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Jordan tells Bernard that Aileen has mental illness | The Haunted (With Eng Subs)

February 27, 2020

These look delicious,
Nanny Jonalyn! I made them special just
for today, ma’am, especially that one. The house will finally
be blessed. And I’m sure that evil spirit
will rest in peace for good. But I was wondering, ma’am. How did Monica die?
And why did she disappear? Why did her spirit attach
herself to Angel? Nanny Jonalyn… You want her to haunt us again
to answer your question? No, ma’am. I don’t want to. But I hope the case regarding
her disappearance would be solved soon, as well as how and
why she died. Because those who
died peacefully won’t bother the living. – But that Monica–
– Nanny, that’s enough. Jonalyn. Someone rang the doorbell. Aren’t you going to
open the door? Yes, sir. Hi! I’m here! Wow! Your new house is huge! And it’s amazing. Of course.
New home, new style. – Welcome!
– Hello! Of all people, you witnessed all of the events that happened
to us, right, Nikki? That’s a lot of food. – What’s this? Wow!
– No worries, no problems. So we’re all happy now. These smell good. Are you sure you’re both okay? Of course we are. – Mommy!
– Sweetie pie! [SCREAMING] – Nikki!
– Thank you! Thank you for coming.
Why are you leaving so soon? We haven’t even talked. Sorry. But next time, let’s
meet up. Just the two of us. – Bye! Thanks for this.
– You’re welcome. Aileen. I’m going home now. If you want to tell
me something or if you need anything,
don’t hesitate to ask me. Bernard, if you have any
updates on the case, call me, okay? Aileen, is something wrong
between you and Jordan? Love. Why are you talking outside? I was just about
to leave, Jordan– Bernard’s going home.
Thanks for coming. I’m going to change clothes. Bernard, I’m glad you and your
sister are in good terms. Me too, Jordan. I’m happy that we
patched things up. – She said you two met up.
– Yeah. Did you bump into each other? Yeah, we did. Bernard… I don’t want to tell you this because I don’t want
you to worry. But maybe it’s best
that you know. What is it? Is something wrong
with Aileen? You see, this past week… Aileen’s illness returned. Illness? She said she can see ghosts. Whose spirit? I don’t know. Bernard, do you believe
in ghosts? Actually, she consults
a psychiatrist and she takes her
maintenance medicine. But recently, she’s not taking
her medicine consistently. Maybe that’s why she’s having
hallucinations again. She says and does things
that don’t make sense. Are you saying that my sister
is going crazy? Maybe I need to find a new
psychiatrist for Aileen. Her condition is getting worse. If you don’t know that
she has an illness, you would actually believe
she’s telling the truth.

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