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LEARN & SMILE / English Addict 45 LIVE Lesson / Teeth & Mouth idioms / Friday 28th February 2020

March 5, 2020

it is my tube it is your tube it is everyone’s tube it’s live on YouTube yes
here we go again welcome to another English addict live guess where we are
live from can you guess where we are live from yes you are right we are live
from the birthplace of the English language which is of course England here we go again hi everybody this is
mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy are
you really really happy oh look at those lovely teeth don’t they look lovely and
white hmm someone has been taking care of their teeth they have been taking
very good care of their teeth and that is one of the things we are talking
about today we are talking all about teeth also your mouth in fact we have
lots of things to talk about today also another thing I want to talk about have
you ever had to sign a contract or something that is binding so when we say
that something is binding it means it is something you can’t get out of it is
something that you are now attached to so quite often if you have to sign a
contract it means you have to read the contract and then you sign it you make
an agreement it is something that is legally binding you are bound by the
contract however sometimes you have to be very careful sometimes you have to
make sure that you read something that we call well here it is now on the
screen you have to check the small print there it is you have to check the very
small writing at the bottom of the contract quite often when you sign
something there will be lots and lots of sentences and paragraphs and many many
words and some of the words will appear in very small writing and quite often
that is the part of the contract you have to read carefully because if
you don’t read it carefully you might get into a lot of trouble so I always
say before you sign a contract before you click on anything especially on the
internet because many people nowadays are being caught out they are being
tricked into doing things they don’t want to or things they didn’t intend to
do have you noticed that on the Internet whenever you go onto the internet if you
open something for the first time you normally have to click a button that
says that you agree to all of the terms and conditions for example here on
YouTube you have to agree to all of the rules so
quite often you will have to click something that says that you agree with
the rules the terms and conditions the things that you have to do the things
that you have to follow all of the rules however sometimes the writing can be
very small and quite often the agreement or the contract is long so there are
millions and millions and millions of words in the contract so quite often we
don’t even bother to read it we don’t bother we just click agree however
sometimes doing that might not be a good idea hello to everyone oh I don’t know
where to start I have so many things to show you today so many things so before
you sign your contract don’t forget you have to make sure that you read the
small print you have to make sure that you look carefully at everything before
you click or sign so that is something that is interesting and also a nice
little phrase in English there check the small print
always check for small writing on a contract if you don’t you might end up
in a lot of trouble hey guess what I was so excited because when I woke up this
morning guess what I saw this morning outside I will show you right now the
scenery that greeted me this morning when I open my curtain yes this morning
we had some snow yes there it is now falling from the sky now that was this
morning unfortunately the snow has stopped now
but that was the view from my bedroom window this morning looking out across
the landscape you can see that the snow was falling and oh I can’t begin to tell
you how excited I was I was really excited so as soon as I realized that
there was snow falling I grabbed all of my cameras every single one of them and
I put them in different windows around the house and there you can see the view
that I saw this morning from my window as the snow came down the snow was
falling from the sky this morning when I opened my window however unfortunately
it didn’t last very long so the snow was only around for a short
time so there you can see it so I had all of my cameras filming this morning
snow unfortunately well it didn’t last very
long unfortunately so so I didn’t have the
snow for very long however while it lasted I was I was quite pleased in fact
I was very happy to see the snow falling this morning
when I woke up I can’t begin to tell you how excited I felt I really did hello to
everyone hello out there in YouTube land I hope you are feeling good yes we have
made it all the way to the end of another week it’s Friday mmm there is nothing nicer than watching
the snow fall it makes me feel very relaxed but unfortunately I can’t get
too relaxed because I have a live stream to do yes you can catch me every week
three times a week Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time there it is
now on your screen Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time and I suppose it’s
worth mentioning that we are now having this is our last livestream of February
yes so this is the last livestream of February however I will be back with you
on Sunday a brand new month will arrive on Sunday so I will be with you on
Sunday the 1st of March and we have lots of
very interesting things to talk about then to be honest with you
lots of interesting subjects and of course Larry is behind me mr. Steve will
be with us he will there is where there he is mr. Steve will be with us on
Sunday the 1st of March and also it is worth mentioning that next month the
clocks will be altering again for the beginning of British summer time so lots
of things happening in March a very busy month and of course normally when we
think of March we think of springtime so I’m really looking forward to all of
that to be honest I can’t wait hello to the live chat nice to see you here today
as well lots of people already here hello to Vitesse hello Vitesse nice to
see you here today thank you for joining my live stream and also the live chat
guess what you are first you are first on today’s live chat so
welcome welcome one welcome all to my live stream also hello to Eric hello
Eric nice to see you here today as well Isabel and Noemi
hello Noemi nice to see you here can I just say my deepest condolences my
condolences for the news of your cat which I didn’t notice on my previous
live stream so I can I send my condolences for your little cat that you
lost last week and a Coby is here also de mutes also Coto
hello Coto I like your name by the way Luis Mendez a big Bonjour to you
hello Tomic oh hello Tomic I haven’t seen you for a while
also black catch gotcha hello to you nice to see you here today
