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Joseph Schwartzer – Love to Change the World – 2011 IANDS Conference – USE SUBTITLES/CC

November 11, 2019

When I was a newborn in
the hospital, I almost died. A nurse came to work with the strep throat and I caught the
strep throat from her. And as medical professionals here probably are aware,
strep infections are very dangerous to newborns. But I have
no memory of this, but my parents told me I almost died and they finally responded with
antibiotics and oxygen, and I pulled through. But I had no near-death experience at that time and
no memory of it. But throughout my childhood I would have these vivid recurring dreams of being in
an amusement park. And then when I was about 3 years old, maybe 4, I had an out-of-body
experience where one night I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself floating
down these stairs to the basement and, even though it was pitch dark in there,
I could see clearly. I could tell it was dark. It was as if there
was also a night light on or as if wherever I looked it was like shining a flashlight on it.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs I fell back to sleep and started
dreaming about the furnace in the basement. Well, then in my teens there was another–there
was an occasion. This was in college in my dorm room and one night I woke up and
then, almost immediately after I woke up, I rose out of my body, and as I rose out
of my body, I can briefly feel my physical body —
kind of a sensation in my ears of falling, even though I was rising. And then I
floated above my body — a foot or two above my body. I tried to move my feet and I
couldn’t move my feet but I found that if I visualized moving
my feet rather than try to make my feet move, I could move my feet, this would be in my spiritual body. But then
after a short time, I sank back down into my physical body and as I did that I
felt a brief sensation of rising in the ears of my physical body.
And then I reentered the physical body, my heart skipped a beat and then I went back to
sleep. And I kind of theorize for the physical body, the rising of the spiritual
or out-of-body was actually like falling for the physical body and vice versa.
Anyway but then one — I was probably about I guess 18, 19 maybe 20 — probably
about 19. And this is the last out-of-body experience I had. And all of these out-of-body
experiences I was perfectly healthy, not sick, or near death or anything. And this time I woke up one night
and I found myself in this beautiful park. But this time I was wide awake, I was
not dreaming and I was in this park. I found it was very difficult to walk in
the usual manner. I tried to walk with my legs — it was like walking
through water or through molasses, but I could float and as I moved along my
left cheek brushed against a leaf which I felt on my cheek and I continued along
through this park, I looked down at the grass and when I put my attention on the grass
I found that I could see it crystal sharp, kind of like
looking at it through a magnifying glass. I could also sort of feel and smell the
grass as well at the same time even though I wasn’t touching the grass or getting
close to the grass. My awareness was — I mean I was more awake than I am in normal daily life —
more aware. The heightened awareness — And so as I was continuing along, I
encountered this group of children, the oldest was about 14 — he was the leader of
the group — and he invited me to join them. Now I declined. I suppose if he
was college age, I might have accepted then. He was about 14 — the others
seemed like elementary school age. So and then he kind of telepathically offered me a
coke and kind of sent me an image of the coke, a small coke bottle. Which probably for many
years afterward, but — Anyway I declined that as well and then we went our separate ways in the park after
a very short time I fell back to sleep and I started dreaming about a park.
Well two years later around the age of 21, still in college, I was at this prayer group meeting that I attended
— and I should mention that the during my adolescence I became interested in ESP and New
Age philosophy and stuff like that and in this group there were a couple of
people who were a little bit psychic. And they told me that I tended to kind of
take energy from people, kind of like an energy vampire perhaps.
And instead people should actually be giving energy. And there’s a background to that — Throughout my childhood and adolescence I had a
somewhat highstrung or sensitive nervous system — I wouldn’t want to say a hyperactive or
ADHD or anxiety disorder or anything like that — more of a tense highstrung nervous system and I
believe that was the cause of my unconsciously taking energy from people.
Anyway, so I decided the next day I’m going to fix this thing.
