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Lazer liposakşın selülitlenmeyi nasıl önler? – How Laser lipo prevents cellulitis?

October 18, 2019

Dr. Turker Ozyigit talks about the aspiration stage in laser liposuction surgery While in aspiration stage, we see another benefit of the laser assisted liposuction technique If we concentrate on the suctioned material inside the tube we see that the color is close to white or milk as we call it milky. In classical liposuction technique, we see this color like more red due to bleeding Also we can easily see partial fat deposits inside the cannula tube while suctioning in classical way However in laser assisted liposuction, we can easily see the difference The melted fat with laser, It is more like in a milky and foamy material There is no blood inside the tube during suctioning phase We may see a very risky area liposuction in laser assisted technique here Because the thigh area all are the most difficult area in the body in terms of liposuctioning The skin is so thin in thighs and if we cannot perform a homogeneous liposuction, it is mostly common to see irregularities and patients frequently complain about the outcomes in thigh areas if this occurs cellulitis or irregularities we can say And laser assisted liposuction prevents such irregularities and we are completely out of these complaints We can have smooth surfaces without irregularities and contour the area according to neighbor areas of the body I would like to repeat again the advantages of laser assisted liposuction technique; especially for legs and thigh area; the performance for correcting irregularities and cellulitis would be minimal secondly, there is no bleeding which we can easily understand analyzing the aspirate during suctioning so there is no bleeding during surgery and performing the liposuction surgery in larger body areas with this advantages

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