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Jack Kruse | Microbiota- Microbiome | Photobiomodulation | Obesity Epidemic Chronobiology (2019)

February 18, 2020

hey guys welcome to another episode of
the gut health gurus podcast I’m Kriben Govender I have a background in food
science my colleague next to me is all things psychology with a background in
psychology and today I have a very special guest
this man is inspiring me so much he’s probably one of the guys that I listen
to and follow very closely on what he says on a daily basis because there are
some bombs being dropped daily through his Facebook through his his blog his
patreon and I’m very honored to introduce dr. Jack Cruz Jeff welcome to
the podcast Jack what I like to do is typically set the scene for my audience
so the question I always ask is who is dr. Jack Cruz to the crews day job as a
neurosurgeon his his passion is based around studying quantum biology getting
to the foundations of truly how we work pretty much everything that you’ll hear
from me is really not my opinion it’s really based on light water and
magnetism and the equations that you’ve probably learned about his little boy
that are the laws of nature specifically the three laws of thermodynamics you may
even add in the fourth law that was added in by another Nobel Prize winner
later and equals mc-squared by Einstein in the photoelectric effect
therefore I’ve taken this path as a neurosurgeon because I believe when
people begin to understand how nature really works and they understand the
opinions that I have really are based on this if I’m wrong I’ve got good company
I don’t really explain you know where these disease epidemics are coming from
not only in my country but globally my focus is not on the United States might
my focus really is global in terms of where the disease processes
are going because you’ll see in different countries there’s different
issues that are developing but they always follow back to defects in light
water and magnetism mm-hmm and what what I wanted to do is to start with what
caste is just to explore the moment because my research on your background
dr. Kruse you did struggle with I guess being overweight having some form of
weight crisis in your life now what was the moment that you you had that kind of
Eureka Einstein moment that wow it’s not the diet paradigm that’s really
impacting you but there’s something else around 2004 2005 given at Auckland
minimally invasive spine surgery and I was in front of a bunch of orthopedic
surgeon and neurosurgeons you do spine surgery because I was presenting a paper
about this instrument that I had designed and I stood up and I
immediately tore my knee meniscus I don’t know that they told me that that
happened and one thing led to another and one of the IATA helped to the podium
I just couldn’t believe standing up would cause this problem but one of the
ladies in the audience was a wife of one of the orthopedic surgeons and she
happened to work for a big biotechnology company that you may have heard of
called an Jen and she says Jack I think I can explain why this happens here I’d
like to send you a book in six papers long story short what she was trying to
tell me is the company that she was working for was cooking the books and I
took it a completely different way I read the book in the papers and I’m like
is she trying to tell me that actually what’s in this book that’s a fable is
actually really possible and that is what lit me on fire that’s when I
started to realize that food was not the dominant issue to my obesity at the time
I was 6 foot to 360 pounds I had never had any injuries you know to my knees
before even though I was a football player in baseball
we’re in college and this opened my eyes to a completely different world the
world that I was never taught about either in medical school in down school
because I used to be Dennis to you and an oral surgeon and it kind of blew me
away to be quite frank with you 18 months of learning about this I started
to realize that most of the things that I was taught in medical school were
half-truths or absolute lies hmm and I started to realize the most dominant
thing in nature that we miss especially in in medicine is actually how dominant
light is and and how complex light is you know people when we talk about light
we think about you know the light where around we don’t realize that what we
revolved firm for 4.6 billion years is the light of the star in the sky and the
problem is 99% of people in the world today no longer live under that light
and it turns out most of the chronic disease paradigms almost always involve
light at some level and it turned out my obesity I realized was tied to the new
light at night and a lack of sunlight during the day and turned out a lot of
non-native EMF because of my job why as a neurosurgeon most people get hurt you
know after the Sun sets and that’s what I have to stay up late at night you know
operating on them and it turned out for probably almost 20 years of my life
through all my training I had been you know creating a huge circadian mismatch
on my own life that’s what drove the process it was the dominant factor and
when I realized that it was kind of stunning mmm it was actually more than
ironic to me because Here I am you know the smart neurosurgeon I should know a
lot about the circadian mechanism and to be quite frank with you back then I
didn’t know shit from shinola you know fare to where I am now and the
reason it was cool for me is because you know there’s nothing like unlearning to
relearn and that was the big issue for me as a physician because
you know in neurosurgery I felt like you know I had dominated in school the whole
time I was growing up and to realize in that 18 months that I really didn’t know
anything about my own problem made me realize well how does the public feel
about their own diseases hmm and and it gave me a completely new perspective on
how to approach this so I had some really cool Doc’s that were in my
hospital and some of them read some of my initial work and they were the
impetus for me to put it on the internet and not put it in a journal because they
