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Jasmine Masters On Going Viral & Self Care (S2 E2) | Brunch With Tiffany

December 29, 2019

– This bitch is always late. I’m gonna start charging
that bitch a late fee. – I’m always late,
I’m always late. I hope she doesn’t leave, I hope she doesn’t leave! (upbeat music) Hey, bitch. – Hey, Tif. – All right, you
better get your jush! – Yeah you look cute. – Get it together. – Yes sister. – Oh my goodness. – All right you late, but bitch you cute. So, I’ll let you
slide on this one. – Am I late? – A little bit, but
you cute though, so I’ll let you… – I’m sorry for being late. – You are. – I’m so sorry. I’m here with the legendary
bonafide meme queen, Ms. Jasmine Masters. – Thank you sister, and I’m here with
you Ms. Tiffany. – You know what, I
love you so much. – I love you too. – And this is the first time that y’all ever gonna
get me to apologize for being late, because you have
mastered the game. Like seriously, you
are just that bitch. Justin Bieber. – I know. – (beep) used your meme? – Ain’t that something? – And I oop. – And I oop. (laughing) – Oh my goodness. – That went viral,
that’s super viral. – Oh my gosh. Can I tell you when that hit, like it was all over the place, and it still is. Where does that come from? Just that energy to
be that creative? – Girl, I just be who I am. Smoke a little blunt, and you know I’ll be happy. (laughing) – Hold on, hold on, hold on. You know I got. – You know I need that. – Do you want me to
save her for later? – Yeah, yeah, let’s do
that a little later. – It’s gonna be a little
bit interesting you guys, because it’s hot. I gotta get out of this
damn jacket because. – Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead
and slide mine off too. – Yeah honey, because
a bitch is gonna melt. – Because, oh my friend
made this one girl. – Oh girl, I’m so jealous of your freaking’
biceps and triceps. – Yes, I don’t work out at all, just Michelle Obama arms. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Girl, I’m about to quote you, ’cause I just got so
many zingers coming at me that you made, just as I thought. Trash. (laughing) Okay? I say that like 60 times a week. The problem is I’m usually
talking to my man.. – It works in relationships. – Yeah it does. – Mother, fathers, sisters,
brothers, grandmas, all them. – You brought up family, oh my goodness. – You know, we got a
little trash in our family. – Do we? – Everybody do. – I would probably be
the trash, because. – I’m the big trash can. (laughing) – Okay? Let’s go hunt us
down a garbage truck, to go with business. – Let’s do that. – Since we trashy like that. – Yes, let’s do that. – Because honey, it’s all
about making that coin, and speaking of which, every time I hear and I oop, I feel like no you should get. – A ching ching? – Yes. Cash App, how else
can they hit you up and give you that money. Cash App or what? – I’m gettin’ it. – Oh. Let me park my drink on that. – Yeah, I copyrighted
that girlfriend. – Listen, I’m sippin’
this sugar beverage off of that.
– Cheers. – So, you get your ching ching? Every time? Girl, I was just
being cute, but what? – But, I really wanted
somebody to put it in a song. – Okay, now what
would that go like? You don’t have to give
me the real deal, but. – Oh, I don’t know. I don’t care. Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Nas X, anybody can put it in they song, just give me some money for it. (laughing) – All right, all right. – I own the and I oop. – Oh my goodness, yes. Oh my goodness, I just love how
creative you are. And the fact that
you’re larger than life, but you’re smart. You’re like a business
woman obviously, because you’re
getting your coin, and you have that edge. But, I have to ask you, because people try to say that
they know what that means. You are the creator of that, and I want you to tell us
what does that really mean? Where does that come from? Am I even saying it right? – Yes you are, but you know I. – Do I need more passion? You know, because
these things… It’s in the (beep) dictionary, I looked last night. – Yeah, it is. In the Urban Dictionary, right? – No, the white
man’s dictionary. – Uh-oh, I made it there? – It was in the Webster’s. It’s serious, what
does that mean, and where did that come from? – You know, I say whatever. And you know, the just thing, that’s a old saying. Like, “Girl, let me jush you
up before you go out there.” That’s what that is. But, I always said, because you know I’m just saying any damn thing anyway. So, I’ll say, “Oh
that ain’t my jush “or let me get some of
that jush and all that.” And it took a while for me
to realize I be saying it. So, when someone said, “Girl,
you say it all the time.” And then my sister
Chevelle heard it, and she just blew
it out the water. – Thank you Chevelle. – And now we jushin
all over the world. – That is so amazing, because you brought it back
onto the new millennial. – Yes, and people didn’t
know what it was for, now I tell them. They’re like, “Oh,
that’s what they mean.” But, now it’s like
getting your life and loving yourself. – Get your jush, am I jush? – Girl you jush. Titties are jush,
everything is jush. Toe nails jush,
you got your jush. – And later when I go pee, I’m gonna make sure
my vagina is jush. – That part. (laughing) That jush and clean. – I’m gonna get jush’ed
everywhere, so yeah. Oh, she definitely clean and
she’s definitely been waxed, and all that. In the summer in this
heat are you kidding me? I can’t be a
werewolf down there. – Oh baby, you know I tell girls to wash they pussy’s
in the summer time. (laughing) – Especially in the summer time. – You gotta wash them cats. – You know what I
even do some time? It’s good to just put
a little mint up there. – Oh. – Girl, yes. – I heard they put
Tic-Tac’s in butt holes. – Okay, now that’s ’cause they
want their but hole (beep). That’s why they do that. – Yeah, but I’m just sayin’, if you gonna put something
up in your pussy, girl you about to
put in your ass. I’m scared of all that stuff, I don’t want nothing
in my asshole. – You sure about that? – Not no mints and all that. – Oh okay. – I think that’s gonna
burn or something, yeah. – Okay. Listen, I went to
go get a check up, and my doctor was like,
“Girl, what’s been goin’ on?” – Got a Big Red in there? – We’ll talk about
back door action later. My mom’s probably watching. – Okay, well hi mom.
