Kids React to Viral Videos (David After Dentist, Justin Bieber Hit at Concert)

December 26, 2019

[kids reading title] How did it go? I didn’t feel anything Yeah ? Oh! I remember this. This is David after Dentist David: Is this real life? Yes, this is real life. U-hu-hu-hu ! This is a Horrible Little Boy. David : Why is this happening to me Dad: It’s ok bud Stay in your seat. RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (laughs) – David: RRRAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH
– Oh my gosh! Ruaaaaaaaaaaaaagh That was hilarious ! Question Time! Tell us what is happening in that video? Maybe he got amnesia from the doctor. Maybe he just got back from the dentist. He went to the doctor and got sleepy medicine. He looked high. He was acting very naughty. The dad was trying to get in [INAUDIBLE] ………. bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bababababab bab Finebros: And what was he talking about ? “I feel funny, is this real life?” Couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t see anything. He probably just tried to get comfort from his dad or mom or something by acting. “Weeeee !” [laughing] “Uuuuhhhhhh – aaaaggh!” He was a little bit awful, he screamed like this – argghhhhhhh ! Finebros: What do you think about parents that would film their kid doing this and post it online? Not good parents! I don’t know why a guy would film this. I don’t know there’s something wrong with them. Finebros: If one of your parents, like, filmed you after you were knocked out like this … I’d get mad. I’d be mad. I’d be mad at my parents. I would be really mad at my dad, I would probably punch him. And then he’d probably get really mad at me and ground me. “Aww, why’d you put it on the Internet? Now I’m so embarrased!” It would be kinda funny coz I would like to see when I was like all goofing around and being funny. Finebros: How many people do you think have seen this? Two? 879? 42? 17? Finebros: 71 million people watched this. [crew laughing] Finebros: 71 milion people. That’s a lot of people! I wasn’t even close on the number. Bet when he’s my age he’s gonna get really mad. – Next video, let’s continue.
– Finebros: You don’t wanna talk about it anymore?
– Nah ah. – Bieber: But yeah, I just wanna say…
– Oh gawd It’s Bieber! – [bottle smacks Bieber’s face]
– Did that really happen?! Bieber: Ow! – [bottle smacks Bieber’s face]
– Okay, he deserved that. – [smack]
– [laughing] – [smack]
– [gasp, laughing] That just shows how much you suck, Bieber! Question Time! – Finebros: So uh, who was that?
– That was Justin Bieber. [unexcited] Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. That’s Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. [angrily] Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber, which I call Justin Beaver. Finebros: Why do you call him Justin Beaver? He has buck teeth. Finebros: So what happened in the video? Someone threw something at him. – Finebros: What do you think it was?
– A bottle. A bird. I think it was a shirt. I think it was a pair of pants. – Finebros: Why would somebody do that?
– I don’t know. Try to get his attention? Coz they’re so jealous, maybe? Maybe they don’t like him. I’m not like a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but it’s actually kind of sad. Like, why would somebody do that? Finebros: If you were at a Justin Bieber concert, would you do the same thing? You could say that. I wouldn’t wanna get through jail. [laughs] Watter bottle? Yes. A beer bottle? Yes. However I wouldn’t throw a giant nuclear bomb because that would kill us all. Finebros: What would you tell that person that threw that? I would say, “Good job! You have any more?” “Leave Justin alone!” [laughing] Finebros: What do you think about Justin Bieber? I don’t like him. I’m not crazy about him. He’s cool. No. My friends hate him, I hate him. I’m not much of a fan, but that video was great! [laughing] Finebros: Why – why don’t you like Justin Bieber? Because he sounds like a girl. Sings like a girl. He’s a retard. He’s always bragging about how good he is. Because he’s lonely, and he has no self-respect. Finebros: What do you think of Justin Bieber’s haircut? It’s cool. His hair flip drives me crazy. Pff. Pff.
It’s really annoying. Aaahh!
I’m so hot! Mmm, it’s ok. I like it. It looks like a wig. [laughing] The kids who do have it at my school, really abuse it like playing soccer, just like, they kick it and their hair only goes like this, but then they just go … Finebros: So if you met Justin Bieber, what would you do? I’d slap him in the face and say, “Get a life.”
[Athena and crew laugh] [man in video speaking Spanish] – [Ibex spits]
– Oh my ! Eww! [chuckling] [laughing] – [Ibex brays loudly]
– [Jake laughs] [chuckling] Trying to get his attention. Wh – what is that thing? Question Time! Frinebros: What kind of animal do you think that was? A moose. A bull? A goat. I was a big huge thorny animal. Finebros: So uh, what was going on? I don’t – have no idea. The guy who was trying to yell at him, and the goat was like owning him with his spit. The goat was like, “wuuuuh!” “Uuuuhhh! Uuuhh!” “Meeggghhh!” [laughing] Finebros: And what do you think the guy was saying to the goat? “You shut up. You shut up.” Bad things. Like, “why do have to be so stupid?” I don’t know what that language was. Finebros: It was Spanish. Do you know any Spanish? – Umm, no.
– Finebros: No? Finebros: But you know Chinese? Yeah. Nǐ hǎo. Finebros: What does that mean? Nǐ hǎo means Hi. Finebros: And what do you think the animal was trying to say to the guy? “Shut up!” “Stop being mean to me.” “I want carrots! Uuuugh!” “I want Coke! Uuughh!” “I want Pepsi! Uuuggghh!” “I want Jake’s sniper rifle! Uuuggghh!” – Finebros: Do you think the moose understood it?
– Yeah. – Finebros: Moose can understand Spanish?
– Probably. Unos, dos, tres, “vanatos,” cincos. Oh no. Finebros: That’s Spanish. Do you know how to count? I only know how to count coz I was in preschool. – Finebros: Would you pet it?
– No, they can charge at you. Sure. No. If it was all darn crazy, no! I would if I had like a shield in front of me or something. Finebros: What would you tell that guy? If you saw him doing that what would you tell him? Umm, that’s really rude. Huah! Huah, hu-u-u-uah! [laughing] He’s just an animal, he can’t understand you. So don’t yell at him if he doesn’t know what you’re saying. Thanks for watching! Thank you for watching. Let me know what videos I should watch next. Byye! Finebros [from Deleted Footage video]: In ten years, what do you think Justin Bieber’s gonna be doing? Jake: He’s gonna be on the street, and a hobo. Amber: Sitting on his apartment eating ice cream with a fat belly. Lia: He might be famous, he might be, like going on to other things. Lia: Or he might go downhill like Lindsey Lohan.

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