like me realized that the paradigm in power is not really interested in the
truth they’re interested in furthering the paradigms beliefs so to speak mm-hmm
and so I took their advice and that’s how the process begin that was 15 years
ago and here we are now talking to you guys in Australia with me in New Orleans
absolutely it’s a beautiful thing now and I think
the white issue is with definitely you know like a good style of you for me it
was pretty much depression and anxiety that started my journey and I’m really
fascinated because I’ve been reading a few of your I guess your posts online
and you speak and on a few occasions about I think even recently about the
mind you know depression anxiety and it’s linked to lights and James I think
you’d be pretty fascinated with that 100% so how it really begins the story
begins if you look at this chronic disease epidemic with depression and
suicide most of you guys know that in the United States right now we’ve got a
big time depression suicide and opiate problem what most people don’t realize
is that this problem all links back to a chemical that’s made in your eye and
goes into your brain and the chemicals called pom see you can look it up it’s
about P ONC and this can is made in the brain and it basically
breaks down to six different chemicals one of the chemicals that’s in there is
chemical named beta-endorphin which you’ve probably heard it works on the me
receptor the interesting thing is when you realize that a.m. sunlight makes
this chemical naturally what does that really functionally me means that nature
has addicted us to to sunlight and the thing is when you actually had this idea
you begin to realize why all the ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun why the
Egyptians had Rob why the Aztecs had their gods why the Incas had their gods
it begins to make sense and then you realize is this the reason why they
built the Sphinx looking to the east with all four extremities to the ground
the answer is yes see they didn’t know quantum physics but it turned out they
knew that the Sun was a powerful stimulus or biology and it turns out you
know when you’re a neurosurgeon like me our bias is to evidence-based medicine
that we learned in medical school and I realized when I found out about tomcee
in detail that our cognitive biases as human species actually is towards the
Sun there’s other chemicals that are made in here but one of the the big ones
for for depression is actually we make two really big chemicals in our I
initially that linked to this story so if you’re not getting am sunlight and I
mean an sunlight from sunrise so about 10:00 a.m. you’re chronically division
it you have an alteration in melatonin and dopamine and it turns out depression
is very associated with dopamine well people don’t understand about dopamine
as dopamine is created from the aromatic amino acid tyrosine and phenylalanine in
humans and the reason why I use the word aromatic is not to confuse the audiences
so the audience know the benzene ring is a photon trap and it turns out it’s a
photon trap for UV light because most people who come upon this information
always think that melatonin is a nighttime hormone most people do not
realize that the benzene ring has to be programmed
I am light in order to work and it turns out it’s even more interesting than that
because it brings up the gut brain access why because serotonin is also
made in the same fashion so is melatonin and that’s made from another aromatic
amino amino acid called tryptophan and tryptophan also makes cytochrome one
into mitochondria so when you begin to see that these aromatic amino acids are
photon traps for this a.m. light it turns out that melatonin has to first be
programmed by AM light but it doesn’t act it doesn’t act in the brain or the
gut until light is gone at night for about four hours so this is the reason
why there’s a brain gut axis the other big issue that people really I think in
your in your field with the microbiome people know that the largest store of
serotonin and the gut I should say in the body is in the gut
it turns out that that’s the storage house for tryptophan that will
eventually become melatonin now you know that my tribe is called Black Swan
mitochondria XY is tied to the story well it turns out Doug Wallace who’s
probably the lead researcher in the world on mitochondrial biology found
about 25 years ago that melatonin also controls both autopsy and apoptosis in
mitochondria so in other words it controls the stolen prokaryote that we
have in our body that delivers energy when you begin to realize this you you
start to see how melatonin dopamine serotonin and cytochrome which is one
which is made out of NAD+ and NADH they all work together in this very very
unusual quantum dance where the brain and the gut has to work together in
order in order for the physiology of the gut in the brain to allow a human to
converse like we’re doing right now in other words we’re we’re not sick
don’t have problems it turns out that blue light exposure especially at night
and I have a name for that I call it Alan
it stands for artificial light at night mm-hmm powerin is deadly for both the
gut and for the brain and it the reason for that is blue light in sunlight is
contained in the seven colors of the spectrum the control arm for blue light
happens to be red light the secondary control arm happens to be UVA and UVB
light which is ultraviolet a and B and those control arms are not present
everywhere where you are on the planet so it means that this variation that you
see in your world in the microbiome is tied to actually how the microbiome can
be sculpted because one of the things we now know definitively we believed in the
last five or six years that the microbiome is really affected by food
and we’re starting to find out but that’s not really true it turns out it’s
really sculpted by the latitude and the light that you get the sense on and
where does that might come from it comes from your eye it comes from your skin it
comes from the gut surface itself and that’s what sculpts the microbiome and
