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Justin Bieber London Epidemic

February 11, 2020

Hi my name is Ade Today we’re talking
to people about this massive epidemic. The Justin Bieber album Purpose. What do you think about those people who really
love Justin Bieber deep down but then as soon as somebody says “hey do you like Justin Bieber”
they’re say “No!” “Who is that? I hate him, I hate all his music I hate everything about him”
what do you say to those people? I think its fair enough. Why? he can be like a guilty
pleasure He was too young when he…
first started so people admitting they love Justin Bieber
makes it seem like they’re immature almost I’m telling you mandem will bang tunes out
in the car and then when they roll up to the mandem they’ll turn it off straight and put on
some grime. I’m telling you everyone deep down kind of likes him Hey it’s alright you down need to look so
hench fan it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright alright listen listen do you like the new Justin Bieber Album? He’s doing his bits i ain’t going to lie I don’t like him but
he’s doing his bits this year. do you like the new Justin Bieber Album? Obviously man.. is that it? this one of the songs yeah I like sorry I like… If you can see me A.J __________ I know you
like Justin Bieber because when we was facetiming he was listening to ‘Where are you now?’
and singing to it and dancing and when I was telling his friend he said
“Shut up shut up shut up” I mean like only 14 year old girls would love
Justin Bieber and confidently admit it Even me telling you that I like Justin Bieber
I’m like frigging 23 years old Obviously when boys are around tune it down
but you slyly know who likes it and who doesn’t I don’t mind him I think he makes good music
He makes good music for what it is and it’s called Pop music for a reason because it’s
popular you can’t tease Mr Bieber though I’m not trying to teasing Mr. Bieber I’m just asking
have you heard the new album? Yes! do you like the new album? Yes! what is your favourite song? I like…. ‘I’ll show you’ and you? You know the one where he’s like my mum doesn’t
like you Love Yourself ???????????????? you know that one which song are you talking about? you the one where he’s like
???????????????? Oh yea the one with Skrillex Where are you now and he’s like
?????? Do you want to take a little listen yeah go on ok yea I mean it’s alright I mean it’s better
than his earlier stuff who is this? Big Sean I think the face says it all yeah! yeah! Nah it is decent yeah So what made you forgive Justin Bieber and
give his new album a test my friend so peer pressure yeah so you got peer pressured into what song? No Sense by Travis Scott well No Sense by Justin Bieber featuring Travis
Scott And then you bought the album? I didn’t buy it I just listen to it every
single day on Spotify So you went from zero to Justin Bieber 100 yeah what is it like a crush now? or something? I’m trying to make it not to be a crush but it’s starting to be a crush now what have I found out Today people love Justin Bieber they act like
they don’t really like him but deep down they really do love him and the truth is i’m hungry,
i’m about to go get a bite to eat I’m out

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    LOOOOL This was Hilarious!!!
    Nice1, T!


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