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Japanese Viral KFC Ricecooker Chicken Recipe

February 3, 2020

(light upbeat music) – Greetings, my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy, welcome back. Today’s video is sponsored
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for sponsoring this video. Today I’m gonna be tackling a
recipe that went kinda viral in Japan around Christmas time. And it is for KFC rice cooker chicken. Which is pretty descriptive. And pretty much tells you
what I’m gonna be doing today. I’m gonna be taking KFC fried chicken and putting it in the
rice cooker with raw rice and allowing the rice
cooker to cook the rice along with the fried chicken. And that sounds absolutely
fabulous, doesn’t it? So let me step back and give you a little bit more background
about why KFC, why chicken, why Christmas time. So in Japan it’s become a
relatively recent tradition, since about 1974 where chicken,
particularly fried chicken is eaten around Christmas time. Now in Japan, only about one
percent of the population is Christian, so the holiday of Christmas isn’t really celebrated in the same way that it is in the West. So in 1974, Kentucky
Fried Chicken, or KFC, did this big promotion
of having fried chicken as a Christmas dinner. Legend has it that this idea was sparked when a conversation was overheard, of foreigners having a
turkey dinner for Christmas. And since then it’s become
a bit of a tradition to have fried chicken in
Japan around Christmas time. So in that tradition, I’m going to be testing out this recipe. But first I had to go to KFC (laughs) and purchase a bucket of
Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am so happy that they
still sell buckets of chicken and I have to say this was
the first time I ever bought a bucket of chicken. Now my mom used to take me
to Kentucky Fried Chicken on the days that my dad would work late and we could share a
two piece chicken meal, always extra crispy. And she would always eat my biscuit. So I have very fond memories
of Kentucky Fried Chicken. But never did we ever purchase a bucket. And from what I’ve gathered,
this recipe originated from leftover Christmas chicken dinner, so let me to grab my
chicken from last night. ♪ Di di di ♪ Where are you chicken? Here you are. Now this is the bowl of my rice cooker. My beloved Zojirushi rice cooker. I’ve had this for many many years. Let me think how many years. Over 10 years. This thing is a champion. Love this. When I first bought this I’m
like, oh my gosh 100 dollars for a rice cooker? Worth every single penny. We use this multiple
times during the week. If you eat a lot of rice,
this is the way to go. People have asked me, “I
don’t know how to cook rice. “How do you cook rice?” And I say I have no idea
because I have a rice cooker. And that’s how it was growing up too. We had a rice cooker in our family. And we never cooked rice on the stove top. It was always with a rice cooker. And it always came out perfectly. Here’s my container of rice. All rice cookers will come with a special designated rice cup. And this is important when
you read a cup of rice, this isn’t really a cup
of rice if you measure it to Western cups. It’s more about 3/4 of a cup. So, gotta have this. One, two level cups. So this might seem like an unusual step because what, the rice
is already clean right? Yes, it is. But we wanna remove, kind of the excess starch on the outside. So take some water. I normally would do this in the sink, but for demonstration
purposes, I’m doing it here. So add some water. And then you’re gonna agitate the rice. Just with your fingers. And you’ll notice that the water
gets kind of milky colored. And then you drain that off,
leaving the rice behind. And then do that again. More water. More agitation. (water trickling) Rice experts, rice washing experts. Chime in in the comments. Let me know why we do this. I do this because my mother told me to. This was my job as a child. So I still do it. So the water’s still cloudy. And I usually do this about three times. So I will just put water to the two mark. Now rice is finicky. It’s not a one to one
proportion of water to liquid. Particularly if you scale it up. So this is how you would make
a typical pot of white rice. For this recipe, you use
broth for the water portion. And I’m going to be making
broth by using this. One teaspoon of chicken boullion, instant. Right in that. Mix that in there. And then I’m gonna add one
tablespoon of soy sauce. I’m using this soy sauce, this is Highly Delicious Soy Sauce. This was just recently introduced to me by my Asian Market here in Providence. I bought a bunch of groceries. They gave me a bottle of this for free. And I said what kind of soy sauce is this? And when I posted this on social media, a few of you chimed in saying oh yes, this I actually a knock off
brand and it’s highly delicious because MSG has been added to it. And I can confirm that
it is highly delicious. So I’m gonna add one
tablespoon of that to my rice. Now I’m gonna give this broth a taste. That’s pretty tasty. I can always add more later. I don’t want this to be too salty. Because then we can’t take the salt out. Plus we’re gonna be adding
flavored chicken as well. So we wanna be able to taste
our 11 herbs and spices, right? We’ve got a thigh piece and
we’ve got a giant breast piece. Okay, look at that. And my mom always said that
make sure you dry the bottom of your pot before you set it in here. Close it up and then hit cook. (rice cooker beeps) That’s it. Nothin’ to it. This will take about 40 to 45 minutes. So I will come back once
this is all steamed up and ready to go and
we’ll give this a taste. Okay? See you in a bit! All righty, my lovelies. I am back. My rice cooker has beeped, so
the rice should be complete. Let’s see. Ooh. Look at that. (chuckles) The chicken looks like it’s
plunked up quite a bit. Smells good. So now what we’re supposed
to do is take a couple forks and just kind of shred the chicken up. Ooh, and look at that. It shreds very easily. Smells great. And give this a stir. The rice has a beautiful
brown color to it. And while we’re at it,
let’s have some Chardonnay. This is Cactus Park. Beautiful label from Paso
Robles in California. Santa Rosa. Oh I love that sound. Cheers! Aha, mm. Based on the card, I
actually let this warm up just a little bit. I typically have white wines
right out of the refrigerator, but I find it’s actually
quite nice having it a little bit warmer. And it’s dry as a Chardonnay should be. And kind of oak-y, but I can
taste some citrus in there. All righty. Now, let’s have our KFC rice. All righty. (speaks in foreign language) Mhmm. And this is great. It’s a very simple and humble meal, but what I really like about this is that it’s a great way of
reheating leftover chicken. I found in my experience when
I reheat leftover chicken, particularly fried chicken, it just doesn’t have the same flavor. Something about reheating chicken, it just doesn’t taste all that great. But in this case, it totally is wonderful. Something about the
braising in that liquid and cooking with the rice makes it taste like you just cook it. Not like you had leftovers
and stuck it in a pot of rice. Which you did. (laughs) And now it’s about to be kicked up with my favorite hot sauce right here. Ah yeah. Now let’s have that. Yeah. Boom! A little bit of heat,
little bit of acidity. Mm. All righty, my lovelies. There you have it. KFC rice cooker rice absolutely delicious. Very very simple, humble meal. Highly recommend it. Great way to use leftovers. Thank you so much for
watching and big thanks to Bright Cellars for
sponsoring this video. Click the link down below. Take the wine test and
get started with 50% off your first box of six bottles of wine. Please share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media. Like this video, subscribe, and I shall see you in the next one. Toodaloo! Take care, bye! (light upbeat music) – Make your chicken rice, so good yum.


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    i usually add cumin seeds, turmeric, black pepper, kalonji, mint or other herbs, switch one cup of the water with a can of low fat coconut milk, the possibilities are endless… when it's done and ready to be fluffed mix it with a bag of frozen cauliflower rice and other chopped raw veggies. i usually make 4 cups of dry brown, red, black, wild rice with 8 cups liquid in a big pot to be used throughout the week with asian/indian flavored meals.

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