that sculpting that goes on in the gut is also sculpted in the brain to marry
up with the story about palm see in the eye the story about dopamine the story
about you know beta-endorphin the story about the endo cab annoyed that are made
from pom see also alpha MSH and it turns out alpha MSH
controls your appetite so here you begin to see the connection between this whole
area and when you really understand stand up the eye well especially if
you’re a gut person you need to understand how the eye and the gut
really link and it turns out the central retina pathways when you first get light
in there where do they end they end in the leptin receptor here’s the irony
where is leptin in the human body it turns out it’s in subcutaneous fat so
you start to ask yourself why in the hell would God or nature put the key
hormone in our body in our sub-q fat if it
and the hypothalamus and it turns out here’s the reason because light on your
skin and your eye is what activates or deactivates the whole process so if you
do not get that stimulus properly like Jack didn’t being a neurosurgeon for 25
years eventually it could lead some collateral effects down the road and it
turned out the collateral effect for me was becoming a fatass
and then one of the things that I realize is that blue light exposure was
the cause of the problem and when I put this story together you know back when
you guys asked me earlier about the whole Laughton story I knew back in 2005
20 2006 and 2007 that there had to be another chromophore that means a
receptor somewhere in the skin that was a blue light receptor and to be if I’m
being honest with you guys back then I guess that that receptor would be
rhodopsin and it turned out I was wrong and I figured out I was wrong right
around 2014 mmm that’s when a paper came out that showed us that melanopsin which
we found in the eye in the early or I should say the late 90s and early 2000s
we found out it’s also in the blood vessels of humans specifically the
arterioles of the skin and that’s when I started to realize oh my this is the
other side of the leptin story well mmm you guys know being microbiome guys that
when we eat 40 to 60% of our blood volume goes through the mesenteric
plexus of our gut and that means that massive amounts of blood are delivered
through those arteries those arteries also have melanopsin receptors in it and
here’s the crazier part the microbiome is made out of prokaryotes you know that
all bacteria are precarious here’s what you may not know prokaryotes are known
to release 5,000 times more light than eukaryotic cells now remember we’re made
out of eukaryotic cells okay to release a ton more light it turns out
there’s a physicist named for its pot who discovered about 20 to 25 years ago
that every single cell on the planet whether it’s animal or plant releases a
very interesting frequency of light and it’s called extreme low frequency UV
light so this day nobody knows what the spectrum of that light is but we know
every single cell that’s ever been tested releases this light so I started
to realize immediately that the microbiome its main function is a light
meteor and the way I like to think about it is I look at the microbiome as a projector in a movie theater mm-hmm and
the intera site or the surface of the gut as the screen it turns out but the
Black Swan mitochondria is most interested not in the projector or the
screen all the information that’s buried in the light is actually what we need to
know about how the microbiome has worked it turns out the light that’s emitted
from the different species of bacteria or absolutely critical in the quantum
biology of the human gut this is the reason why people in biology and gut
health really don’t truly understand it you know better than most that we have
found you know we think certain floors are simplified when we eat certain diets
you know one of my heroes in this because I’ve been a salmon swimming
upstream in the microbiome world and you know that because I’ve been saying that
light sculpts the microbiome for a really long time I didn’t have a lot of
good data to back me up on this but Jeff Lee it was a microbiome researcher that
you know published in science magazine last year he found that when he gave the
hosta who aren’t equatorial people basically fed them shit on a shingle
gave him antibiotics American candy bars coca-cola Fanta you name it he gave him
anything when he checked our microbiome nothing changed Wow
and when he published this paper I had the biggest smile on my face because I
knew that was right and you know last year I went to Vermont and Jeff also
talked at Vermont and when he presented this paper from the stage I told
everybody there that des paper was the single most important paper that’s come
out in microbiome research in my opinion why because it definitively showed that
when you put people in nature under the power of Sun their microbiome doesn’t
change with diet and this paradigm that you guys know exists in your world you
must change it’s not changed yet but it’s coming and there’s so many papers
now that are beginning to show that just migration alone changes you know the
microbiome well why would migration change it because the latitude changes
that means diurnal variation of the light changes what people don’t realize
is that the equatorial region there is no diurnal change in light it’s the same
12 hours a day from the Sun up Sun down as we move away from the equator what
happens today shortens you know and it lengthens in the summer but the key is
the diurnal variation also changes this has to be correlated with species change
in the gut and once you begin to realize that these things are linked that’s how
I think we’re gonna get people to understand how the gut microbiome really
is sculpted utilizing light water and magnetism in ways that would probably
blow their mind and you know I told you before we came on the podcast today I
released the blog called CPC number 42 mm-hm and I was supposed to go to
Vermont this year to talk about this topic mmm-hmm and I’m instead I’m going
to Europe to go to Poland and to Germany so I decided four months early that I
