says that i need their rationing my care but i certainly uh… about living in that back in western i might be interested in having uh…
some outside uh… outside confirmation that my doctor is
he’s using the most effect uh… of fact of uh… of forms of madison and swim dot
please let me go to look at our allergy i had gone through childbirth with my
wife also understand that you know doctors
are not infallible and there’s a little bit more at uh…
riskier and whether or not my twenty-year or my hofer whatever the
hell it is a my speaker is gonna deliver the base i wanted to the water the idea the point is that patients are
not consumers and to reduce them to consumers is not only i think uh… bad for people’s health i think it’s awesome really bad for
society but uh… let’s continue this another
date is a because i’ve got a job i drive issue gone colin anytime

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