I’m going to stop taking energy from people. Instead I’m going to start giving energy to people. So I walked across the
college campus and I started trying to send energy to people. As I passed each
person I’d try to project energy to them or send it to them, and imagine myself sending
energy to them, to bless them. And after a few minutes of this I started feeling energy coming
out of myself and going into these other people on a path of positive energy. It seemed when it happens like they
brightened up a little bit, or perked up or became a little happier but after a few more minutes
I discovered that this energy was the feeling of agape, of unconditional
love — I refer to it as love energy. It’s this energy, this love energy going out of
myself to these two people — as I walked along, I would try to send it to them. It seemed to
be coming out of my heart area. And so I continued to practice at this for a
number of weeks. And then as time went on I started feeling like a loving presence
in my head which I referred to as the presence of God — kind of the presence of, kind of like a love and
light, but a light you can feel but not see. And as time went on I started instead of
sending them the energy out my heart, I started to send it out of
my hands which was more — kind of a more mature type of energy and again when I would do this it would have,
it would have positive effects on the people — very subtle —
they weren’t consciously aware of it, but it was good for them, good for me. For myself
it took care of that nervous — nervous system for one thing. It cured me of that highstrung
nervous system. It also made me calmer and more patient, more loving. Friends
commented on the improvement to my personality, though they didn’t know why and
I didn’t tell them why. Well, anyway and then a number years later in
1989, I attended a lecture by Doctor George Ritchie, a pretty well-known near-death
experiencer and a psychiatrist and by this time I’d finished my medical school become a
psychiatrist. So then I attended this lecture and he said in his lecture, he mentioned that —
he talked about his meeting Jesus — who radiated such powerful love energy that
anyone in his presence would not want to leave it. And I realized that this is what everyone is supposed to
become — like Jesus, a Being of Light on earth and anyway so I continued trying
to build toward this. And I found that as I continued practicing sending out love energy that
it increased to the point where even if I’m just sitting there without consciously trying to send out love
energy I can feel some of that energy going out in all directions. But I can also focus this to one person.
Well then in 2005, living in Virginia Beach where I still live, I attended this IANDS Conference in 2005,
which was held in Virginia Beach. And the first lecture at the conference was a substitute lecturer.
The original lecturer was supposed to be a Rev. Storm, but he was not able to come and [Bill] Guggenheim substituted
and the lecture that he was supposed to give later in the conference. And on the podium
in his lecture — only this one lecture — was a small bottle coke which I immediately recognized
as the bottle of coke that had been offered to me in my — rather through my — trip to
heaven at the age of 19. And at this conference I came to the realization
that everyone in the world should be sending out this love energy just
like me. And in time if everyone were to do this it would convert — it would change
this world into a paradise on earth and we would all turn into beings of light
on earth. We would all evolve into that and the world would become like
Rev. Storm says in his book — which he predicts for two hundred years in the future,
So I’d like to encourage everybody to repeat this experiment that I did — trying to
send — and just practicing sending love energy to people. And then hopefully for
a lot of people you’ll start becoming aware, you’ll know this energy going
out from… You’ll start becoming aware that this is actually love coming out from them.
And I think this could build into something wonderful for the world. A little bit more about the love energy. It’s possible to
put thought vibrations on to love energy. For example you can add joy or peace or calmness
onto the energy if you perceive the person needs it. Have that added to the
love energy. When you send love energy to others you can perceive their needs to
some extent. You know like whether they might need love or peace or
happiness, joyfulness. You can see their spiritual potential, you can perceive
there’s like a (?) beam of light inside each person. It’s such a wonderful thing to do
and I believe that anybody can do it.
So actually I guess that was my main message. I could go on about a number of theories I have
about the … But I think that this love energy works through the
chakras in the body, the seven centers. The energy enters the first chakra and
then when it goes up to the … and it feels like neutral energy at that point and then when it reaches
the heart chakra — if we open the heart chakra then we can feel the
love. Then to get into the head you have to surrender to God in the chakra
in the throat. Otherwise that will block the energy from going higher. That’s a stranger to that and then …
and the head we have to consciously … we have the presence of God and then love energy can
go into the head and then we will feel the presence of God at that point. And the
presence of God will give us — it gives us guidance in hunches, feelings of the right thing to do …
you know it gives us awareness of the right thing to do or say.
And I think in time our consciousness gets raised and we are to a higher and higher level,
that we become more at One with this presence of God within us.
And that happens instead of like we seek a guidance from the presence we
just have an inner knowledge of what to do and say rather than being guided in it.
I had this idea that when before we’re born it’s kind of like we’re a drop of blood
in an ocean of blood and we’re very much aware — almost more aware of the ocean than of the drop
and then as we’re born we learned as a child to become kind of more
individualized consciousness. And then as we get older we learn to love other humans —
our family, parents, wife, children and then from there we can progress to loving —
to this unconditional agape love for all. Now we love at the heart chakra that is
somewhat subjective but … it’s kind of like an subjective compassion that can become
maybe an impractical do-gooder but … So therefore we want to raise that love into
the head where the presence of God resides and there it’s an objective love. But
we need to send that love out as humans on earth because I think — I’d say God is
sending absolute love on a generalized level — like sunshine — and it’s just
here — so it permeates the universe but it’s not specific or individualized. And the
angels will also send out this love, maybe in more specific but in there it’s
more rarefied but when humans send out the love, there it’s on earth level.
