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Jeanne’s Story: Her Inspiring Recovery from Pneumonia

November 6, 2019

I’m Jeanne and I was a patient at Kindred
Lakeshore. I came from another hospital and I had gone
to that hospital with pneumonia and I went into like a respiratory arrest. She came into Kindred Chicago Lakeshore not
eating, on full vent support, not being able to communicate, not being able to transfer
from her bed to her chair and I think that when she met the team here at Lakeshore that
really gave her hope in what we were going to do for her and with her to make her progress. I worked the physical part – I worked in
getting her in and out of bed, getting her into her motor scooter, bringing her down
here, taking her outside. Well we just had the greatest time running
down the street. He’d push me fast, he’d push me slow, felt the wind in my hair. It
may sound like that’s not therapy but that was therapy for here, and here. As a therapist, seeing her progress so well
and being so happy and being able to communicate, for me that’s the best part of my job. I really didn’t know there was a possibility
that I would talk until the speech therapist came. She put something in and had me make
a sound and it was like, I almost wanted to say, who made that sound and she handed me
a phone right away and my family didn’t know I was having that done and my husband
didn’t know who I was and the boys were so excited and they said, “Hello,” and
I said, “it’s mom!” She was very motivated to get back to her
home with her husband and her family and that’s what I loved about Jeanne because she never
gave up. I think they have two secrets. One is: everybody
seems to go above and beyond, and the other is, know it or not, they’re a team. One
person takes over where the other person leaves off. She made huge progress here. She’s at home
with her family not needing any device, any vent support, you know, not needing her PEG
tube for feeding. That makes me happiest is to know that we were able to get her to that

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