– I’m gonna get into trouble. – Yes. (slow music) – Girl, you wanna
try this Kock dog? – Girl, this a
big old cock doll. – I know you know
what to do with it. You probably damn sure
know what to do with it. – I know you do. Are you gonna do
it the fashion way? I don’t like to pick them
up with my hands girl. – You know what? – You gonna do it the lady way? – I’m gonna be a little
bit cute with this hotdog. – I guess I’ll be
on your level today. Because, bitch you
know I’m a hands girl, I gotta pick up with my hands, and get all deep up in there. – Yeah, get all in there. Oh, I’m just gonna
go for the (beep). – Uh-oh, I heard
you like the (beep). – I don’t wanna mess up
my lipstick just yet. – That part. – It smell good. – Kock diggity dog,
this is good girl! – Oh, I’ll bite this cock. (laughing) – You know what Jas? – What sister? – I’m gonna ask you this. – Mm-hmm? – Now, don’t mind if I do, because for me I’m a big
advocate in aging gracefully. I feel like us as women, we should embrace that, because we age like
when roses get older, they turn into pulp. – When berries get
a little bit mature, they turn into wine. So, being that you’re
more of a mature queen, does it bother you that you have so many young, teenage fans, and you come from a show with such a large
teenage fan base? How do you deal with that? – Oh, I absolutely love it. – Oh.
– Because it keeps me young. – It does. I was gonna say you
don’t look a day over 12. – Yeah, but I’m 42. – Okay, because I was glad that
we have no alcohol in here, because I’m like y’all are
not gonna get me arrested. (laughing) – Thanks, the same with you. But you know, I think it is you just be happy with yourself, and watch what you eat, what what you drink and intake. And I love the youth, because the youth
keeps me current. They let me know
what’s going on, or do this artist, or do this artist, and have you seen this. I love it when
they come up to me and they younger than I am, and they’ll say
I’m helping them. They’re helping me keep young. – Hell yeah, because that mean
bitch you poppin’ poppin’. – I’m poppin’ poppin’. Girl, I got kindergarten
talkin’ about and I oop. So girl I’ll be around
for a long time. – Can you just do that
line again real quick, for me like? – And I oop. – Oh my gosh, that’s like
this legendary, music to like everyone’s
ears around the world. I think that’s why you just… It went so huge, because it feels good to say. – It does. – Your strength in
it and everything. How did you come up with that? Where did that come from? – Girl, I was doing
a video at home for my YouTube channel, and I wasn’t tucked right. – Oh. (laughing) I love the inspiration. – And I was talking, and I end up movin’, and I oop. I hit my balls. (laughing) It came out in the
middle during my video, and I didn’t edit, because I don’t edit my videos. So, I left it in there. And like three years later, here we are again
with and I oop. – Oh my God, I
love the fact that. – Yeah, everybody got joy
in me hurting’ my balls. (laughs) (upbeat music) – I read something so
interesting about you, and I have to ask
you is this true. So, I hear that this mom, she contacted you and
reached out to you, because her child was
like such a uber, big, enormous fan of yours. Like I had to meet you ASAP. And you decided to
take them out to lunch? – Yeah. (laughing) – Are you serious? – Yes, out there in London. – That is so awesome. – Yeah, well it’s
a lot of youth, I don’t wanna say
babies or children. But, it’s a lot of
youth out there, and their parents
when they see me, they tell me a lot
of stories like, “You helped my child
through the bullying, “and this and this and that, “and my videos.” But, this particular family
since I been on the show, the mom has been there
ride or die for me, and her daughter has
been there for it, the ride or die for me. I think she was like
five or six now, I mean then. And now the little girl, she’s doing
gymnastics and stuff. – So, you guys still correspond? – Oh yeah. – Oh, this is so dope. – I’m like her big
brother or sister now. – Oh my gosh. – Oh yeah, that’s my baby. – I love it, I love it. What makes you
wanna be so generous with your fans like that? Because, a lot of
people don’t communicate with their fans on
such a level like that. Where you’re taking
them out to lunch, picking up the pill, and all that. Just being really sweet. – Well, you know it’s something that I think I was