So we really need to be sending out that love ourselves. So I guess it’s time to stop.
[Applause] [Q1] Both of your sharings were really moving.
But I wanted to specifically say to Joseph your story was in Vital Signs [IANDS magazine] recently.
I read it and I tried it and it works! And it is really fine, and
it’s changed me. And I thank you and thank you for the additional insights that you just shared with us.
And I just want to tell you that you’ve reached one other person that believes
and I would highly recommend this everyone. And what I do especially when there are lots
of people going to the airport to pick someone up — there’s hundreds of people
and you can bless a whole bunch of people at once and
and I find that I’m really interested in the people that I’m blessing, you know,
much more interested than I would have been. I’m driving along and I usually get frustrated with other drivers,
but you can’t be frustrated with somebody you’re blessing and … And it’s
something that you need to constantly keep in mind, but God bless you,
God bless you, God bless you. Thank you [Joseph] Thank you very much.
[Applause] [Q2] Joseph, it was wonderful to hear you talk about this love energy.
I’ve been working for a number of years here on trying to create a
love energy model of existence, if you will, and something that will explain all of the NDE
[?] – it explains who we are, where we’re going, where we came from, but the why we’re here is a little more difficult
and I stayed with that where I’m comfortable with that. And it’s based — really
it’s a love-centered model rather than an ego-centered model and this love energy is such a
powerful force. And when I was on the other side, I could see how everything was
connected with this love energy — these threads connecting everything. And then you could get into why
and so forth. So I’ve been working on that. But it’d be nice to have a conference
with love perhaps … or describing the love we felt on the other side as the theme.
[Joseph] I’d be happy to talk to you afterward. [Q2] Yeah, yeah. I would you too.
[Joseph] But again, I think our purpose on earth is to become … See we can focus this
love energy on earth and send it out and in a way that can’t be done from
heaven. And this is our job on earth I think. And we’re all supposed to become
individualized beings of light on earth, ultimately. I think in heaven it’s easy
to … Things look much in … one would think, Oh it seems, why in the world? It’s so easy to
do this, you know why can’t these people on earth do
like they’re supposed to do? When you get down here, you find it’s much more difficult.
And so, but … [Q2] In my model of picturing, you describe a
picture an ocean of love energy, you were a drop … [Joseph] That’s right, yeah.
[Q2] Thank you. [Q3] Can that love energy be sent through a prayer to a person
that’s miles away? Or is it more restricted in scope? [Joseph] Well, I think it … oh, it can
can be sent so, hundreds of miles away There’s … you know, you can … through a prayer or
visualization or you sent … it’s like you think of somebody and you send love
energy to them, the situations, the world situations. Now see, up close you can send it
directly. It’s like if you’re … like if you’re … Like you can send it directly from your aura, from
your aura to the other person’s aura. That means if the auras
are tied, it’s really easy. If somebody’s touching you and you’re at a
higher vibration of love energy, you can feel energy going from yourself into that
other person. The energy has a healing effect. Now in my case it’s just a …
it seems just a very subtle effect. I’m not I would say I’m a healer necessarily
but it has a positive effect on people. But I’m not a healer, I’m not a psychic
but it has enhanced my healing potential or psychic potential I might have had. But you can
definitely send it at a distance. [Q4] We all talk about love as if we all
agree on what it means and I think that we all have our own perceptions of what it means
and my experience and subjective interpretation, coming
back with the information, was that love has many textures and that we breathe a type of love
or form of love, and the structures for love, the colors with love. And that for me anyway
Turner’s watercolors show many different dimensions of love and that in
this reality it could not exist without those different structures or dimensions of love
and I just wanted to point out that it’s not just one thing or we say all powerful
and we have all these colorful words that I just want to offer the understanding
or perception that anything you can imagine of this reality is a reflection
of the structures and dimensions, and that is my feeling. [Joseph] I think that everything … I think
love is an actual physical energy and everything is made of it, matter, energy, whatnot, it’s condensed and it can take
so many forms. And thought can effect the love energy and create things out
of the love energy. In heavenly realms it can be done instantly. On earth it’s a slower
process but … And then you can put different flavors or vibrations or whatnot on the
love energy and it’s an infinite variety to it. But the basic love energy as I see it is a pure
agape unconditional love force and that you can … that we need to send out to other people.
