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Kris Jenner Talks Jumping on Kylie’s Viral ‘Rise and Shine’ Video

March 3, 2020

So now explain to me–
because we’re friends, but I can’t keep up with you. I know. All right so Kourtney is
now– she’s in the show? She’s 40. She’s 40. OK. Well, she sounds like she’s
going to talk about my kids, like tell me about
little Kourtney. Well, I am. Yeah, for real. But she wasn’t in the show. She wasn’t going to come back. Yeah, she’s filming again. OK. Is it because of this? I gave her some of this. Right. I mean, but she wasn’t going
to be in it, and she’s in it. What changed her mind? I think she just needed
a little bit of a break. You know how we all
hit a tipping point. And she hit a wall. And she was frustrated. And she felt underappreciated
and that her sisters didn’t understand her boundaries. And so I think after taking
a little bit of time off, she’s seen the light. The money. The Kardashian light. The money at the
end of the tunnel. No, we actually all really
enjoy doing the show. Obviously. Because we get to
be together all day. We wouldn’t be doing– we’re
about to start our 19th season. Wow. We’re just filming it. [APPLAUSE] And so yeah, I think she just– she would miss us. Right. And you don’t– obviously
you’re all doing very well. You don’t have to
keep doing the show. Even the show– the show is
important for business and they both kind of help each
other, but you really– y’all are doing
fine without that. So you obviously love it. But when you see– you’re a mother. You love them. The family is close. I know all that. But when you see them fight– like it looks like there’s a
fist thrown or something that– Yeah Do you as a mother go, “stop”
or you think, “oh, ratings.” I mean what– No, actually I wasn’t there
when they had that argument. And I have not seen them
really fight like that since they were in high school. Or there was one time I
think it was way back when Kim did ABC when Kim
beat one of the kids over the head with her purse
because her rims on her car weren’t right. IT was so silly. It took me back to that,
but it made me really sad. I was like, you guys can’t
be fighting with each other. That’s ridiculous. Like, you know, grow up. Yes, but you have to understand. I mean, most families
fight period, much less being together filming and– 24/7. –together all the time. So of course– Maybe you could come
over and tell them that. Like you have like a
little intervention. All right, or you can
just make them watch this and then I just
said, don’t fight. [LAUGHTER] So Kylie’s business
sold for how much? Like a billion, right? Something like that. More? Well– You’re looking at
me like more, OK. She did OK. She had actually worked
really hard and sold part of her company to Coty. Right, so she sold– but first of all, it’s the
fastest growing company to get to that amount of
money of all companies. Yes. I mean that says something. No matter what people
say about what– y’all are doing
some good business. She works really hard. Yeah. And she’s really creative and
she loves what she’s doing. So it comes really easy to her. She’d rather be doing that
than anything else in the world other than taking
care of Stormy. So I’m really proud of her. I mean she works
hard and she really seems to know what
her generation wants. And it’s a whole different
world with social media. You know selling things direct
to consumer on the internet, it really makes it possible
for so many other young women. She’s such a great example
too to other young women who can go out there and
make this great living and really go for it. And don’t take no for an answer. And just listen to your gut and
your instinct and work hard. Yeah, she certainly
did tap into something that she knew what
everybody wanted. And she– Stormy, by
the way, is precious. I mean so that girl
is so adorable. She is cute. And so she’s singing
this song to her. Let me just– if you didn’t
see the song that went viral, this is her just singing
to her good night. (SINGING) Rise and shine. No, not good night. Rise and shine. Yeah. That’s how they usually
put me to sleep. But so that goes
viral just because she sings “rise and shine.” and your brilliant manager
brain, by the end of the day, you had t-shirts. Print some t-shirts, yes! I mean, like really? As you saw that go viral
you thought, t-shirts? Well, you know what’s
so funny about that? First of all they
said, we had no talent. I mean, that speaks for itself. Like that’s great. It was really
amazing the attention that we got from that. And so by the end of the
day, I was like let’s print up some t-shirts. You know why not? It’s so easy. And what else have you
made besides t-shirts? Other things with
“rise and shine”? I don’t remember
what made the cut but we thought about it as
like a sub-brand of Kylie because she just came
so overwhelmed with all the attention from that song. So we thought, OK, that works. What about a cleaner,
rise and shine? You know what I mean? Yeah. Do I get a little of
that because I said it? 10%. Yeah. Yeah, thank you. You’re welcome. What do you get if I get 10%? You get like 25? What do you get? 10. Liar. [LAUGHTER] Hey we have– She knows me so well. Our dogs are related. So we got Wally– We’re in-laws or something. Yes, I’m in the family money. Yeah. So Portia and I
rescued a dog, Wally, who I’ve shown many,
many pictures of. Beautiful. And then her– Wally’s mother’s
sister had a litter and they were also rescue dogs. And you rescued Bridgette. Bridgette. Yes with a k, obviously. There’s a silent k
in there somewhere. There’s a silent k. Bridgette with a k. So I heard about
this litter and I texted Ellen and I said how do
I get a hold of the person who has these dogs? And Ellen sent me the name
of Melissa who’s the– Wagmor. Wagmor. And so, I swear you
guys, in 30 minutes I had a dog at my house. She said, I’m right by you. We just gave them the bath. It’s just what a coincidence. And do you want to see her? And I said, oh, boy, sure. And the minute she walked in
with that dog, I was in heaven. It was love at first sight. Is that like a Gucci
purse toy for the dog? [LAUGHTER] Corey’s godmother Nancy
sent the dog a welcome– you know, when you give birth
to a baby you get gifts? Yeah. Yeah, so that was
her welcome gift. Yeah she’s– yeah,
Corey loves that dog. Corey sends me pictures of– he’s with Bridgette more
than you are, I think. I know. Well, I’m like a working mom. Yeah. Yeah, and he’s the
stay at home dad, but he doesn’t
really stay at home– No he doesn’t. –as much. Yeah he works hard too. But anyway, that’s
a precious dog. Yeah. All right, actually,
let’s take a break. We’ll talk more
when we come back.


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