would release what I was going to say on Vermont about the counterintuitive
connection between the gut and the brain today on patreon so some of the things
that I just described to you guys all the little nasty details
about actually how whitewater and magnetism do this sculpting is actually
contained in that blog and when you see this I think you guys as microbiome guys
are gonna look at this and go oh my you need to do a lot of work and I’ll be
honest one of the things I’d like to see change I’d like to see people who do
microbiome research take the microbiome out put it in a photomultiplier and then
do the spectrum analysis on the light that’s emitted because guess what then I
think you’re gonna understand why we have all the species that we do and why
they vary because they’re varying based on the the the light that’s
outside and what most people don’t understand is UV light is toxic to most
prokaryotes it turns out that’s blue green and red light is what most
bacteria really like and it turns out the bacteria that we stole called the
mitochondria mm-hmm 650 million years ago actually is built to like UV light
that’s what makes it different than every other bacteria on the planets the
only bacteria that I know of that can tolerate UV light to a great degree and
the reason for that the cytochrome one which is goes back to the story that we
started it you know is made out of a fluorophore protein what does that mean
it’s a protein that works at UV light and most of you have heard of it it’s
called NAD+ or NADH it’s an electron acceptor that passes it to the second
side of chrome which is made out of a flavin by hydrogenase that’s a blue
light detector and it turns out that nad is made out of niacin which is a vitamin
d3 what is nice and come from tryptophan what did we just say before about
tryptophan it’s an aromatic amino acid that absorbs between 200 and 400
nanometer light so we now know that niacin in nad absorbs 340 nanometer
light why is that important for your work and the microbe
I own researchers work all carbohydrate electrons enter the mitochondria through
cytochrome one so highly powered electrons made from the Sun via
photosynthesis remember through Einstein’s equation called the
photoelectric effect photons only interact with electrons that excites
them well what cytochrome one is really doing is taking those excited electrons
and capturing the light in there as it falls back to the ground state and that
energy is being utilized in the cell it turns out the signal from the
environment is not only coming from the eye it’s coming from the skin but for
you guys it’s also coming from the gut meaning that light show between the
projector and the entire site is where the action is you know these things need
to be yoked together and when you begin to see the pieces and parts moving
together you begin to realize that what we’re really doing in microbiome
research right now is we’re not even in the first inning where we’re in like
there’s the first batters up and the count is three in two and I know you
guys are all C’s but it’d be like the beginning of a cricket game yeah the
thing is I want to make sure that the audience understands that where we are
now I think people really think definitively that we know a lot more
than we do I’m gonna tell you I believe with the gut and the microbiome we know
very little yes and the reason why I personally believe the microbiome and
the gut is the most counterintuitive quantum biologic tissue that’s in the
human body and if you’ve read anything that I’ve written that’s a mouthful what
I’ve said about the brain and the eye already I find the gut extremely
interesting because most some of the most interesting quantum biologic
processes begin there and you know there’s many diseases you know
especially the functional medicine guys they’re always out there telling people
about autoimmunity and obesity everything begins in the gut turns out
that’s not really true it actually begins on the skin in the eye and that’s
what changes things in the gut but the gut does sculpt the brain in ways that
we don’t yet realizing that uses red blood cells me uses changes biophysical
changes in the blood in both the portal and the mesenteric
system that affect the hydrogen bonding networks as CSF actually affects the
blood-brain barrier affects the cervical spinal cord barrier
that’s why many many diseases that we now don’t have an answer for in medicine
when you see it through this perspective you begin to realize why some of the
problems with them exist and it’s the reason why people who do have depression
do tend to have a lot of gut complaints yeah why they also have serious issues
in their brain with other things so my perspective is based on these
things that i shared with you here you know I know that was a loaded answer to
the question but hopefully gives the people an idea of kind of how I tackle
this problem because it is to me very very interesting I’m very interested in
how nature thinks and how nature does things I’m not really interested in
man’s opinion of what they think is going on exactly and if that’s what I
love about you jack is you pull it as it is and I have a huge amount of
respectful of someone that puts themselves you know in the limelight and
and sometimes you can attract some I guess some naysayers but I firmly
believe in you know the connection between lights and the microbiome for
sure let’s dig in a little bit deeper into I guess some of the the metabolites
that bacteria produce like methane I’ll tell you why I think I think what we
should do because you guys both know that there’s a lot
different things that the microbiome produces but I think what we should talk
about tied to methane yes is something that is so foundational to understanding
how the microbiome really works that you can generalize it and then you’ll
understand about beta-hydroxybutyrate short chain fatty acids and things like
that because that’s a whole topic in and of itself but methane is actually how
bacteria handle hydrogen mmm in other words it’s the hydrogen store so what do
I want to share with you guys that you may not know do you know that the human