just born with, because I’ve always been like
a real cool relaxed person. But, honestly I know
what it feels like to be a fan of someone. Which I ain’t
calling people fans, I call them friends. But, I know that feeling, I’ve been there. You know, and someone showed
me the right way of doing it, which is Patti LaBelle,
the time I first met her, she was hugging everybody
for like two, three hours, but when she got to me, it was like the same
hug as the first person. She held me tight, she talked to me. And she showed me you
can still do your job and have people
loving you all that. But, you never let
it go to your head. (upbeat music) – Let’s move into one
of my favorite subjects. – Okay, which is? – I’m a advocate
for plastic surgery. – Okay. – I’m all about that, if a woman wants to do it, and she feels confident
in who she is, and she wants to enhance. Now, I’m looking at you, and I’m feeling like
you’re a natural queen, but have you had anything done? – I had my teeth
done 16 years ago. – Oh, they’re beautiful. – Thank you, I have
some beautiful veneers. I haven’t got any
nip tucks or fillers, or all that stuff yet. Yet. I’m not ashamed to
say if I got it done, because it’s for it. A little juice up, now we have it without
going so far with it. – Yeah, absolutely. Would you do anything else? – Probably just the Botox
and the filler stuff, but I won’t go
underneath the knife. Anything to put me to sleep, I don’t wanna do that. – Oh my goodness, you
wouldn’t do any… Okay. – No, I’m scared to go to sleep, the medicine too strong. – I’ll hold your hand. – No ma’am, that
ain’t gonna help me. – You know, anesthesia
gets the worst rep, but it’s fine girl. It’s like taking
a very long nap. – I know. I’ve been underneath
that one time, and I didn’t like it. – It was enough,
once was enough? – Girl, once was enough. They was playing say a
little prayer for you, the moment I wake up. Well, girl before they
got to the next part, I was already out. So, I don’t remember, but I got up I was
loopy and yeah. – Yeah, giddy. – Yeah very giddy, very horny. – Oh, horny. – Yeah, did something
to my insides. (laughing) Had me all on the doctors. (laughing) I was a hoe. (upbeat music) – Well girl, you know
we out here in Cali, and I feel the Cali
breeze right now, going through the trees. – Oh, the palm trees. – No, no, no, more
like them trees. – Those trees, okay.
– Those trees. Girl, do you smoke ganja? – I sure do, that’s why
I’m living in California. (clapping) I love it, ganja, ganja, ganja. – Now, how often do you partake? Like every single day? – Every day, every morning, lunch, snack, snack,
snack, dinner, snack. 24 hours a day. – Whoa. – But, I smoke that low (beep), I don’t smoke that
Snoop Dogg (beep). I smoke the old
nickel bag (beep). – Yes, oh my goodness. I like mid grade weed. – Okay. – Because, we don’t wanna
go grand daddy purple, with all the crystals and stuff. – Yeah, I don’t
like the crystals, and I don’t like the prices. (laughing) The prices turn me
all the way off. I got a cute place, they gave me a good
old bag for $21, and they last me for
about a month and a half. – Oh, so you have a
trust worthy dispensary? – [Jasmine] I sure do. – That you like to go
to every single time, and they already
know what you want, before you can get inside? – I call, they see my number, they’ll say, “How many?” (clapping) I’ll say, “Give me
like three or four, “maybe five depends on how
the show was last night.” – Ring, how many? Boom. – They’re like, “Hey
what’s up, hey Jush.” – I love it. – Give me my finest. Okay, and I oop, oop, all right. – Oh my goodness, and now
I have a whole new dream. Because, my fantasy used to
be to smoke with Snoop Dogg. – That’s mine.
– Really? – I would love to
chief with Snoop. – Oh my goodness. – Ain’t nothin’ but a baby. (laughing) – Girl, I’m ready to
go get smoked out. – Let’s go, I got
my card, let’s go. – You do, let’s do it. And you’re gonna save
these for munchies? – I am going… We’re going to need those
for munchies, yes indeed. – Definitely. Girl, this is the life. – I know, I’m about
to get you so high. – Bitches are gonna
be so jealous. – Evil. (laughing) – Hey guys, it’s me. Remember me? The original HBIC. Make sure you subscribe now to the VH1 YouTube channel, so you never miss a episode
of Brunch with Tiffany.


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