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Itchy Ears Can It Be Candida?

August 17, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Right. I’ve got a question here about ears now. Constantly itchy ears, can it be candida? Itchy ears we call otomycosis generally, which
is like a fungal kind of infection of the ear. Fungal is very common with the ear with some
people. Otomycosis is often caused by aspergillus,
a type of yeast, or candida. There are different species of candida that
can affect the ear. Have you seen people who are always doing
this? My mum used to do this, but I’d come up to
ask her for pocket money. But that wasn’t really itchy ear was it? That was more like I don’t want to hear. Itchy ears are not that uncommon in children. My dad had itchy ears all the time, used to
drive him crazy. It was always itching his ear and scratching
his scalp and adjusting things around down here somewhere. But in Dad’s case, it was because he liked
cookies. My dad would eat a whole packet of 20 cookies
in one sitting. And the he’d have a cup of coffee with three
sugars in it. And then after an evening meal, he’d have
five scoops of ice cream in a bowl. My dad was a sugar addict, a chronic sugar
addict, who had serious candida. You can read about my dad in my book Candida
Crusher. My dad always had his finger in his ear, itching
his ear. I’ve got that memory as a child. And [inaudible 00:01:22] the big ballpoints
and then he would put the ballpoint in his ear and insert it. Mum would say, “Don’t put that pen in your
ear. You’re teaching the kids bad habits.” But always itching his ear. Itchy ears often mean fungal infection. Fungal infection often means you’ve got an
ear where the conditions are just right for fungal, fungus to really take off. Swimmer’s ear, or athlete’s ear, is not uncommon. I had a friend once who used to have swimmer’s
ear all the time. The doctor gave him these fungal drops to
put in the ear. And if I’d known about tea tree oil back then,
I would’ve said, “Make sure the ear’s dried out with a Qtip and then just put one or two
drops of tea tree oil in your ear.” Tracy, my partner’s dog, it’s a black Labrador. It always go like this in summertime, it flaps
its ears around. And it’s got itchy ears. So I’ll often pull the ear open, have a good
look inside it, and get a Qtip and clean it out a bit and then put a few drops of tea
tree oil in there and rub it around there. And then several days later it stops. Tea tree oil is very very effective for this
particular type of condition. Itchy ears is often a fungal infection. If you suffer from itchy ears regularly, and
you’re a swimmer or surfer for example, make sure that you tilt your head sideways, always,
when you come out of the water, to get the water out of the ear. And every now and then put a couple of drops
of tea tree oil in these ears. It’s tea tree. T-E-A T-R-E-E. Make sure you get a tea tree oil, you get
the Australian tea tree oil. It’s the best in the world, Melaleuca alternifolia,
tea tree. Tea trees grow in New Zealand and Australia. We’ve got different types of tea tree in New
Zealand. We’ve got one called manuka. You might’ve heard of manuka honey? Manuka is a type of tea tree. We’ve also got carnuka. Carnuka is also a kind of tea tree. In Australia, I think there’s over a hundred
types of tea tree. They’re called Melaleucas. But the Melaleuca alternifolia is the Australian
tea tree where the best oil comes from. The best oil in the world grows in this particular
region in New South Wales, in this swampy kind of region. The best brand, in my opinion, is called Thursday,
as in the day Thursday, Plantation. So if you’re going to buy tea tree oil, buy
Thursday Plantation. It’s a bright yellow fluorescent kind of color
in the label. It’s the best in the world, and it’s an outstanding
product to have in your kit when you go traveling. If you go to Costa Rica or the Bahamas or
India, or any kind of country that’s hot or sweaty, do not leave without tea tree oil. To me, that’s like taking traveler’s checks
with you or cash, or credit cards. You wouldn’t leave without those. You wouldn’t think of it. And in my opinion, you wouldn’t want to go
to any of these countries without tea tree oil. To me it’s a godsend, so I always carry it
with me. I have tea tree oil toothpaste and I wash
my body every day with the Thursday Plantation tea tree oil soap. I love it. It’s got a very fine hint of tea tree. They make shampoos, they make powders. They make all kinds of stuff. But their oil is exceptional. Just one drop or two drops in each ear. Try not to poke things in the ear, because
you can get damage to the eardrum by doing so. But the oil is very safe to use. Itchy ears, candida. Think about the diet, think about what you’re
eating. Are you eating sugar? Are you having ice cream or candy or stuff
like that? Think carefully. And if you’re doing that, you’ve got to stop
that and great the ear with the drops and that should solve the problem. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Lindsey LaVida January 22, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Interesting question, I have this problem too!! But I don’t have much ear wax, but my ears are itching all the time, I have to carry around Qtips, but I don’t eat sweets at all! I have also been diagnosed with Dientamoeba Fragilis which has been hard on my body.

  • Reply t north January 28, 2018 at 2:21 am

    omg my dad loved cookies and died of cancer

  • Reply Muhd Hasif July 22, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    could itchy ears long term cause bloating and GI symptoms long term?

  • Reply Rewiri Ngati Whatua/TuuWhareatoa December 11, 2018 at 6:40 am

    Thanks, I definitely have candida in the ear, i must day that I've tried everything, but Tea Tree oil, but I'll try anything, I still use cotton buds have been to a specialist to remove objects from my ears, cotton from a cotton bud, garlic clove, and wax blockage by using cotton buds regularly, but my ears are so itchy as how, and not to mention that I've had this infection since 1998!!! Thanks again

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