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Itchy Crusty Eyes With Candida Cleanse Is That Due To Cleanse?

August 20, 2019

Hi, there, Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming back. I have another question here from somebody,
a subscriber in the States. Let’s have a look here. Itchy, crusty eyes with candida cleanse. I’ve got itchy, crusty eyes. Is that due to the candida cleanse? It can well be my question to you is, have
you had this itchy, crusty eye sensation before? Y may well have, and it may be a return of
an old symptom, which is not uncommon with the candida cleanse. People can lose … you know, can have these
kind of expressions in the body. The skin can get itchy, you can have rashes. There can be discharges from different parts
of the body. Eyes can weep, nose can run. You can get a colored tongue, bad breath,
you can have lots of gas. All sorts of things can happen with candida
cleanse. When you’re cleaning out the inside of the
body, all this crap in there, it’s got to go somewhere. It goes into the bloodstream, and gets pushed
out of the body. But the eyes certainly can play up, as well,
with the candida cleanse. I’ve got no doubt about it. I’ve seen all kinds of strange things occur
with people going through cleanses. People losing hair, people getting dandruff. But especially the body odor and the skin,
you know, and the bowel change. These are very common things. Fatigue’s a very common thing there as well. Headaches, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain. All these are expressions of an immune system
turning things over in the body and trying to do a bit of housekeeping. So, if this occurs with a cleanse, go with
it. If it’s particularly bothersome, you can get,
like, a facecloth, a [wool] one, you know, and clean the eyes up a little bit. You could also use a little bit of colloidal
silver in an eye cup, a little eye bath with a bit of tepid, sterile water. And rinse the eye in that, to you getting
blepharitis, or any infections or inflammations of the eyelid or around the eye. To stop any conjunctivitis. Colloidal silver’s one of the best, I find,
for the eye, when it’s dilute. 10 parts per million. You’re just using about two or three drops
in a little eye cup, and it works perfect. Give it a go. Thanks for the question.

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