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Is Vegetable Glycerin Any Good?

October 22, 2019

Dr. Eric Bakker, Naturopath from New Zealand
here. Thank you for coming back. It’s getting dark in here. It’s raining outside. The question is vegetable glycerin. What is it? Is it any good? Can you drink it? Can you make cocktails out of it? Does it kill Candida? What the hell is it? Well, it’s a polyol so it’s basically a glycerol. It’s a compound made from plant oils, vegetable
glycerin. It’s not really carcinogenic, it’s non-allergenic,
it’s non mutagenic. It’s not tetra genic. It’s no genic kind of stuff at all. It doesn’t really do much for you. But I do know that it’s used a lot to extract,
for example, if you don’t want to have an alcohol based herbal preparation, you can
have a glycerol based one. So glycerol can extract things from plants
quite effectively and it’s used for that. When I, for example, would give what I used
to give a child, echinacea, I’d make up herbal medicine for a young child, I would often
use it as a [glycy] tract. So we would put a few glycerin type herbs
together in a little bottle and then the child would take just a few mils of that per day
and it was quite effective because a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Okay. Tastes nice. So glycerin is quite sweet and it’s used in
a lot of different cosmetic products, sometimes pet foods, toothpastes, bubble buyouts and
things like that, and also e-cigarettes. I think all those vaping kinds of things that
people have, they blow out massive clouds of smoke. That smoke is mainly produced by the glycerin,
the vegetable glycerin. So it doesn’t do much for you. Some people use it as a sugar substitute. I don’t think it’s a great food to have everyday
in your diet, but I don’t think it’s going to do much harm for you. But I don’t think it’s got any benefits for
Candida at all, to be honest. The only reason I would use it would be to
give a marshmallow extract or an echinacea extract your child and often they’re produced
in a glycy tract so they taste quite nice. But that’s my take on vegetable glycerin. Have a wonderful day and thanks for joining
me with these videos today. Click on my link below if you want my free
Candida report. As always, thanks for tuning in.

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