do you know quite often I am very intrigued I would love to find out what
your names mean on the live chat now I know that some people used their real
names however some people use nicknames so when we say nickname we mean a name
that isn’t your real name so a nickname so a lot of people on the live chat use
other names besides their real name or instead of their real name so I’m always
intrigued to find out what they actually mean
hello Hiroko nice to see you here our mode is here as well Guadalupe we have
Erik Rasheed nice door also we have Belarusian hello Belarusian thank you
very much for your message and also your video I am going to show a little clip
from Belarus ears video it’s quite a long video and we don’t have much time
today however I might show the whole video on Sunday
if I have time however today I’m going to show a short excerpt from Belarus
ears video so thank you very much for sending that and it is connected to
today’s subject which is teeth words and phrases connected to teeth and also your
mouth as well so we had some snow this morning
sadly the snow didn’t last very long it was only around for a very short time if
something occurs or lasts for a short time we can say that it was brief so
something happened for a very brief moment it didn’t occur for very long it
only lasted for a short time so this morning’s snow the snow that fell this
morning in my garden and across the area in which I live was brief brief not very
long it was short so something that doesn’t happen for very long is short
maybe someone performs a song but the song isn’t very long it isn’t a long
song the song does not take very long to sing so we can say that the song is
short it is a short song something that is here then God can be a description of
a short event something that did not last for very long we can describe as
here then gone he was here then gone so maybe your friend comes round but he or
she only stays for a very short time you can say that they were here then gone
here then gone they only stayed for a very short time oh I like this one he
is another one you might blink and miss it so if you blink you might miss it
blink and you will miss it so sometimes a thing can happen so quickly you might
blink and miss it completely blink and you will miss it so keep your eyes open
don’t blink don’t close your eyes because you might miss it especially
things that happen very quickly something that happens for a short
period of time may be a certain type of fashion comes for a short time and then
it disappears completely without trace we can say that it is a flash in the pan
something happened for a very short time it didn’t last very long and then
suddenly it was gone we can say that it was a flash in the pan who remembers
fidget spinners do you remember when fidget spinners were really really
popular and everyone had won one of those things that you put between your
fingers and you would spin spin the fidget spinner around and then suddenly
they vanished they were gone they disappeared you might say that the trend
of having a fidget spinner was just a flash in the pan
it didn’t last very long it was there and then it was gone it didn’t last very
long at all he only lasted for a short time it was a flash in the pan
oh he’s another one I like this one he’s an interesting one something can be here
today gone tomorrow so I suppose you could say the same thing once again
about fidget spinners they were here today gone tomorrow something that is
only around for short-time can be described as here
today gone tomorrow here’s another one oh I like this one so if something only
lasts for a short time we might say that it happened as quick as a flash it was
as quick as a flash he came past my window as quick as a
flash so someone passed by very quickly you
didn’t see them clearly it was as quick as a flash quick as a flash another one
oh I like this one in the blink of an eye something that occurs quickly
something that is very brief something that moves fast in the blink of an eye
he was gone in the blink of an eye the thing disappeared it vanished in the
blink of an eye something went very quickly maybe if something is moving
fast past you you might say that it was just a blur I didn’t see him clearly
because he was moving so quickly he was just a blur blur the word blur means and
clear something can’t be made out it is a blur like mr. Steve behind me you can
see mr. Steve’s face behind me mr. Steve’s face is a blur you can’t see it
clearly however on Sunday you will be able to
see mr. Steve’s face very clearly finally something that happens quickly
happens for a brief moment something occurs briefly for a very brief moment
it was here and then it was gone it occurred it happened for a brief
moment maybe you see something in the sky at night maybe you are looking up
and you see a shooting star going across the sky very nice but you only see it
for a brief moment it was there and then it was gone it was only there for a
brief moment so there are many ways of describing an occurrence or something
that happens for a very short time many ways of describing it
wow the live chat is very busy today hello Irene hello also – Oh Pedro
Belmont Pedro Belmont is here today nice to see you Pedro Pedro Belmont also we
have Guadalupe and Christina hello Christina how is the weather in the UK
our people worried about the coronavirus or not a very interesting subject many
people talking about it I’m not sure how bad it is here at the moment because
there seem to be lots of different reports some people saying that we don’t
have to worry whilst other people are saying we should worry so it depends but
yes the coronavirus or covered 19 as they are now calling it is something
that’s in the news something else in the news at the moment that I suppose I
should mention there is a big rally today a very big rally with young people
joining together in Oxford here in the UK all joining together to protest the
environmental damage caused by well everything or early everything that
humans have invented over the past hundred years however talking of the
coronavirus I I’m surprised that they’ve allowed lots and lots of
people to get together in a large group to protest environmental damage and and
the lack of action concerning the environment and trying to turn back all
of the damage caused by mankind however today lots of people together in
a huge group thousands of people and of course as we all know there are two
groups of people who have very poor hygiene children and the elderly of
which I am one of them so Greta Thumb berg is there today and of course a lot
of people accusing Greta of being a hypocrite because of course she flies
around the world in an airplane and as we all know airplanes are one of the
causes of environmental damage however I can exclusively reveal to you today the
airplane the aeroplane the aircraft that Greta Thumb berg used to fly here to the