microbiome is designed to make about one liter of hydrogen a day for us to use
well and what does it work with well it works with a lot of different things but
what’s the number one thing that’s me it turns out the amount of hydrogen made
is quantized to the light that comes through the skin and the eye that’s the
number one thing and it turns out that the amount of hydrogen actually links to
sulfur containing bacteria you in the gut to make a chemical that I’m sure you
guys have heard of called hydrogen sulfide and that’s both h2s mm-hmm many
people don’t realize is that h2s is a gas EO transmitter what does that mean
it’s a gas that’s a neurotransmitter but as direct effects on the
mitochondria and what are those effects those effects are linked to the action
of nitric oxide both in the gut and in the blood and what does nitric oxide and
h2s functionally do it inhibits electron chain transport it slows it down and it
does this because it interacts with cytochrome 4 which is known as
cytochrome C oxidase or C Co for short in mitochondria cling ling-ling go now
when you slow electron chain transport down that has dramatic effects on the
ATPase which is cytochrome 5 missile turret that means the spin rate current
closes so here’s the key if you don’t get any Sun do you know
what spins the ATPase by itself with no electrons in it the light that’s behind
me right now red light Wow can in the video that you
guys are doing you can see that I’m talking to you inside in my house so
right now their Sun outside here in New Orleans but why do I have the red light
in here forty to fifty percent of the glass is blocking the red light from the
Sun so what is Jack did he adds it there because it turns out the ATPase has red
light chromophores all around it that allow it to spin at a hundred percent
efficient rate see we have no engines by technology that run at a quantum yield
of a hundred percent but it turns out the ATPase in humans moves hydrogen at a
hundred percent efficient rate so when you begin to understand this h2s made
from the gut and nitric oxide me from the gut slow electron chain down that’s
exactly what calorie restriction does mmm the difference is calorie
restriction only works when you’re in full spectrum sunlight and this is the
big thing that’s missing in that research and the reason for that is UVA
light makes nitric oxide and I just told you that the microbiome is making the
hydrogen with the sulfated bacteria that’s in your gut these things are all
quantized and they’re quantized in ways that most people don’t understand but
what is the key factor for the microbiome in making hydrogen it turns
out your microbiome is Jermaine’s critical mission important so sulfated
everything in your body well what was that what was that came ready here’s
where we get into some really cool science sulfation is you mungus lee
important because it turns out sulfur and phosphorus act as quantum dots in
your blood now remember I told you before that when the eye gets hit with
sunlight forty to sixty percent increase goes through the ophthalmic artery
I told you when you eat the same thing happens in your gut turns out when your
skin is hit by sunlight the exact same thing happens what happens the blood
vessels are raised to the surface so that they can absorb light
what is hemoglobin absorb 250 to 600 nanometer light so red blood cells are
ferryboats hmm then to work operationally they have
to be sulfated what else do you know in your body that has to be sulfated most
people never talk about cholesterol and vitamin D you know that vitamin D is
made from cholesterol there’s only one hydrogen difference and a little bond
that’s not there and 312 nanometer light which is UVB light does this well once
that is connected it also has to be sulfated guess what sulphates it things
that are going on in your gut mm-hmm and the key is if you can’t sulfate your
cholesterol and there’s something called cholesterol sulfate that means you can’t
sulfate your vitamin D if you can’t sulfate your vitamin D you know what
happens it doesn’t do anything to calcium everybody believes that vitamin
D is linked to calcium homeostasis and the gut it turns out that sulfated
vitamin D and unsalted vitamin D have different physiologic benefits so this
is how a small little way how this works what else is sulfated every bit of your
platelets in your blood that’s floating in their sulfated what else your white
blood cells your white blood cells are able to make sulfate directly from h2s
made from your microbiome with no enzymatic machinery needed provided you
can sulfate the blood from your gut or your skin the the microbiome is the
backup system for your skin when you don’t have your skin in the game then it
turns out your gut absolutely also needs to be in the game because what people
don’t realize is that red light is the one part of sunlight that penetrates
directly through your skin all the way to every party you got the penetrates
ten to thirty centimeters so that means that every bit of red light from the Sun
which is the dominant frequency in sunlight for those of you don’t know in
terrestrial sunlight 42% is infrared a light that is what mitochondria are
interested in mmm every single mitochondria in your gut is looking for
that turns out the microbiome is also interested in that red light now blue
light does penetrate us but it only penetrates about 3 to 6 centimeters so
for the gut it’s usually not that big a deal
but where do we get the red the blue light information we tend to get it from
our red blood cells through our skin in our eye it does it also does happen in
the gut but how does it happen in the gut here’s where the counterintuitive
story comes well when things get sulfated there’s two big things that go
on in your liver you’ve probably heard about methylation man detoxification
those things are heavily dependent on sulfate
in your body for example the accumulation of metals in your body
many of the functional medicine doctors are out there telling people when you
eat things for your gut like for example the thing that drives me crazy they tell
people if you eat too much tuna you’re gonna get mercury which is total
