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Korona Gribi İçin Gerçek Öneriler!

March 7, 2020

Dear friends, we have shot a few videos about the corona virus, but we talked about it a little cursory. because it wasn’t that time when people woke up so seductive there is a concern right now will he come to our country? what will happen, what is this situation? You are a natural lover, you are always interested in these kinds of issues – We care about your ideas very much. Can you shoot a video on this? several questions came insistently Dear friends; we need to insist on strengthening our immune system before our immune system not only about the corona virus, but also against all flu and similar viruses. if we strengthen our own body system, we said that nothing will happen with the permission of Allah. of course we will both take it seriously and not have enough fear to worry ourselves do you know what this means? No case has yet been seen in our country so far. it can be seen but there is no need to wake up a seduction from the moment it is seen because we are meeting with many of our friends according to the countries that I have observed a lot. Our country is one of the countries that has clearly taken precautionary measures in this regard. absolutely no compromise All quarantine conditions, what to do and what to do, all under control, dear friends don’t worry since don’t worry because there’s one more thing we shouldn’t worry about because what is it? our Turks, including the Kurds, I include our geography, our genetic structures have provided their own immune system against such viruses. -I mean, will it never be infected? this does not mean, of course it can be infected, of course it can affect, but this flu is only above a certain age both in the world and in many places and affects people with certain diseases Other than that, it is observed as a slightly more severe case of normal flu, dear friends. so we will both worry, but we will not have any worries, woes, fears all we have to do is keep our body resistance fresh we should always ensure this whether or not this flu virus so what should we do? we will never miss bee products from our lives liquid propolis with honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, powder propolis, black cumin this way we will consume we will always be strong fit somehow we will introduce herbal teas into our lives as a culture as soon as possible we will not eat the food we will always consume valuable meat and fish these will always increase our body resistance we will provide our sleep a lot Give it to your friends, your spouse, your friend, hand in hand, “ Let’s go to camp for a couple of days tonight ” ” Let’s get a fresh air like this ” nature will make you rest so much will strengthen your immune system so much I definitely recommend the camps for two or three days dear friends, the number of people who died in a traffic accident is much more May Allah not show, it is not clear who has the famous cancer and so on the mortality rate of people with such diseases is much higher up to now, there have been three thousand odd deaths tens of thousands of people die from cigarettes a day tens of thousands of people die from alcohol a day these do not come to the agenda at all, but we cannot see with our eyes that it is an issue that we have not seen. we are immediately frightened and worried don’t worry, don’t worry, normally more deaths are experienced than people’s own individual mistakes. Dear friends, we can protect our children, our parents, ourselves first, because if we protect ourselves, we can also protect them. By Allah’s leave as I said, we will be fed regularly we will eat the most beautiful foods no matter where and how you eat There is a famous word; we talked a lot, it was very fashion; -Whatever you eat, it is important where you eat … This is a conversation that is spoken on social media just to be advertised to someone. Eat what you eat, not what you eat, where you eat it in a special place, but what you eat is disgusting. but it was important where you would eat it to be cool look at your job, you can be from them, but we love nature with many of our dear friends watching this channel if necessary, we set up a table on the floor and break the onion, we eat a bitterness meanwhile, we removed the onion garlic from our lives what it is -or soon I will meet friends it smells of course my friend but it ensures your whole body resistance let’s put the garlic in our lives somehow on the weekends let’s put the onion in our life somehow See, how do you know the onion of the onion? and now there are new pieces I’m removing the onion of the onion, oh my god if you don’t have stomach upset never remove the onion’s skin I must peel the peel of the tomato, peel off if you want, but you can not get rid of the diseases During the defecation with that tomato’s crust, many bad bacteria come with them so you can’t believe -I don’t like it, I do polite, I don’t like crust in salad. love, after not loving, illnesses come and find you does not grind the tomato with its peel, onion peel, stomach? don’t worry the stomach is grinding it takes what they need to get stomach During defecation, the bacteria