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Is Washing My Private Area Good For Yeast Infection?

August 16, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker. A question I get asked a few times by some
of my female subscribers is, is washing down there, or is washing my private area more
regularly going to be better for getting rid of my yeast infection? Some women may also have BV, bacterial vaginosis,
and have like a fishy kind of a briny smell think that washing, washing lots and lots
more will actually improve it or increase it. Well, in fact, it won’t really do that. It may temporarily create a different odor
or sensation, but then you’ll soon go back to irritation, itching and stuff like that. What you want to do is watch my videos on
women’s yeast infections, on the boric acid treatment that I recommend, on the lifestyle
and diet that I recommend. There are now over 1,300 videos on this channel
and there are hundreds regarding women’s yeast infections. I’d like you to go and look at those videos. I’ve spent a lot of time making videos and
giving information to women just like you, regarding this. But also for men, if you’ve got a penis infection,
if you’ve got balanitis, if you have issues with the groin, the private area, washing,
washing, washing constantly is not necessarily going to get it right. Many of my tips are on these videos, but to
summarize a few of them, you need to really treat yourself internally, digestive-wise. You need to make changes to the diet, changes
to the lifestyle, use appropriate supplementation to cleanup the yeast infection. You can do vaginal douching. You can also clean the men’s private area,
and there’s videos on that as well. With the douching for example, the boric acid
works incredibly well. You can also you use calendula, an herbal
tincture for a douche. Some women use colloidal silver, some use
tea tree oil, tampons with yogurt. There are so many different treatments you
could use. Wear cotton underclothing, keep the pubic
hair short and trim, exposure to sun and to wind, appropriately of course, not inappropriately,
these are all things that are going to help you overcome that yeast infection. The emphasis on treating it internally through
diet, look at the stresses and treat the lifestyle, and treating it internally will give you the
best possible outcome. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • Reply Alaa Wasfi March 14, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Hello dr⚘
    Please i need your help, i feel so frustrated

    Before 2 years i was diagnosed of hpolyri and i took the therapy so now i have no more hpolyri, but then i started to feel bloated all the time and have a skin and hair problems
    I have also gained 30 kg in one year even i haven't changed my lifestyle in food, in addition every time i play any sport i get bloated

    What would it be?
    Please help me
    the doctors in my country were not enough helpful😭

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