bullshit but the real problem happens if your microbiome is off and your
methionine cycles off your methionine cycle needs the sulfation to clear heavy
metals so you know what that means you don’t even need to eat a lot of things
with methyl mercury in it at all because guess what if the sulfation process is
broken in your microbiome over your life you will become a net collector and
can’t get rid of the heavy metals guess what else happens if you’re not sulfated
you actually develops the methylation defect see the dominant paradigm out
there right now from the functional medicine guys is that methylation
defects come from what a problem with your snips that you get on a 23andme
test turns out it’s not true and how do we know that I’m gonna tell you there’s
another B vitamin in the gut that’s really important it’s called riboflavin
riboflavin is B 2 guess what b2 is a cofactor in all these sulfation
pathways that we’re talking about do you know what kind of chromophore riboflavin
is remember I gave you a clue before I said cytochrome to fadh2 is a flavin all
Flavin’s are what blue light chromophores why now I’m gonna give you
some homology yeah you look at a chloroplast it has four nitrogens around
magnesia you look at hemoglobin has four nitrogen’s around iron the difference
between magnesium and iron is the amount of electrons it has on the periodic
table that means it can absorb more light wear more complex than plants
therefore we have 14 more electrons that’s why we use iron mm-hmm
riboflavin when you look at it also has a photon trap but it has three benzene
rings but guess what it has that’s very similar to the chloroplast and
hemoglobin it’s got nitrogen in its rings that’s the reason why it’s a blue
light detector and guess what the microbiome likes to release lots of blue
light yes what turns on this riboflavin context to help methylation
detoxification and also clearance of heavy metals for the Matheny cycle that
process so when that process in the microbiome is broken this whole thing
starts to fall apart and what is the phenotype of patients or the public
that’s gonna listen to this podcast mm-hmm that will start to see people who
live in a tech world that have blue light who don’t go in the Sun they’ll
begin to start out in depression they’ll get fatter they’ll start accumulating
metals they’ll have methylation defects does that sound like some of the the
dominant diseases that we have that are out there absolutely all starts from the
surface changes and that’s why one of the counterintuitive things that you’ve
probably heard me say over time is that with time I believe it will be proven
that what happens in our surfaces meaning the skin the eye the gut
in the law who’s gonna determine the biochemistry that occurs below and what
I’m telling you is the biochemistry that’s going on in the gut is radically
different depending on the incident light EMF because it has to do with the
free radical signal that’s made and it turns out that you have to turn on
riboflavin and if riboflavin is not in your diet
why because blue light will destroy it that’s one of the causes of Lupton
resistance you know then it turns out that your microbiome simplifies that’s
how Jack got fat and I realized that this was a big issue the problem I never
knew so I didn’t know the link to melanopsin until about truly about 2014
that’s when everything fell into place and then in 2017 that probably the key
paper came out in December of 2017 that we found melanopsin is now in the
subcutaneous fat and arteries of the skin and I was like oh my goodness so
now we now know that in the mesenteric plexus of the gut it’s also in the
visceral fat it’s also in all the arteries of the fat so now the story is
complete now we’ve got all the missing pieces what our job is hopefully doing
podcasts like this you know people who are into microbiome research in the
microbiome itself they begin to realize that this story is not just about
species it’s about the light these species release and it’s about the EMF
and when I say EMF I’m talking about solar versus non-native mm-hm simplifies
the gut it turns out that blue light by itself without all its other frequencies
is the single biggest thing that simplifies together and that’s when we
get the obesity floor that everybody talks about in the literature they have
not figured out yet what really sculpts the microbial and the guy that’s given
us the biggest clue is jeff Leach mm-hmm Jack we’re pretty much coming up to time
if you wouldn’t mind that just just when I explore a little bit further for a
couple of minutes now just with with microbiome in
scalping that’s the kind of that train I thought you finished with what would be
your recommendations to unlike it’s it’s a difficult question to ask we’re so new
in terms of the science worth to the first inning really but what’s your
recommendations for scoping em scalpings a microbiome that’s gonna be the the
most beneficial for our health I’m gonna give you something that’ll
surprise you I think it’s very simple and the first number one thing I want
you to make like this face every single day the rest of your life you need to
face the east as the Sun rises whether it’s cloudy or not and see that sunrise
I want you to see it those with your eyes your skin and your gut I’d like
your gut exposed you know you guys you can do that I can do that but there’s
probably somebody gonna be listening to this in Edmonton Canada right now going
Jack it’s minus 25 yeah but guess what the stimulus doesn’t have to be really
long when you do it correctly here’s the greatest thing about Einstein’s
photoelectric effect the effect happens instantaneously so the sicker you are
the longer you must do it the more healthy you are you just have to be
chronic in your ability so I tell people 80% of your ability to get better is to
do just that it’s not as hard as we all think now where it gets tougher if
you’re not a quantum clinician you’re not a quantification you don’t have this
perspective I’m gonna tell you just because we started talking about some of
the reactions between say sulfation hydrogen creation and say riboflavin the
