Kim Kardashian Cries Over Cellulite Pics – KUWTK Recap

September 15, 2019

(pop music) – [Narrator] Kim
Kardashian reacts to those infamous cellulite butt
photos that went super viral. (pop music) Hey guys, it’s Ali with
your Weekly Dash Cap and the permanently sunburnt Scott Disick and Kourteney K are shockingly
planning a vacay together. This, after Lord D got caught hooking up with some rando while on
another family trip last season. And the sisters are not happy. – Why the (bleeped) are
you going out of town with Scott again? Aren’t we over this? – Can you believe that after we catch Scott with
a girl in Costa Rica. – I can’t believe her. – Kourteney fortunately
comes to her senses and calls off the trip because she is well aware of Scott’s womanizing. – He’s out photographed, you know with a different hooker every day. Brittany told me yesterday about like five different girls that
he’s hooking up with. – Anyways, speaking of
getaways, Kour and the squad head to Mexico for her birthday to stay in a house owned
by the Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. And immediately Kim cannot handle it. – I just have anxiety. Are you sure it’s safe here? – Kim is having a serious case of PTSD from her Paris robbery. – Ever since Paris, I’ve
just like go through this like worst case
scenario mode in my head. We’re the biggest target ever. I’m just like, why did I come, you know? – But things get worse for princess K when she discovers unflattering pics of her famously enhanced
backside have hit the web. – I don’t get it! Like I literally don’t look like this. – You probably remember this scandal. We told you at the time Kim was devastated and now she admits her fame has made her super
insecure about her body. But weirdly, at the same time, she doesn’t totally believe these photos are truly accurate. – That’s just not what I look like. It can really like hurt your soul if you hear enough bad things about you. Even if you know you don’t look like that. – Who can truly say what
is real in this world besides the fact that
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