[Q4] Yes, I totally agree. I just wanted to bring the possible awareness
that it’s way beyond what we can even imagine, even when we try to use words, that is has …
like some of the designs that we’ve seen that it’s just so many more
dimensions than what we practically may be able to imagine. [Joseph] I agree completely. [Q1] I just have one other comment to make and that is
John Audette had brought to us a very strong message, and
Bruce Greyson added to that as well, that we need to get on with things and
things need to start to be done differently and I think in order for humanity to
rise to another level and actually I think that if we all started to do this
and the word were to get out, we don’t necessarily need to have an
additional theory of things but we need to have more love. [Q5] Joseph, in 1978 I took a course
from a metaphysical group whose leader I respected a lot — Tony Fujian — and
he advised the group to think of somebody who made you very very angry
and aiming love at that person you’re supposed to say, “With a beam of love from my
heart I touch the heart of” whoever the person is. Now there was a woman who had
required me to do something that made me furious and it was … I was kind of
helpless in the situation and did what she wanted, but I was furious. So I figured
she’s the target, I’ll use her. So you see it says do that and aim the beam of
love: “With a beam of love I touch the heart of my sister Marlene.” So I did it. Then
two years later in 1980, the situation was reversed 180 degrees. It just
happened that way, and things fell into place such that poetic justice was executed. I was
required to do the same thing to her
that she did to me. By the rules of the situation I had to do it. Otherwise I
would have violated the rules. And so I did it, but I think that was a
million-to-one shot the way it layed out. I don’t want to take the time to explain
all the details or what, but it was a life long thing. So the point I’m getting at is
that doing what you suggested, can bring about poetic justice in some
circumstances. [Joseph] Wow! That’s interesting I’d like to comment that we should
send this love energy to everybody. If you send it to people who you might be
angry at or they might be angry at you, it will help the situation.
It will calm down the anger on both sides. You can send it to people who
don’t like you and over a period of time — it may take a while — but gradually they
will probably turn around. At other times, it will respond immediately
so .. but I think that’s great to send love energy to everyone, send it to both,
including people who we might have differences with. And
also we need to do it at home because I find that at home it’s easier to
just relax and forget about it, let your hair down, and then you might
not send out the love energy at home as much as you should.
So you want to remember that as well. [Q6] So I have to confess that I’m just a
beginner at this process and it’s to endorse what you said, Joseph. My path
began just a few weeks ago in Seattle where I made the shaky decision to give
up 40 years of drinking coffee which is unthinkable in Seattle, if you understand it, and not just coffee but coffee
syrup. But this had quite an effect on opening my heart although it was a very
gradual process. And after several weeks I began to notice as I was driving along
that I really wanted to try to overcome the I-thou separation that I feel now
very distinctly between me and others which is, at least my own admission, that
this was my problem and mine to overcome. And I began experiments as I was driving along —
maybe you can identify with this. But beginning to love when we reached out with people as
I was driving along. I wouldn’t say that I was setting them up but I was attempting to see
if I could make loving connection. I was so committed to this that I began to
notice … I don’t even know what was working with
me anymore. It was as though forces around my head and
my chest were causing me to look at someone. And if I had difficulty, I was relooking, relooking
and then I could find a way of looking at them and I could make a connection with a deeper
part of them. And I could feel them in my heart. And this loving connection being there. With some
people it was easy; with other people it was like they had to somehow find a
way of dancing around energies that I could almost see but still I could connect
to a deeper part of them. This significantly changed — profoundly changed —
my sense of what I can do with this. I noticed as I continued to do this day
after day there was beginning to create a pattern in me, a faculty that I didn’t really
have to practice as much anymore because it was now beginning to grow, to the
point where now as I’m walking along, it almost seems to be automatic —
just loving connections seeming to happen just like that, because I’ve
awakened something that’s been dormant. It may be dormant in all of us. And it’s been
one of the most meaningful things that I’ve just discovered. So — and then I will also
add that — to endorse everything everybody has said here about reaching out
prayerfully or in love to people we hate or have other kinds of problems with despite …
Yes, I’ve found that to my shock I will not see them for a long time but
then some outreach and I’ll encounter them later. And there’s always warmth that’s
going between us. My heavens, it works! [Applause] [Debbie] Please help me thank Sheryl and Joseph for
sharing all the things. [Applause]


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