thing I would tell you is you know that my book is called the EPI Paleo Rx if
seasonal diet for your latitude and location and you add seafood and some
organ meats you have solved your problem and that’s all one needs to do see I
make I get very controversial online because I tell people food doesn’t
matter food but it’s like fifth on the list and you
know that this creates a huge problem when I talk to people who are food girls
or nutritionist or guys like you who are big into the microbiome but I look at
you guys is a little bit more progressive because I’ve seen some of
the things that you guys have written you know on social media and I think you
know that there’s another side to this coin that we need to look at and that’s
the side of the coin that Jack spends most of his time on because I find it
fascinating and we’re learning way more about how we really work going forward
so that’s my take home in terms of what someone needs to do if you eat a
seasonal diet for your location on the planet and you see the Sun with your
services every day I believe eventually you can fix it now the diseases you have
this may take a lot longer than you want to know like if you’ve got MS you got
SIBO you got IBS or say in your condition depression you you need to do
more than just you know that instantaneous time that we mentioned
before those are people that I would say 30 40 50 minutes from sunrise they’re 1
in the beginning 15 years ago that’s what I did I spent sometimes 3 4 5 hours
outside before I went to work from a time the sunrise I changed everything
about my life these days I don’t have to do that now where I am now 15 years
later I’m probably 30 to 40 pounds heavier than I was at my thinnest weight
but I would tell both of you since your microbiome guys how often do you think
it is someone can go from 360 pounds and maintain a hundred pound weight loss for
greater than 15 years and not do anything I can tell you the answer from
my gastroenterology friends mm-hmm it never happens unless you have your gut
cut my operation I’m telling you that it’s possible when you really understand
light water and magnetism the key problem is is my day job that we you
guys asked about earlier puts me at risk jack for 15 years
tried to change his day job to get a stability of light in my life and when
Jack can’t get a stability in his life he puts a red light on behind them or he
goes out like after I finished with you guys it’s four o’clock in the afternoon
here Jack will be outside with his shirt off in his Kenickie shorts told you that
we need to consider doing and I think if we can get people back to nature eating
a natural seasonal diet for food that grows under the power of photosynthesis
in that location my friends I think this is the kind of medicine we all can get
behind and some sound advice and just a quick question that that read a lot
behind you is that incandescent bulb that’s coated with LED light that’s got
infrared a infrared be an infrared Qi but it also has the flicker effect
limited what’s the brand if you wouldn’t mind me asking well the brand is
actually through my my my fog I have Cruz longevity farm I do not saw the
lights until you see me as a patient and they get taught exactly how to do it
based on their work up at the farm is me eventually we do think it’ll be
available but the reason and I’m glad you asked me this because I I think
publicly cuz you’re the first guys I’m gonna tell this to I believe the biggest
mistake that people make is usually utilizing photobiomodulation or red
light from the internet and not having an appropriate quantum context to use it
you need to know how to use it when you’re trying to get better not
everybody who’s got SIBO IBS or Crohn’s disease needs to use red light all the
same way everybody’s process is different why
because you have to understand how mitochondria and the microbiome are
working inside of you to get this effect and that’s the reason why I’m a stickler
about these details I think in four or five years I think the lights will be
available but you and I us three just talked about some of
the quirkiness about how the gut really works and I think you guys could
probably appreciate putting any red light on the market is equivalent to
like putting any drug in a pharmacy or putting any drug for over-the-counter
use and you know that there’s many over-the-counter drugs are considered
safe but they still have effects so my personal belief right now is on the
internet it’s the Wild West when it comes to light and most people don’t
understand light as well as I do therefore I have felt this is my own
personal opinion but I’m not comfortable telling anybody really how I want them
to use light until I know more about their personal context I respect that
and sometimes treating Y as as like it’s a form of medicine say as to like you
don’t know one of the the world’s research experts in red light is a
Russian scientist named Tina Carew we spell her name K you are you you’ll be
very interesting this may be in your show notes you can link this but said is
red light therapy drug therapy and the answer when you read the paper the
answer is yes and I want you to think about the power that people don’t
realize that the chemical bonds between carbon hydrogen and nitrogen do you know
where the energy of those bonds come from the Sun that’s what we don’t
realize and these little quantum effects they have massive massive implications
for the clinical diseases we treat and the phenotypes of our patients hopefully
when people listen to this podcast and they go out maybe they’ll understand why
Jack is a stickler for details and why I’m kind of diligent on what I do
because I don’t think on social media most people really understand how deep I
try to go with the science you do know that it’s it’s very difficult to teach
people quantum physics in terms of how it links to biology but I think podcasts
like this one listen to this this is decidedly a
different perspective then you’re gonna get from anybody else that you interview
and I am on the edge of what’s published in the science I’m not interested in
yesterday science I’m interested in why don’t we really understand the
