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Kymia Arts – What on Earth are You Doing? Ep. 7 – Lavender

August 29, 2019

So the relaxing and antidepressant
properties of lavender can be contributed to the two constituents of
linalool and linalyl acetate. Today we’re at the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in
Abiquiu, New Mexico, where this specific species of lavender, Grosso, has been
cultivated and grown for its, the way that those two constituents are balanced
in this particular species. It’s ideal for aromatherapy and its medicinal
properties, so that when we actually do take it back to the lab to distill it, we
get the best medicine. It’s so, just immediately calming and relaxing. You can
hear the buzzing of the bees so beautiful. So if you can see here, there’s bees
buzzing everywhere all over these bushes of lavender. And actually lavender
naturally attracts pollinators, so butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees and
repels pests like moths and mosquitoes. So while we’re here in the lavender farm
today we definitely will not encounter any mosquitoes or you know horse flies
or anything like that. If you were to bring one essential oil with you
anywhere it should be lavender. Lavender, the nickname for lavender is first aid
in a bottle. And that’s for a lot of reasons, because it can do so many things it’s just one plant. So when you’re in nature or you’re taking hikes, definitely bring it with you because not only is it an insect
repellent, if you get any scrapes burns or cuts you can put it directly in the
wound and it will not only take away the pain is due to its analgesic properties
but it will also heal the wounds at the same time and clean it out. Lavender also replaces GABA as a
neurotransmitter, so this can aid in a more deeper and restful sleep and
increased lucid, better lucid dreaming experiences so the body can come into a
state of deep relaxation and heal and be able to bring that internal perception
forward. So lavender is really good for bringing what’s kind of hidden
underneath the surface and being able to express it with more clarity. So lavenders folk name is considered, or
folk phrase really, is first aid kit in a bottle and that’s due to its plethora of
uses. I haven’t discovered one plant that does
so many things as lavender does. So it’s a nervous system relaxant which means it
works both physically and through aromatherapy to calm the mind
and the body by releasing tension in the muscles. It calms digestive upsets, skin
conditions, it can heal burns. It can repel insects when you wear the
essential oil on your skin like on a hike and it can even be used as an
aphrodisiac and for female reproductive issues. The word lavender
comes from the Latin root of lavare, meaning to wash. This can really be seen
throughout history because lavender has often been used for birthing mothers
where it is massaged on the bottom of the feet and the back as a means of
helping them relax. While they’re also going through that process
a smudge will be burned in their rooms that helps welcome the baby into a clean
environment and really keeps them at peace and makes the whole experience
much more pleasant. As with all things in alchemy, as within so without. The same is true for using lavender as a plant ally for menstruation support. So what you
can do is you can ingest lavender spagyric but you can also rub the
essential oil externally on the stomach muscles, and by doing so not only will
you relieve the muscular tension that you feel when you have cramps here, but
you’ll also calm the nervous system which can help you kind of glide through
menstruation in a much better way. So another aspect of supporting female
reproductive health and female sexuality, lavender can be used as an aphrodisiac
so to actually relax the system and allow for better receptivity and more
connective sexual experiences. And should you experience an imbalance in your body, if you get a yeast infection for example, lavender can be used to treat and cure
the symptoms of a yeast infection. So by taking a few drops of essential oil and
applying it with a carrier oil like virgin coconut oil, which also has
antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This combination applied
topically and internally can support the curing and the healing should anything get out of whack. This has been the love of my life, and
I’d love purple I’ve been a purple person since the day I was born. I would
have rather have been in my Gardens than play with my friends.. And that led me to
France and I went to France to learn how to grow lavender I figured they were the
standard in growing lavender, so I wanted a bit of France here in New Mexico. New
Mexico has been a big part of my, my learning and my adventure and my
spiritual learning and it has taught me a lot of things, and so I wanted to bring
that to New Mexico. So I was in France for a while and I got to visit farms and I
learned and I took every piece of information that I could find and
brought it all back here and began to look for the right piece of property. It
took over two years, about two and a half years and I walked on to this property
and I knew that this was it. It was magical, it was a place where people
could come and just feel beauty, which is what I’m about. People ask me, well what do you sell? I say I sell beauty. I want them to feel beauty, I want them to touch that
spirit within themselves that speaks and to get all the rhetoric and the noise
from the outside world away and they could come here, and be a part of
the lavender. And it’s a wonderful lavender it produces a high yield and it it’s smells sweet. It smells like France to me, and so it has a
lot of uses I don’t think we’ve even began to touch the surface of all the
things that it can be and become. It is like so amazing! It’s lavender, it’s camphor, but it’s also oatmeal cookies I don’t know why. Maybe the oatmeal cookie stuff doesn’t have to go on the episode.


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    More valuable than the content of these videos is showing that it's actually possible to live with this clarity and elevated tone of being. I don't want or intend to project something that's not there, but to me it's like watching the beginning traces of a new civilization being born into the world.

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    Love it, I just love it. My grandmother had a lavender farm when I was little. The first essential I distilled was that of lavender from the garden of the hospital in which I work. It is beautiful to work with, in truth I am always searching for more plant to use in my work, as I slowly unfurl the onion of this practice. It is delightful. I bet you all had an incredibly relaxing experience out there. Lavender smells sooooooo beautiful.

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