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Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

February 8, 2020

over in China the death toll from the
virus Rises while the disease continues to spread across the world
whistle blowing Chinese doctor who was among the first to identify the deadly
new corona virus died of the disease in Wuhan earlier this morning packagin
brings us the updates the death toll in China from the novel coronavirus has had
636 with a total number of confirmed cases standing at more than 31,000
china’s national health commission revealed the latest figures early Friday
with 73 deaths and more than 3,000 additional cases occurring in a single
day but around 1500 patients were discharged from hospital in Fuquay
province alone they’re up in 618 deaths and over 22,000 confirmed cases that’s
an increase of 69 deaths and 2,400 cases in one day among those who died from the
illness is Li wen Liang one of the first doctors to have warned
people about the corona virus the 34 year old had informed the public through
WeChat back in December of a SARS like disease but he was targeted by the
police for making false comments the nation met the news of his death with
grief and anger demanding the government to apologize for downplaying the
seriousness of the virus the news also sparked the issue of freedom of speech
in China in response China announced it will send an anti-corruption team to
probe issues regarding Li with no signs of the outbreaks throwing down china’s
enforce lock downs and similar measures in 14 more provinces and cities outside
of Hebei province the cities affected include Hong Jerell downing and Nanjing
vicar’s continue to rise in other parts of the world as well the virus has
killed two people outside the Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the
Philippines over 30 cases have been detected in Europe Germany having the
most with 13 patients overall Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed
cases outside of China followed by Singapore Thailand in South Korea
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