Lawyer’s Video Studio – Case Study: Aspiration Pneumonia

October 6, 2019

Patient aspirates during colonoscopy and died
two days later She was only 67 years old her doctor told her that she needed a colonoscopy.
she’d been having some bleeding recently She trusted her GI doctor and she went into the
procedure feeling fine. During the procedure she aspirated. The anesthesiologist didn’t
realize she vomited stomach contents. Now, he tried to suction her mouth. Problem was
she inhaled the stomach contents right into her lungs. This is known as aspiration pneumonia.
The anesthesiologist didn’t tell the gastroenterologist to stop the procedure.
The GI doctor continued his colonoscopy procedure. Then the oxygen saturation alarm went off.
The patient wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Oxygen was not profusing throughout her body.
The GI doctor ended his procedure immediately. Now, the anesthesiologist just suctioned her mouth.
He elevated her head and then he put her in the recovery room unattended. Unfortunately
she was turning blue.. She was short of breath. And he didn’t call an ambulance until forty-five
minutes later. She lapsed into a coma on the way to the hospital. She suffered massive
brain damage. She died two-and-a-half days later. And how did this case come to me? Tthe
surviving daughter called me to see if I could help. Want to know how they found me? Because
she saw the video I created about improperly performed colonoscopies. Today’s topic is
colonoscopies. That video prompted her to call me. That video prompted her to say, “Mr
Oginski, I just saw your video about colonoscopies. My mother just died after having a colonoscopy/
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