UK okay maybe it wasn’t that one maybe it
wasn’t that however it is strange there lots of people are getting together in
large groups it would appear to be something that is raising quite a lot of
concern not only here but also around the world as well oh hello – nest or
hello also – Meeker hello Meeker I haven’t seen you for a
long time I know that in Japan the weather has been all over the place we
had snow this morning do you want to see it again
we had lovely snowfall outside so this is what I filmed this morning when I
woke up I got out of bed and I saw that the snow was falling and I felt rather
excited to say the least so this morning we had snow we’ve also had a lot of rain
as well would you like to see some of the flooding so here is the flooding
that took place near my house so from snow to rain so that is actually one of
the rivers near my house not very far away from where I live just to give you
an idea of just how bad things are at the moment so thank you mica for saying
hello today and thanks for joining me as well it’s so nice to see you here another
thing I wanted to mention something else to do with the environment as well you
see I don’t just throw this together I I do a lot of planning in the morning so
everything I’m talking about does fit together we were talking about
environmental damage now near my house not yesterday but the day before
yesterday we had some people come to replace the streetlights near me near my
house in fact right outside my my window of my house they’ve changed the
streetlights so before they were very bright and they used to cast the light
all over the place in fact this is something that has become quite a big
problem and many people feel very strongly about it so this is another
type of pollution that many people are getting angry about but this particular
pollution is called light pollution so light pollution is when all of the
streetlights all of the things that exist around towns and cities for for
lighting the streets and the buildings they create a large very visible haze
and we call this light pollution however these days there are new types of lights
that that can actually help to prevent light pollution and there is one of them
so this is the type of light that is now outside my house so instead of the old
orange light which used to cast all of the light well everywhere so not just
downwards but also upwards as well we now have these lovely fancy lights so
these particular lights will cast the light downwards onto the road so the
light will only go down it won’t go upwards it won’t go up into
the sky so this particular type of lighting is now being used in many parts
of the world and two days ago we had one of these installed near my house
and I must say it does look very different and the one thing I have
noticed is there is less light pollution so the light pollution already near
where I live has been reduced just by changing the street lights it’s quite
amazing so what about you what about where you are do you have light
pollution so at night when you look out your window especially if you live in a
large city or town you might see that the sky is not dark it isn’t black it’s
actually orange and that is caused by the glow from all of the lights lots of
light pollution so when we think of pollution it isn’t just about the air we
breathe it is also about the views that we see or the views that we have from
our houses from our windows hello to the live chat oh we are now up to date thank
you very much for your company today Rolfie is here hello Rolfie nice to see
you as well the coronavirus has the world worried it’s just a matter of time
before it causes a crisis worldwide since all the countries will be obliged
to close their borders well one of the things that’s happening here there is
already talk in the media on the news about closing schools around the country
so here in the UK we are already talking about closing schools and keeping people
apart and of course if you feel unwell what’s the first thing you do when you
feel unwell you will often go to the doctor so apparently there are
dr. surgeries many places where the doctor will work and now they are being
closed down because people are going there feeling unwell so there is always
a risk of one person going to the doctor because they feel unwell and if they
have the coronavirus they might spread it to other people in the doctor’s
office so it is a very difficult one I don’t think there is a quick solution to
be honest palmyra wants to talk about light pollution yes light pollution is a
big problem says Palmyra you are right yes I think in many places even here in
the countryside we have some light pollution however a couple of days ago
they’ve changed some of the streetlights near my house and now everything is much
darker I mean it was dark before but now it’s even darker hello Tomic hello also
Carlos hello Carlos nice to see you here this weekend we have another storm
heading our way can you believe it would you like to see the storm so here is a
photograph this is a radar photograph of the storm that is heading our way there
it is can you see it somewhere so I think I think the green if you look at
the green part that is the main part of the storm and it’s very interesting
they’ve decided to call this particular storm now when I first read this word I
actually really wrong I didn’t pronounce it correctly however now I know how to
pronounce it now this storm that is now heading towards the UK has been named by
the Spanish Meteorological Society or the the organization or group
that names the storms so this particular storm that is now heading towards the UK
is called storm Jorge Jorge apparently that is how you pronounce it
Jorge one or two people are calling it Jorge as well so this particular storm I
will try to pronounce it correctly this storm is called storm Jorge and if I
didn’t pronounce it correctly I do apologize so there it is storm Jorge is
on its way and apparently it’s going to hit the UK over the next couple of days
so we have yet another big storm heading towards us not only that but apparently
on Sunday the weather is going to be terrible so I will be with you on Sunday
not only will it be March the 1st on Sunday but also we are going to have a
big storm storm Jorge apparently that is how you pronounce it in Spanish it is
hello to Guadalupe I have listened to how the coils inside lightbulbs affect
our health as well I haven’t heard about that I know certain types of light can
be bad for you for example blue light did you know that so many things that
you see appear to be white light but in fact there is also blue light coming
through the light as well so the way in which the the light rays or the waves of
light reach your eyes there might be colors in there but you can’t actually
see them even though they are actually having an effect on your eyes so there
are certain types of light especially from computer screens that give off blue
