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Learn About Yeast Infection : York Pharmacy (876) – 906-3108

August 14, 2019

As a family doctor another very common complain that we seem to get is a very common Yeast infection a lot of times the women would come to,
come to the practice and complain of having a Yeast Infection
which is really a very common term and perhaps need to spend
some time to talk a lit bit about this very common
Yeast Infection whenever a female has a vagina discharge very very often this
discharge is automatically referred to as a Yeast Infection and I would say most, most visits to the family
doctor is for this so-called Yeast Infection it turns out that very often it may not be a yeast infection per say
because a yeast infection tend to be of a specific nature and I could
probably just spend some time to just try outline what, what a common yeast infection is usually if is a yeast infection, there is
a discharge but the type of discharge is what makes
a difference. The discharge tend to be white and somewhat
creamy and is associated with vaginal itching. Sometimes on the outside of the vagina or, or sometimes even, even within and that is the usual classic yeast infection. However sometimes there is a vaginal
discharge and, and is just I mean in a blanket way is referred
to as yeast. But when a discharge is, is more watery is, is yellow perhaps in colour and as a mal odour are a very bad odour. That is not
usually a yeast infection. So you have different
types of vaginal discharged. And it would, it would be results from
various different other, other causes. Which would
need a totally different approach in terms of, in terms of treatment. The the concern I suppose is to know which infection is sexually transmitted and
which is not. Or which are the dangerously, are the dangerous
sexually transmitted infections that most women would, would perhaps not
want to, to get. Of course you know these are things
like gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis or even chlamydia. These infections tend to be not as obvious as the common yeast infection you
tend to have more of a yellow discharge. And you may or may not have an odour
associated with those infections One comment as well in the case of men, the male who has a yeast,
because they can also have a yeast infection as well. However often what you’d find is that the tip of
the penis or what we call the glands becomes red, with some real small fine bumps tend to appear on them. And you have itching along with it. So when you have that picture then that is
usually yeast. And very commonly if the female partner
has a yeast and has intercourse with the, with the male
partner then that will happen, it can be transferred to the male. Although the male doesn’t easily get
a yeast or develop a yeast infection
as easily as, as the female. But when it appears in the
male, it appears as redness to the tip of the penis
with some real small find red bumps that tend to come up on it as


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  • Reply Kangi Navu December 17, 2014 at 8:39 am

    I was so too embarrassed after I figured out I had yeast infection. I was just asking myself if I had to deal with it the rest of my life.

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