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let’s talk vulvas: yeast infections 🍿

August 15, 2019

My coochie’s burnin’, my coochie’s burnin’, my coochie’s burnin’ (upbeat music) Hello there my certified freak-a-leaks, it’s your girl Jeneeks aka Nomadic Nympho Back again with another Sexual Sundays Segment ah So I’ve been receiving a lot of
messages and DMs, yes I get DMs now Get cha autographs while you can boo!
About when the next video’s coming out, what the subject matter is gonna be and
I’ve been engaging a lot of conversations with girlfriends about
vaginal health and hygiene. Particularly, YEET (popular vine) *AH YEET* infections.*laughs* I hate myself. I figured this could be a teaching moment for all of us. So, let’s get to the questions you’ve been itching, *laughs* rather the answers you’ve been burning for *laughs*. (light music) There are already a bunch of healthy
bacterias that exist in the vagina, but when a yeast infection occurs it’s due to
over activity and overgrowth of the yeast cells known as Candida Adi-adi-adica Adicans ADICANS! Candida Albicans
I don’t know why I said that with an accent. (light music) A lot of people seem to believe that the only way to contact a yeast infection is by not cleaning yourself properly down there, But, that’s not true. You can contract them
from pregnancy, high dose birth control, neglecting your diabetes, bad immune
system from lack of sleep, eating high amounts of sugar. There’s a
bunch of factors that can lead to having yeast infections and 75% of women will
have one in their lives at least once. (light music) Describe the feeling… Do you remember
eating that pop rock candy as a child? Now picture, Salt Bae and Satan
sprinkling that inside of your vagina. And it’s just a popping the yeast all over the place. It made me want to rip off my labias and fly to another country with them. (light music) I got my first one when I was in high school.
He did wash his hands and I was an idiot for not checking. I talked to my sister about it because I didn’t want to tell my Jamaican Caribbean mother that I had been* finger bagged
by a colonizer on the weekend. We went to the clinic and I
remember sitting there in my seat and just clawing away, thinking in my head 🎶 This Girl Is On Fire – Alicia Keys 🎶 (light music) Things like not changing your pads or
tampons frequently enough, sitting around in your what swimsuit, wearing extremely
tight clothing that doesn’t allow your coochie to get* air and using things like
feminine hygiene spray or deodorants and douching will definitely increase it. (light music) If you’ve never had any before I would suggest going to see the doctor, they can recommend medicine that can be taken orally or even ointments. There’s also home remedies I heard about garlic cloves or yogurt that has absolutely no flavor being inserted, but find what’s best for you. (light music) Although it’s not considered an STI because typically it can’t be transmitted through get freaky, me can still contract it through unprotected sex so just hold off until the symptoms are gone and then you can pop that
pussy like a zit wherever you want. Well that’s all for me, hopefully I
helped liberate your labias on this Sunday evening. If you like what you saw you know what to do hit the belt, like, subscribe, tell your friends. Come back for more! I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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