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JaiuSs | Too black for early 2020 video & Preventing Corona Virus

February 6, 2020

Extremely bored Done all, download to the computer then click Here any of you understand the feeling after You are very passionate in the video I downloaded the document from the camera to the computer Documents from 8 to 9 minutes Normally I download it via the cord to the computer all the videos I have devoted to die After filming this video, I don’t know if I got hit again I tried to beat the camera many times If you do, grab something to shoot and post to your video now it was boring at the beginning of the year The main content of this video is your prevention of Corona disease above all you have to practice sports to improve your resistance as well as providing more vitamins in my country, VIETNAM, the North is very very cold, the temperature is only about 13.14, 15 degrees Celsius This paragraph only translated dentist Besides eating and drinking vitamins, when you go out, you must also avoid them Schedule your videos on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on JaiuSs and Saturday on JaiuSs TV about eating and drinking I’m quite sad because the recording is finished, but I can’t download it onto the computer

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