light and apparently it’s not very good for your eyes
so that is another thing hello to me carry gain students will just stay at
home without any help from the school I think that is a big problem yes
some countries already including China of course China have closed many
factories many offices many people are staying at home and of course many
schools are also closed in China because of the corona virus it would appear to
be a thing that is not going away soon I think corona virus is going to be
around for a little while longer Tao dang hello Tao dang I believe you are
watching in Vietnam if so hello Vietnam nice to see you here today the street
lights in my neighborhood are only turned on automatically at 6 p.m. when
people or the vehicles come close to them and then they turn off at 5 a.m. oh
I see so what you are saying is the lights are automatic so when something
comes near the light they will come on and then a few seconds later the lights
will go up yes I remember something very similar when I was in China whenever I
went into the apartment where I lived I would climb the stairs and whenever I
arrived it at the block I used to have to stamp my foot on the ground so I had
to make a large or loud noise to make the lights come on so yes I remember
that from my time in China hello mr. Jenkin I sent a message one
day warning you that there is a person on YouTube using your lessons did you
receive it by messenger oh I see no I didn’t know that however there are many
people using my lessons stealing them and re uploading them on YouTube so yes
it is a big problem there are many people who like to take my work and all
of my lessons and then they use them themselves they make their own youtube
channel using my work we call that stealing first Thank You Kristina for
letting me know thank you very much we are talking about
smiling we are talking about showing your teeth we are talking about going to
the dentist and I thought it would be good to have a look at two things first
of all here is an excerpt from a video from Belarus eeeh
who is in real life a dentist so we’re going to have a look at this first and
then after this we are going to have a look at one of my English lessons where
I talk all about one of my experiences of going to the dentist however today I
want to teach you a little bit of dentistry yes I think learning is very
important this tooth has two holes here one hole
and here another this this type of who age is very very much but this one is
silent doesn’t age because it is covered with the gum look at this this is germs and what you have eaten
thank you very much to Belarus here for that and now here is an excerpt from one
of my lessons this is one of my video lessons all about a very disturbing
childhood occurrence something that happened to me in my childhood when I
went to visit the dentist growing up is not the most pleasant of
events it is often filled with scary moments and unpleasant experiences of
all the upsetting and traumatic moments from my childhood one in particular
still lingers strongly with me I would have been about eight years old at the
time and I had to go to the dentist for a multiple extraction this procedure
involves the removal of many teeth at the same time in my case it was ten yes
I had 10 teeth taken out in one go this is normally done whilst the patient is
under anaesthetic in those days they often used nitrous oxide to put you to
sleep many of you will know this particular substance as laughing gas so
try to imagine the scene an eight-year-old boy under anaesthetic
having ten of his teeth removed if that wasn’t bad enough
after the procedure ended I was not fully revived I had not come round from
the anesthetic which meant that my parents had to carry me unconscious
through the dentist’s waiting room and out to a waiting car my only real
memories of this event include the moments just before the laughing gas was
giving to me via a large rubber mask which was placed over my face in the
dentist’s chair and much later as I came round from the anaesthetic itself at
home even to this day I can still recall the foul taste of stale blood in my
mouth not to mention the strange sensation of
having 10 of my teeth suddenly vanish this horrific experience put me off
going to the dentist for many years needless to say these days a trip to the
dentist is not as traumatic as it was in my childhood modern dental surgeries are
more welcoming and the procedures are over much quicker
of course even now going to the dentist still has its unpleasant moments the
worst part of it for me must be the scrape or scale this is
where the dentist removes the hard plaque that is built up at the base of
the teeth with a sharp tool this particular scaling procedure can be very
painful indeed it all depends on how badly affected the teeth are so the more
you look after your teeth the shorter the scaling procedure will be these days
people are becoming more used to taking care of their teeth on a daily basis so
much in fact that nowadays doing your own dentistry is becoming commonplace
there are lots of wonderful gizmos and tools available now for cleaning your
teeth thoroughly at home things that poke things that scrape things that
squirt and things that buzz and hum Do It Yourself dentistry is becoming the
norm with home dentistry kits now available for purchase on the Internet
although I wouldn’t do it myself without having had some form of guidance or
training first surely one of the worst dental
procedures of all must be an extraction an extraction is where a tooth is
literally pulled out of the jawbone just like I had when I was eight
some people even pull their own teeth out I can’t imagine anyone wanting to
pull their own teeth out can you these days most dental work is
carried out with the patient awake and conscious this includes the drilling
into and extraction of teeth normally a local anaesthetic is used in the form of
an injection into the area of the gum where the procedure is to be carried out
the injected part of the mouth will become numb thus ensuring that the
procedure will be a painless one how often do you go to the dentist do you
like going to the dentist when was the last time you went to the dentist
neglecting your teeth is not a good thing to do as when you get older they
will become unhealthy and fall out bad mouth hygiene has also been linked
to other physical ailments such as heart disease and certain types of cancer
fortunately for me I learned my lesson before my teeth became too bad which is
definitely something to smile about hi there today I want to teach you a
little bit of Dentistry yes I think learning is very important this tooth has two holes here one hole
and here another this this type of who age is very very much but this one is
silent doesn’t age because it is covered with the gum look at this these these germs and what you have eaten there you