microbiome right now I’m telling you guys my belief based on the state of my
knowledge in 2019 in on March is that it ties to light water and magnetism until
we get that right I think we have a duty to tell everybody that we’re trying to
educate this is this is the state of our knowledge the dunning-kruger effect is
massive in the microbiome research and we need to keep going forward paying
attention to everything that’s out there to see how these things affect things
and I think if you do that my opinion is the gut brain access is going to be one
of the most exciting places to be you know in the future of Medicine but I do
give people a cautionary detail I think allopathic gastroenterology I think the
microbiome researchers and I think functional medicine paradigm is woefully
inaccurate where it is right now and and in some cases especially in functional
medicine I believe that it’s creating more problems than it solves
and that will probably warm the cockles of many people who listen to this but
it’s a warning that I’m given and I hope people begin to understand why I have
the belief that I do it’s because of some of the science that you know I laid
out to you guys and I think the more we talk about this going forward I think
the better will be because I’m sure next year we’ll talk about something
different or the year after that because the the data is being published now for
us to read decipher and figure out how it fits you know the things that we
already know and I guarantee you there’s gonna be things that come out in the
next year that we learn about the microbiome that are gonna blow our mind
in terms of how it sculpts mitochondrial biology how it changes my
oh gee how it changes otology mom even how fasting you know affects the light
release from the microbiome I think but anytime you change the
nutrient density to a bacteria it has massive effects on the light that it
releases and the thing that mindset that I like people to really get is when it
comes to the microbial I want you to remember the analogy we used an hour ago
the projector and the screen the projector is the microbiome the screen
is the intera site surface I want you to pay attention to the light there because
all that information is really what we’re all interested in absolutely
and I’m a firm believer that and following a wick dr. Cruz that lot does
have a substantial impact and I hope there’s no researchers microbiome guys
out there that really start to take heed I was actually saying the same thing to
a colleague a couple of weeks ago that you’d be a really interesting study to
see what types of frequencies of light that bacteria a different species
actually produce so let’s hope that someone listens to this and and starts
to sleep people are multipliers but here’s the interesting thing just when
you examine the bacteria say in a petri dish in a photomultiplier it changes the
frequency compared to what it is in small intestine remember it’s a totally
different environment so we need to be aware of that as well
but the one thing I guess I’ll end with that you’ll be interested in when I
talked to Jeff last year I gave him the idea I said Jeff because you’re the only
microbiome researcher that I know that’s stuttering humans and equatorial
environment with with no diurnal change how about if you take the hosta who live
in equatorial zone and bring him to Austin Texas where you live I said I
will be willing to bet you that their microbiome becomes more like the fat
people in Texas and he looked at me that’s a great idea
yes from what I’ve heard that’s exactly what he’s doing I’ll be very interested to see you the
outcomes of that study that’s cool well Jack we’re gonna rap now James did you
have any pine I was just amazing Jack’s amazing and what we typically like to
finish is I think you’ve covered this but what we like to finish is if there
was one thing that our audience continued before they got health today
what would it be I think that’s very simple – I think they need to read to
understand they need to unlearn to relearn so one of the books that I would
tell everybody I think that you need to get to understand this perspective it’s
called light sculpting life it’s written by a gentleman named Roland Van Wyck if
you didn’t know that every cell in your microbiome releases extreme low
frequency UV light you must read this book it takes you back to the history
all the way back to 1800s to where we are today in how this really works and
when you understand the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes I
promise you you’ll have a new perspective on truly what’s going on
with nature’s laws and those prokaryotes and your gut and that will be the first
time that you’ll understand that taking a sahjhan esteems may actually be making
you worse it may be the reason you’re not getting better
and it may be the impetus for you to stop doing something that you’ve been
told by everybody on the internet or in the medical clinics oh no you should
take probiotics you should do this we should do that you may say you know let
me take a couple of steps back here and try looking at the Sun every morning
with my eyes my skin and my gut and see what happens to your brain and your gut
you might be shocked and here’s the best news guys you will both know that what I
just told you is free that doesn’t need to sell you some crazy probiotic that
has no clinical data like restore we have you know a doctor here in Virginia
that tries to sell this to everybody it’s just pure nonsense but because he
can give you a cogent story in a marketing spiel and
people buy what is Jack saying I’m not selling you a damn thing I’m selling you
on one cognitive bias jackass nature okay and when you begin to understand
this you start to go well you know I’ve tried everything else nothing’s worked
how about I try this and I think you might be shot Jack thank you so much for
taking the time to to come into the podcast with the huge event like feta
cheese appreciation and you have yourself a great thing I appreciate you
guys inviting me thank you my pleasure


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