Jimmy Gets a Flu Shot from The Masked Vaccinator

October 9, 2019

-Guys, it’s still flu season, and a lot of people
are getting sick. So I decided
I’m going to do something that I probably
should have done months ago. I’m going to get a flu shot. Like, right now. On the show. A doctor is going to come out. I need — I’m not
going to get sick this year. I’m nervous about it, though, because my regular doctor
wasn’t available. So instead I had to go with
the Masked Vaccinator, you guys. Oh, my God. Look at this. ♪♪ [ Laughs ]
This is — This is insane. The Masked Vaccinator will —
Thank you for being here. This is what
I’m going to do right now. This is kind of actually scary.
Maybe this was a mistake here. -I pokey you!
-Oh, it’s Dr. Oz! ♪♪ That’s the Masked Vaccinator!
I love it! Dr. Oz. You’re the Masked Vaccinator. Thank you so much.
Will you give me a flu shot? -I would love to. This jacket’s
a little bit awkward… There. Much better.
Much better. Much better. -Wow. You’re very strong. Wow. -You can put your purple gloves
on if you want. -Yeah, I should have done
push-ups before I did this bit. I’m going to do that and just, kind of,
jack out like that. [ Mumbling ] I feel like Springsteen now.
Here we go. -This is the way
I should always wear my suits. -I like the look on you.
-It’s not bad, right? Yeah, well,
my Chippendales days, this is… -You know, I’m — You don’t
have much definition here. I’m supposed to put it
in the muscle. -Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh. [ Grunting ] -All right. Turn and cough. -No. Is this going to hurt?
-That’s the wrong procedure. -That’s the wrong procedure,
yeah. -All right. He’s a big boy.
He’s doing it. There we are.
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. And you’re all done.
That’s it. You did it. -Hey, it wasn’t that bad! -And… you get a special — Listen. What they told me was —
Show that. -Look at this.
-It’s homemade. -Look at that.
Special Dr. Oz right there. Guys, give it up for Dr. Oz,
the Masked Vaccinator. We’ll be right back
with more “Tonight Show.” No, I’m not — Thank you, buddy.

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