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Johns Hopkins inHealth | Precision Medicine

December 16, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Today we’re trying to
understand precision medicine and what it means here at Hopkins. Let’s get started on
the ground floor. Hi.>>Hi.>>When does precision count?>>My bank account. [MUSIC]>>It’s important to be precise
whenever I’m cooking for my patients. [MUSIC]>>Do you know what
precision medicine is?>>Making the right diagnosis?>>All right, we’re getting close.>>What is precision medicine? [MUSIC] Isn’t that something that
President Obama enacted.>>Yeah, it was called
the precision medicine initiative. It’s this new model of
patient centered who research that people are using to
give clinicians tools to treat individual patients
based on their needs.>>Why is that important?>>Well,
after the human genome project, the hope was that we’d be able
to treat each individual patient based on their genetic makeup. Like, what type of chemo is best for
what type of breast cancer.>>And with diabetes not every
patient responds to every therapy. So we want to be able to use
the tools of precision medicine to pick the most effective therapy
to lower glucose for each patient.>>Aren’t we doing that already?>>Yes, we are. The genome is
enormously powerful but it’s not the only measurement and
there are numerous other measurements that again
revolutionize the world.>>What can we expect
from precision medicine?>>Faster data systems and
tele-medicine.>>New diagnostics.>>More time with your doctor.>>Do you know what InHealth is?>>I do. Inhealth is Johns Hopkins
initiative for precision medicine.>>It includes fewer tests and
better outcome. Yeah!>>You’re building a community
of people dedicated to improving healthcare, for Baltimore, for
the nation, and the world.>>Thank you. Find out more. Follow us at, @HopkinsInHealth. [MUSIC]


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    Very informative! ?❤️

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