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March 9, 2020

Allah also taught man how to make use of the animals he offers for his benefit. It made it safe to eat from the flesh of the “clean” ones. It is not in vain that some animals are taught to Muslims that their meat cannot be eaten. “He has forbidden you the dead animal meat, blood, pork and the animal slaughtered on behalf of God. Is that Corona virus arrived in Turkey? What is the latest situation in Corona virus? New developments are continuing in the corona virus, which causes great panic all over the world and is seen in more than 30 countries. Finally, as also seen in our neighboring countries and death coming to Turkey of the corona virus that causes the citizens by being curious. Corona virus continues to spread rapidly. The number of people who died in the corona virus epidemic, which has been seen in 95 cases until now, has increased to 16. It has been announced that there are cases of corona virus in Israel and Lebanon as well as Iran. So he did arrive corona virus in Turkey? Is there an explanation from the Ministry of Health? Here is the latest situation and official explanations in corona virus. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in a written statement on the subject, said, As it is known, as of February 23, land, iron and airline crossings have been stopped with our neighbor Iran. Our land borders are mutually closed, but returns continue for Iranian citizens who want to return to Iran from our country by air. ” Her husband, on Turkey and said that social media has to be underlined that the corona virus cases. LAST SITUATION IN CORONA VIRUS

The number of people who died due to the Corona virus has reached 2 thousand 707 people. The number of quarantined in the Corona virus spreading to more than 30 countries is over 80 thousand. On the one hand, while vaccination studies continue, many countries take intense measures to protect their citizens. a new type of coronavirus spread to the world from the Wuhan city of China (Kovid-19) was seen in all of our borders but was not currently logged into Turkey. While Kovid-19 ravaged the world with thousands of deaths, experts state that the simplest and most effective method of virus protection is hygiene. While it was emphasized that hand washing habits are important in preventing the virus, The research conducted in 2015 reveals striking results. While the habit of hand washing in Europe is around 50 percent, Turkey is among the countries who give importance to cleanliness hand ranks second in Europe. After emerging in China, the oldest person to defeat the corona virus, which killed more than 3,800 people worldwide, became a 100-year-old Chinese. 100-year-old Chinese, who was taken to a hospital in Wuhan on February 24 with the diagnosis of virus, was discharged after his recovery. In the treatment of the patient, which is also described as having Alzheimer’s, hypertension and heart problems anti-viral drugs, plasma transfusions, and traditional Chinese medicine have been reported. It was reported that 80 patients recovered and were discharged with the old man. WHAT IS CORONA VIRUS?

Corona viruses are viruses that cause diseases in mammals such as humans and birds. It causes respiratory infections that are not serious in humans but have a risk of death. In cows and pigs, diarrhea causes upper respiratory diseases in chickens. Known types include MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and 2019-nCoV. It is an RNA virus found in animal families from the Coronaviridae family. The virus, which affects the respiratory, digestive and excretory organs, is more active in spring and autumn. In fact, the Corona virus is a virus that cats often encounter. There is almost no risk of being lethal without being mutated. The virus passes from cat to cat through contact, and the way to spread is usually feces. Almost half of the cats encounter this virus once in their lives. This rate increases even more in places where cats live collectively. In diagnostic tests, the metabolic substances [antibody level (titer level)] created by the metabolism of cats against the virus can be measured. Symptoms are usually fever, diarrhea and weakness. But up to a hundred percent of cats can overcome the disease of this virus. The spread of the virus is usually “defecation>contact with feces>hair licking”. Although it is a small possibility, the airway is also among the transmission routes. This disease of corona virus, which is easily survived by cats, turns into deadly FIP when the virus mutates. According to scientific views, Corona virus turns into FIP virus in 2% to 10% ratio (FIPV). The science of virology about how this mutation is realized cannot provide precise data. Thus, 92% – 98% of trapped cats turn the Corona virus out of the disease with simple symptoms, while in the rest they turn it into disease-killing FIP. The FIP virus, the mutated version of the Corona virus, causes FIP disease. WHAT ARE THE CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS?

Loss of appetite and weight
Weakness and stagnation
Swelling of the abdominal area
Vision problems, watery eyes, and color change in the eye
Respiratory problems and flu
Balance problems
Change in general psychological state, unhappy expression CORONA VIRUS COMES TO THE DOG

The number of people who lost their lives due to the virus that paralyzed life and made the world kneel exceeded 3,200. The number of infected people around the world has approached 95 thousand. The number of countries where the virus occurred was 80. The first deaths occurred in California, Iraq and Spain due to coronavirus. Life in Italy, which is the country most affected by the virus in Europe, has come to a standstill. While the authorities were trying desperately to prevent the spread of the virus, education was interrupted until mid-month at all schools and universities in the country. In Italy, a frightening increase was observed in the number of people who died due to coronavirus. The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Protection said that further testing will be done to confirm whether the dog is infected with coronavirus and there is no evidence that pets may be a source of infection. COUNTRIES WITH CORONA VIRUS

The information on the “Worldometer” website where current data on new cases in countries reported to be seen in Kovid-19 is compiled: “South Korea 5 thousand 766, Italy 3 thousand 89, Iran 2 thousand 922, Japan 317, France 285, Germany 262, Spain 228, USA 160, Singapore 112, Switzerland 93, England 87, Norway 59, Kuwait 56, Australia 52, Bahrain 52, Sweden 52, Malaysia 50, Thailand 47, Netherlands 38, Iraq 35, Canada 34, Austria 29, India 29, United Arab Emirates 28, Iceland 26, Belgium 23, Algeria 17, Vietnam 16, San Marino 16, Denmark 15, Israel 15, Lebanon 15, Oman 15 Croatia 10, Ecuador 10, Greece 9, Qatar 8, Czechia 8, Finland 7, Mexico 6, Belarus 6, Portugal 6, Romania 6, Ireland 6, Pakistan 5, Senegal 4, Russia 3, Philippines 3, Azerbaijan 3, Georgia 3, Brazil 3, New Zealand 3, Chile 3, Indonesia 2, Egypt 2, Estonia 2, Saudi Arabia 2, Hungary 2, Afghanistan 1, Andorra 1, Armenia 1, Cambodia 1, Dominican Republic 1, Jordan 1, Lithuania 1, Latvia 1, Luxembourg 1, Liechtenstein 1, Morocco 1, Monaco 1, Nepal 1, Nigeria 1, Sri Lanka 1, Tunisia 1, Argentina 1, Ukraine 1, Poland 1, Slovenia 1. ” On the other hand, 53 thousand 689 people, who were diagnosed with the virus worldwide, recovered and discharged after their treatment. May God protect everyone from epidemics and disasters, heal everyone, Amin.

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