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Jessica Cox Is Flying Above Stereotypes | Fuse

November 4, 2019

Okay, thank you. My mother is from
the Philippines. They actually say the women from
her region of the Philippines are stronger and
they’re tougher women. And it’s funny because I feel like that’s
a huge part of who I am. The resilience and that strength that comes from that culture is what has allowed me
to get through the obstacles and
the challenges of being a woman
with a disability And then later deciding
to become a pilot and having to go through
all these obstacles to become If it wasn’t
for my culture, I honestly don’t know if I
would’ve had what it takes to get through everything
I had to go through to be as successful
as I am today. I’ve had the chance
to experience a bunch of the food
in the Philippines. My personal favorite
is chicken adobo. I also like pancit. It’s noodles and there’s
a lot of meat and vegetables that are mixed in
with that dish. And every single birthday,
you have to have pancit because the long noodles
signify long life. When a person’s born with
some kind of limb difference and they’re ostracized
because of that difference- whether it means
being stared at or bullied It creates a
loneliness within. And the moment you find someone
who shares that common ground of either being born with the same
disability or shares something for a person to know that they’re not the only one. So the moment you do
find out about someone, you do everything you can
to meet that person ’cause you’re finally, here’s
someone who’s just like me who knows that it feels like,
who understands. As motivational speaker, I have to be constantly
pushing myself because when I’m up there speaking in front of thousands of people, I can’t just be preaching.
I have to be living that. It stretches me to
be uncomfortable You have now spoken in My biggest speaking engagement
yet is going to happen in September at
a public event for potentially
10,000 people. I’m nervous,
but I feel as though there’s gonna be a
lot of love in the room because I’m going
to the Philippines where my mother’s from
and I feel like it’ll be a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been wanting
to do this for a while, to have a public event
for anyone to attend.

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