KUKA Medical Robotics – The Future of Medicine

December 23, 2019

What will medicine look like in the
future? How can patients benefit from innovative technology? Will the interface
between physicians and patients change? Many of us have the vision that robotics
will play a role in this future. Transforming ideas into a product
requires a strong focus. In order to be successful, it’s key to have a strong
partner with experience in robotic components. KUKA has more than 40 years experience in industrial robotics with over 250,000 robots in the field,
providing us with expertise in the complex field of robotics where a lot of
attention to detail is required. Safe interaction with robots, safe human-machine interaction, adds an additional level of complexity to the application.
KUKA understands that our customers’ business will change and grow. Our
experienced team will support throughout the entire product lifecycle, from the
first robot feasibility study to clinical tests, regulatory approval and
then worldwide rollout of the new product. KUKA has successfully supported our customers throughout all these stages.
Based on this experience, KUKA developed the LBR Med robot. The LBR Med robot is the first robotic component that is specifically designed for
integration into a medical device. It combines the safe technology for human-machine interaction with a test report from a certified body.
The LBR Med’s physical structure, electrical components and operating
software were adapted to comply with the relevant medical device standards. The resulting test report can significantly speed up the regulatory process approval
when applying for an IRB, CE mark, FDA or CFDA. Innovators from the medical
device industry and researchers around the world are working on a vision. This
vision is to have access to advanced medical robotic devices that will
improve the outcomes of patients. At KUKA, we are there to accelerate this
development. Together, let us define the future role of robotics in medicine.

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