go thank you once again to Belarus EF for your your video talking all about
bad teeth and there is one word I want to correct you on ache ache so pain when
you have pain in your tooth we describe it as an ache ache so something is
hurting maybe you have pain that won’t go away so the pain is staying with you
for a long period of time we call it ache so you have toothache you have
toothache so the word ache a CH e and that is how you pronounce it ache
you have tooth ache a few days ago I had toothache and I thought I was going to
have to go to the dentist fortunately I didn’t have to which was
nice however I still need a checkup I still
need to go to the dentist and have a checkup
I think so oh we have a lot of words here to do
with teeth and things connected with your mouth Oh
so would you like to have a look at some words connected to teeth and also your
mouth well we will in a moment I won’t forget the live chat of course we are
here live on Friday afternoon here in the UK I don’t know what time it is
where you are because I’m not there unfortunately welcome everyone to the
live stream English addict for all those who can’t get enough of the beautiful
language that is English hello Carlos hello Irene hello also – marina hello
marina thank you very much for all of your lovely messages concerning Belarus
ears short video now the video is much longer than that I will show the rest of
it on Sunday because we are short of time but I will show all of it on Sunday
and of course this guy will be with us on Sunday as well mr. Steve will be with
us we are talking about relationships on Sunday a very big topic a very
interesting topic I hope you will join me on Sunday so here we go some words
connected to your teeth and also the place where your teeth sit which of
course is your mouth when we say mouth well mouth can be used in many ways
actually to describe anything that has an opening so mouth basically is the
opening of something so as something opens you will see the mouth or maybe an
opening that can be entered you can say the mouth of the cave so the mouth is
the opening so we can use mouth besides describing this part of the body
this part of the body that I use a lot in my work
so this is my tool for my job without this I couldn’t work I would have no job
whatsoever so my mouth is very important I like my mouth very much so when we say
mouth we can describe an opening as well another word that we often hear when we
talk about our mouths oral oral which relates to anything connected with your
mouth so you might have oral hygiene or oral health or if you are using your
mouth to speak so anything that you use your mouth for can be described as oral
something oral you speak or you use your mouth to do something in particular
oral hello to everyone on the live chat oh here’s an interesting one I don’t
know why it’s going across my face oratory so when we say oratory it is
anything to do with speech making so if you are making a speech or giving a talk
shall I move that down a bit okay could you please go down slightly you’re in my
way okay come on down you go quickly I haven’t got all day
there we go that’s better oh you can see me now thank you very much
so something that is oratory is connected to speech making you are
making a speech you are giving a speech you are using your mouth to speak
something that is oratory so at a speech or a talk that is being given can be
described as an oratory I can see that this one is also in my way let me just
move it down slightly that’s better here’s another phrase
do you like the way I’m editing this as I go along oh here we go
word of mouth so something that is word of mouth something that is word of mouth
means something that one person has mentioned to another quite often in
advertising word of mouth is a very useful tool not only that it is also
free as well so when we say word of mouth it means one person is telling
another person and then that person will tell someone else have you heard about
mr. Duncan’s lessons brouilly yes they’re ever so good someone somewhere
is saying right now so word of mouth the way things spread when a person tells
one thing to another so yes word of mouth how did you find out about
mr. Duncan’s lessons we found out through word of mouth so it means the
way of something spreading around or something that is mentioned or something
that is said we can say word of mouth here’s another one to mouth something ah
now this is something that is visual so when you mouth something it means you
are saying it but the person can’t hear what you are actually saying so they
look at your mouth they try to read what your lips are
saying so you if you mouth something it means you are saying something but you
want the person to look at your lips because you are telling them maybe from
a great distance so maybe a person is far away and they
are trying to tell you something tell you something mr. Duncan is now on
YouTube you are looking at their lips so when a person mouths something it means
we are looking at what a person is saying we are trying to see what their
lips are doing another one now if a person is speaking too much maybe they
are talking too much for a very long time you might say keep
your mouth shut keep your mouth shut or perhaps you want someone to keep a
secret so maybe there is a secret that you want your friend to keep you might
say don’t forget keep your mouth shut don’t tell anyone about this all right
it is our secret we are going to throw a surprise party next week for mr. Steve
so don’t tell anyone don’t forget to keep your mouth shut or maybe before you
go into a room you might not want the person to say anything you might tell
them before you go in the room you might say don’t forget keep your mouth shut
don’t say anything so if you keep your mouth shut it means
you say nothing oh here’s an interesting one I like this one this is one you
might hear now and again you might pay or give lip service lip service so once
again relating to the mouth your lips you pay lip service if you pay lip
service to something it means you say something nice or you discuss a certain
thing however you don’t really want to talk about it you’re not really
interested in it you just say it however the person saying it is being insincere
they don’t really mean what they say they are just giving lip
servus so maybe a person will talk about a very serious issue but really they
don’t care about it in reality they don’t care about it but
they will talk about it anyway they are just giving lip service they are talking
about something without really caring about the thing that they are discussing
oh here’s an interesting one I like this one when we think of British people we
will often think of this particular phrase keep a stiff upper lip if you
keep a stiff upper lip it means you stay brave you you stay
confident you don’t let things get to you you don’t show your emotions you
