Kiwifruit for the Common Cold

August 21, 2019

it is well known that deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to significant impairment of immune function and an increased susceptibility to infection which can be reversed by supplementation in deficient individuals however it is unclear to what extent supplementation may aid in maintaining an optimal balance within the immune system in adequately nourished individuals so researchers in New Zealand tried supplementing with kiwi fruit in a petri dish golde kiwi fruit puree appeared to boost natural killer cell activity in human blood and boost the response to a tetanus vaccine but is that but does you know what happens in a petri dish happened in people there was a study in which two immune related sets of genes were found to be upregulated by eating three kiwi fruit a day but does this translate into actual helping us fight off infection we didn’t know until this study researchers in New Zealand found that the consumption of gold kiwi fruit reduces the severity and duration of certain upper respiratory tract infections symptoms why study gold Kiwi fruits because the study was funded by the company that owns the patent to gold kiwi fruit a few dozen elderly individuals are randomized to one or two groups eating two bananas a day or eating four kiwi fruit a day for a month and then they switch the next month banana group ate Kiwis and the kiwi fruit group ate bananas the rationale for providing bananas is kind of like the placebo was to provide an alternative fruit that had relatively similar calories but lower nutritional value the purpose of the study was to determine where the regular consumption of gold kiwi fruit reduces the incidence duration and severity of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold in comparison to bananas they found no reduction in overall incidence but those that did get sick during the kiwi fruit phase had significantly reduced severity and duration of head congestion and the duration of sore throat and not just by little I mean the the sick banana eater suffered for five days of the sore throat and congestion compared to the kiwi fruit eaters who felt better after just a day or two that’s significant the reason they stayed older individuals is that they tend to be more susceptible to respiratory infections a small children are another at-risk group averaging twice as many upper to respiratory tract infections as adults four to six a year so 66 preschoolers were randomized into the same two groups kiwi fruit versus bananas and not only were there again significant improvements in the symptoms of those who got sick while on kiwi fruit fewer got sick in the first place 45% lower odds of a cold or flu-like illness which means that the children needing Kyrie’s had almost a 50% reduction of the chance of having a cold or flu this suggests a Cuban fruit consumption may be a daily prescription for health though about one and a hundred and fifty children report being allergic to kiwi fruit which ranks them number three after milk and eggs and above peanuts in a survey of 3,500 kids as the most common food allergies and so are not for everyone you

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