cling to them, hug them, and you throw them out so whatever you do unlike nature will always make you sick For the last time, I tell those who say what you eat, not what you eat. see whatever you are my word is not for you anyway dear friends garlic onion we will not remove them from our lives we will not remove vegetable-based foods from our lives don’t worry, evelallah can come to our country but our government took the necessary measures in this regard what we have to do is to increase our body resistance again So what can we do with Virgo? dear friends some countries constantly hide this disease abroad Let’s not name it, but not our close neighbors because they have economic concerns they were so lakid that they did not take precautions at first, at work, they did not this is not that simple, of course it will be infected, but the summer season is slowly progressing we shot this video in march we are still in the first weeks of march there has not been a situation in our country yet do not worry about livable I underline once again countries, China, believe the economy has turned upside down Iran has turned its economy upside down I don’t want to count other countries too Dear friends, it can also be a biological weapon. one of the possibilities Couldn’t write a script. I do not write, but probably valuable friends these are the things that are done, I see that they appear in countries where certain countries hate Meanwhile, due to our belief, we have respect for all of Hajj Umrah. those who know us know that I have a conservative structure in my own way But what happens now, do not go, dear friends we will take our own measures We also have some responsibilities against our family, our spouse, our friends and our country. so don’t worry time will come, all of them will fade away A lot of viruses have started before, how they are finished, the effect of this virus will decrease in summer with humidity and heat. we will see this it will spread a little more at first but it will gradually enter the listening stage Let’s wash our hands abundantly or the best if you can do it yourself create some formulas from vegetable oils you can use thyme oil you can use eucalyptus oil you can use sage oil in your own home, you can make them a mixture and wash your hand with it once in a while Especially when you rub your hand with salvia, the oil doesn’t go away easily. If you interfere with gels, if you have bacteria in your hand, it will help kill it instantly. But because the fats are on your hands, dear friends, because even if that moment is kept, even if you catch the virus after an hour or two, you kill the virus at that moment. That’s why you can use vegetable oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil. Dear friends with nettle oil i can recommend it again cedar oil you can even use the best tar, sage oil when you rub some such aromatic oils, make it home to your child to your child it will be very good for your own body health. Dear friends who will provide a long shield protection when you go out take the island tea, boil it, make a gargle like this once in a while spit it out, try to sniff it so beautiful it will disinfect you Dear friends, not only for this flu, but also for many diseases. whether sinusitis will prevent many bacterial diseases we have mentioned before insistently, one of the things I recommend the most is dear friends; we must put tar, cedar tar in our life somehow Kerem brother, who is now standing behind the square, I told him too. Water cedar tar brother I am distant to such foreign things Believe me, he is addicted now consumes so well that you will like it very much your own body system your own immune system it will make it so beautiful see here in small bottles, these are sold in many places Take the natural production of cedar tar touch the tip of your finger in this way, your mouth, that pine tree inside will get a different smell some say it resembles the smell of diesel like this will cover your throat sometimes when you do those parts of your nose When the bacteria pass, you know, it burns like jazz, the viruses that will live that feeling so please put this cedar tar from your life, these natural products in your life, dear friends a little peace with transfers -Are you a transponder? Doctors don’t know at all? I did not say such a thing. I am also a health technician. I’m a healthcareer too of course there will be some diseases in our life we will work with some physicians you will do exactly what they say but you will know both your own system and your own body to ensure your sleep patterns beautiful and there are a lot of products that will make you feel happy Bring them to your life somehow, dear friends yes i was asked let’s not underestimate ourselves too much as a result let’s deduce this as the main idea If we apply what we say, if we regularly place brushing teeth in our lives, Let’s use bee products, strengthen our immune system evellallah, my Lord, who gave this disease, will also cure let’s pray our worries if any beyond that they say evelallah vız comes and goes tris goes in our culture just like that be with you, all of you be entrusted to Allah.


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