stay resolute you keep a stiff upper lip quite often we think of British people
as having a stiff upper lip so when we say a stiff upper lip we are saying that
a person stays brave calm and they keep all of their emotions inside they don’t
appear to be afraid even though they are you keep a stiff upper lip stiff upper
lip it means you don’t show your fear or your feelings so now we are going to
look at words connected to your teeth and also your gums as I said earlier
many years ago I went to the dentist as a child and I had a terrible a terrible
experience I had 10 teeth 10 teeth taking out at the same time so they took
ten teeth out of my head in one go a very terrible experience and
it is one that has scarred me for life to this very day I’m not I’m not very
keen on going to the dentist even though I have to hello Rolfie
Rolfie says what is it called when a person is unconscious and other people
pass air to them by putting their mouth on the other person’s mouth to help them
breathe do you mean mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
so maybe if a person falls unconscious and perhaps you can’t feel their
heartbeat maybe there is maybe there is no pulse you might have to give them
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so you will introduce air into their lungs by
blowing into their mouth and it is part of what we call first-aid so when you
give first aid if you have to give first aid to someone it means that you are
helping them to recover from a serious event maybe they have collapsed maybe
you can’t see if they’re breathing or not you’re not sure you have to give
them first aid so yes we call it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or of
course you can also call it the kiss of life as well so if you help a person to
breathe again by blowing into their mouth we call it the kiss of life or
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so I hope that helps you there Rolfie teeth and
gums there are many ways of describing your teeth the beautiful things that are
in your head if you are very lucky you will keep your teeth forever however
some people are not so lucky and they will lose their teeth so we can call
teeth Nashes Nashes what about that so if you call your teeth Nashes you are
describing the appearance of the teeth because they are sharp your teeth are
sharp they are used for biting and for tearing and for chewing so we called
them Masha’s meshes I like that you can also call them pearly whites if you are
really lucky you can have white teeth like this so your teeth are lovely and
white and this is what they look like you have lovely white teeth your teeth
are pearly white so if you are one of those lucky people who still has their
teeth you are very lucky indeed that’s all I can say we can use the word tooth
in a well-known phrase you can say that something has been fought red in tooth
and claw we can say that something has been fought for violently or viciously
it has been fought red in tooth and claw so when we are talking about teeth and
claws normally these are things that you use or maybe animals will use when they
are fighting so it is a way of expressing a very bitter or violent
fight something that has occurred violently it has happened red in tooth
and claw here’s another one bite when you bite something it means you push
your teeth down onto a piece of food bite bite so you might bite the bullet
this is a well known expression in English it means that you do something
to help you cope with something you bite the bullet so maybe you have to do
something that you don’t want to do maybe there is a job that you don’t want
to do but you still have to do it unfortunately you will have to bite the
bullet you will have to go through and do the
thing that is being asked unfortunately you have to bite the bullet you have to
accept the thing that you have to do unfortunately chew the fat oh I like this one if you
chew the fat it means that you talk about things so maybe you go to your
next-door neighbor and you have a conversation with them you talk about
things generally you will chew the fat you will talk about something generally
you chew the fat so if you are with your friend and you are chewing the fat
it means you are having a conversation it is a great expression that we use in
English here’s another one if you are determined to do something if you want
to win if you want to win a contest or a competition you might have to fight
tooth and nail to get that thing so to be very aggressive when you are doing
something something you really want maybe you are wearing for a sale to
begin in a shop and then suddenly lots of people rush into the shop you will
fight tooth and nail to get that bargain I must get it I must get that super
duper bargain I really must I will fight tooth and nail to get that
bargain you will do whatever it takes you will fight ferociously without
giving up you could also sink your teeth into
something if you sink your teeth into something it means you get heavily
involved in doing something so you are very enthusiastic about it you really
want to do it you can’t wait to do it you can’t wait to sink your teeth into
something it means you can’t wait to do it you are
so excited and then maybe the thing that you are doing you are really involved
you are so involved with the thing that you are doing you sink your teeth into
something you are doing it enthusiastically here we go
interesting word tooth of course tooth can be expressed in many ways we can use
the Latin which is where it comes from as well dent
so in Latin the word tooth is dent and that is the reason why we say dentist
and in Greek we can say Oh daunt and of course you can also call a person who is
a dentist and orthodontist as well so the word tooth is actually an
interesting word and there are other ways of expressing that word as well the
surface of your teeth so when you look at someone’s teeth they normally look
nice and white like this so the surface of your teeth is called enamel enamel
the hard white surface of your teeth that is what protects your teeth from
damaged enamel enamel and of course if you eat a lot of sugar a lot of sweet
things or things that contain a lot of acid fruit juice for example even though
it’s good for your body it can be bad for your teeth so the enamel is the
outside of your teeth hello to the live chat nice to see so many people here
again hello LAN hello I’m planning to come
back to Tehran oh oh it sounds to me as if LAN is planning a big trip I think so
hello all so Anna hello to oh hello to franceska hello also to
sweetness again lots of people getting involved today Pat Chu is here the best
of luck from Nepal which is very close to our neighbouring country China Pat
you I think you are referring to coronavirus which of course is something
a lot of people are talking about at the moment inside your teeth there is
something called pulp or it can also be called dentine as well so the thing that
is inside your teeth is a very soft material and that’s the reason why the
outside of your teeth are hard and tough to protect the inside of your teeth and
then of course right inside your teeth we have the nerve nerve the thing that
creates the sensitivity as you saw earlier when we when we watched Belarus
ears video you saw Belarusian us what happens when your teeth start to go
rotten and that’s the reason why you get toothache because the nerve has been
exposed so that’s the reason why we have toothache the nerve is the sensation
receptor so the nerve is responsible for the feeling in your teeth so if you have
bad teeth if you’re teeth go bad you might end up with toothache because the
nerve the nerve has been exposed not very nice I know I have to go to the
dentist I do I know a lot of people keep reminding me I will make an appointment
very soon to go and see my doctor or my dentist
hello Tomic through word of mouth or by word of
you can say both you can say that something has been spread maybe some
information or maybe some news has been spread through word of mouth or by word
of mouth so by the action or through the action of talking to each other
so one person will tell another person about something that is word of mouth
that is word of mouth hello pal Mira again mr. Duncan I think you have a
sweet tooth I have to admit yes I do I I do have a sweet tooth I like eating
sweet things very much yes it is not a secret that I like eating sugary things
sweet things it is true here’s another one another expression connected with
teeth it is just like pulling teeth pulling teeth so quite often when you
try to pull a tooth out it sometimes isn’t easy so quite often it can be very
hard to pull someone’s tooth out of their head so if you if you have your
teeth pulled out it isn’t an easy thing to do it isn’t so if something that you
are doing is not easy to achieve or maybe you are trying to achieve
something and it isn’t happening easily you can say that it is just like pulling
teeth it is so hard to do getting an answer
from my neighbor is like pulling teeth my neighbor will not reply to my
questions they will not give me a response so something that doesn’t come
easily is like pulling teeth a very good expression
the person that will work on your teeth or repair your teeth so when you go to
the dentist the field of expertise is dentistry so the field of expertise the
area in which a person will work if they are a dentist is dentistry dentistry so
you are involved in dentistry that is what you do you are involved in
dentistry in American English we will often use orthodontists so an
orthodontist is a person that checks your teeth or if your teeth have a
problem they will repair your teeth or if your teeth are really bad they will
pull your teeth from out of your head and as I said we go to the dentist so
normally here in the UK we will say dentist British English dentist in
American English orthodontists normally so what does the dentist do why do we
have the dentist the dentist is there to protect and to make sure that you have
good dental hygiene or oral hygiene so when we talk about oral it is something
connected with your mouth so oral hygiene refers to the cleanliness or how
clean and healthy your mouth is oral hygiene earlier Belarus ear talked about
decay when your teeth start to rot you might get a cavity cavity just means an
indentation or hole so something that is formed such as a hole
so it’s very similar to a whole something that is formed something that
has appeared so quite often if a person eats too much sugary food they might get
a cavity quite often in their back teeth so you will find that many people will
get a cavity they will get a cavity in their back teeth because of eating too
much sugar a bit like me and as I said just we can use the word decay so decay
simply means to rot something starts to rot or decompose so
if your tooth has decay it means parts of your teeth are
starting to dissolve they are starting to be damaged because of the acid in
your mouth and you can get acid from anything sweet
things also fruit juice any type of fruit they can cause damage to your
teeth so even after you eat fruit you should always make sure that you clean
your teeth so you don’t get decay finally this is my favorite of all of
the words we’ve looked at today I think this must be my favorite one are you
ready have you ever been near a person who has halitosis have you ever been
near someone who has bad breath a person who has halitosis has bad
breath in other words as they speak or as they breathe out there is a terrible
odor coming from that person’s mouth that person has halitosis they have bad
breath there are many reasons why we have bad breath maybe you have poor oral
hygiene maybe your teeth are starting to rot in your head perhaps you have some
food that is stuck between your teeth and the piece of food is starting to go
rotten in your mouth so there are many reasons why you might have bad breath or
you might have halitosis let’s do it properly how to’ says you have bad do
you know anyone who has bad breath maybe Belarusian says thank you very
much for the today’s lesson I need all of this vocabulary you’ve taught us
today you are welcome many people are many people have cavities even if they
don’t eat sugary food yes there is another reason why you can have
cavities you can have tooth decay and one of them this is a strange one is
because of your saliva so the water that is produced in your mouth saliva is the
liquid that is produced in your mouth you might sometimes spit something out
quite often there will be saliva and sometimes the saliva in your mouth can
be acidic however some people are very lucky and their saliva is not acidic it
is actually alkaline so I think I have a feeling that my my saliva might actually
be alkaline so I’m quite and quite lucky about that really I think I’m quite
lucky patcher says people that smoke normally have bad breath I think so yes
quite quite a lot of people who smoke cigarettes will have bad breath
quite often we will say that they that their breath smells like an ashtray
oh I don’t know why my boss is always smoking and when he speaks to me his
breath it smells like an ashtray it smells like something you will put
cigarettes inside after you’ve smoked them so an ashtray a person’s breath
might smell like an ashtray well disgusting really is a manual says
never eat garlic during your dinner the day after you will have some problems
with social relationships thank you in my emanuela you are right I am one of
those people I am a person who loves garlic very much so quite often I will
have garlic on my my lunch or my supper I will have something with garlic inside
for example tonight I’m going to have a meal tonight that has garlic inside it
and then tomorrow I’m going to see my mother as well so I’m going to see my
mother tomorrow and I’m pretty sure that she’s going to complain about my breath
because it will smell of garlic and my mother does not like garlic not at all
she does not it is always best not to eat garlic during your dinner because
afterwards it will smell bad yes I think so I think you’re right there so a great
word there I hope you’ve enjoyed that word because that is one that you never
want to hear another person say to you you never want some what to say do you
mind if I tell you something I think you might have halitosis you might have bad
breath your breath smells bad your breath is stinky it smells bad and quite
often bad breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene maybe you have a problem
with your teeth maybe you have tooth decay or maybe there is a piece of food
stuck between your teeth what happens when your teeth fall out when your teeth
fall out then well you have only one choice really you have to have false
teeth so if your all of your teeth fall out if you are unlucky enough to have
all of your teeth fall out unfortunately quite often as we get older our teeth
will fall out if you have no teeth you will have to have false teeth we also
call these dentures dentures so dentures are false teeth and you put them in your
mouth and it looks as if you have teeth however they are not real they are false
they are false teeth they are called dentures dentures I am going in the
moment Jamelia oh that’s a good piece of advice
by the way Thank You Jamelia Jamelia says Mr Duncan you can always put a mint
in your mouth quite often people will put peppermint in their mouth or perhaps
they will use mouthwash to make sure that their breath smells lovely like a
lovely spring day so yes there is nothing worse than having bad breath nor
zone hello nor zone and a big hello to your show as well what is the difference
between stingy and frugal stingy and frugal there is a difference between
those but generally speaking it means a person who doesn’t like to spend money
however stingy a stingy person is a person who never likes spending money
they don’t want to spend money on anything
a stingy person they want to keep their money they will never buy a meal for
someone they will never be generous with their money so a person who is stingy is
a person who doesn’t like to spend their money they like to keep it for
themselves however a person who is frugal is a person who is careful with
their money so they are very careful how they spend their money stingy is a
little more offensive frugal means that a person is sensible with their money in
other words they never waste their money so a frugal person is a person who
spends their money wisely a stingy person is a person who doesn’t like to
spend money at all on anything or anyone they will never treat their friend to a
meal they will never buy gifts for their friends or relatives because they are
very stingy stingy person thank you very much for your company today it’s been
lovely to see you all here it is Friday of course this is the final livestream
of February have you had a good February has it been a good month it’s a short
one only 29 days however we have March just around the corner and I will be
with you on the 1st of March which is which is of course this Sunday so I will
be with you on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time don’t forget also can I
just ask you to like yes don’t forget to like and also subscribe as well like and
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enjoyed today’s livestream I’ve enjoyed it a lot
Thank You Noemi I hate orthodontic treatment it was very useful but I had I
had to go through a lot of pain because of it well that’s the reason why I don’t
like going to the dentist I don’t like going to the dentist because of the pain
I’m always afraid that the treatment will be painful so that’s why I don’t
like going to the dentist that’s the reason why
Rafi says a stingy person wants to eat their cake they want to have their cake
and eat it they want everything they don’t like to give anything away they
want everything for themselves you might describe it a stingy person as selfish
or tight-fisted a tight fisted person is a person who doesn’t like to spend money
they don’t like to spend money on anything they are stingy pachu says
February was a good month I hope so let us hope that March will be a good
month because it’s just around the corner that is when I am back with you
don’t forget to give me a lovely like once again please like and subscribe if
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thank you very much pal Mira thank you mister thank you for this nice lesson
have a great day and see you on Sunday I will be with you out on Sunday yes I am
out and about on the Internet once again and don’t forget this guy where is he
there he is this guy will be here as well on Sunday mr. Steve will be with us
on Sunday and we are going to talk about many things in
loading relationships how easy is it to find a relationship how easy is it to
keep a relationship maybe we can talk about the best types of relationships
family relationships or maybe your lover or your partner which is easier which
one is the easiest maybe friendship is friendship easy to find all of those
things we will talk about on Sunday when mr. Steve comes to join us as well thank
you very much to everyone today thank you very much for your company so many
people saying goodbye the list is so long so many people want to say goodbye
Thank You Martha Thank You Luis Mendez Thank You Marella Thank You Bella rusia
thank you very much for your lovely company today I’ve really enjoyed it I
must be honest with you it’s been an interesting lesson even though I’ve been
talking about a subject that I don’t really like talking about going to the
dentist thanks Isabella Thank You Rosa I’ve really enjoyed this lesson I hope
you have too the captions will be available later you can have captions
later and of course don’t forget you can watch them live as well so you can
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thank you very much as well hello Anna thanks for saying hello to me and yes
I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed so listen thank you very much back on
Sunday 2 p.m. UK time we’ll have a look outside the window first of all would
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another view look can you see the blossom on the cherry tree so yes it
really does look as if spring is on the way because the cherry tree now has some
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March is just around the corner I will see you on Sunday the 1st of March a
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Sunday 2 p.m. UK time this is mr.Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for watching me today I really do appreciate you joining
me and giving up a little piece of your day to watch me and of course until we
meet again some sunny day ta ta for now 😎


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