Is The Keto Diet The Same As The Candida Crusher Diet?

September 3, 2019

Eric Bakker ND. Thanks for coming back, guys. We’re going to talk about diets now, keto
diet versus candida diet. Who is the king? Well, there is no king. These are all just different diet plans. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for
you. I’m looking at a popular keto plan at the
moment here for example I printed off online. It’s not dissimilar to the candida diet, but
what we’re looking for is not exactly the same in terms of outcome. Keto diet, particularly in the modern keto
diets or what we call a healthy keto, is not really like the old-fashioned keto with lots
more protein and fat would be consumed. Keto diets have one aim in mind and that’s
to lose weight. That’s what they’re designed for. Keto originally a long time ago. When I was a student keto diets were seen
to be quite extreme and were used generally for people with epilepsy or specific types
of conditions. Now they’re become more mainstream. There are different types of keto diets but
don’t be fooled. They are designed to lose weight. This is a diet that that you’ll probably want
to stay on long term. Now, it’s not dissimilar as we’ll see in a
minute to the Candida Crusher diet approach just with a couple of big differences here. The Candida Crusher diet or what the particular
diet I put together was designed on several diets I looked at back from the ’70s and ’80s
designed to clean the gut up. Particularly the MEVY approach. Meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt which is
not dissimilar again for keto. Dr. Eric Berg makes a very good point that
healthy people lose weight. Weight loss is not designed to make people
healthy. I totally agree with Dr. Berg in that respect
that when you have a good eating style and good lifestyle, you’re not going to get fat. You’re going to maintain a good body weight. What I think keto is missing out on however,
they’re not really looking at the stress of the person or the lifestyle or the long-term
effects of keto, for example. We don’t really know what they are. But, also it makes a person feel that they
have to eat a certain way to lose weight which is not something I’m really keen on on exploring
with my clients. I prefer people to eat the foods that they
enjoy eating within reason, but then very carefully look at how the digestion is affected
by how they’re eating and what they’re eating and particularly how their lifestyle affects
their digestive system. Because I’ve known many people who eat keto
that still don’t lose weight or gain all the weight back again because they are going through
different things in different stages of their life. So the Candida Crusher diet is really designed
to clean up the gut. As you are aware, people who know me through
the work I do online and you’ve got my book, they will know that I’ve got a two-week period
where basically we’re getting people cleaned up. We’re going warm turkey. We’re taking things out of the diet that they
shouldn’t be eating. Dr. Berg will have a similar kind of approach. But, what I’m also interested in then with
the MEVY approach is particularly putting things in the diet that clean the gut up in
terms of its microbes. So, encourage people to eat cultured and fermented
foods, but also encourage people to explore anti-microbial foods that get rid of large
candida populations, for example, that help slowly to bust up biofilms of dysbiotic flora
that encourage the production of lots of lactobacillus beneficial bacteria by eating the fibers that
encourage that to happen. So, eradication or cleaning is an important
part, but, one aspect of the Candida Crusher diet that differs from keto very much so,
is the low-allergy phase where we actually take foods out of the person’s diet that have
any kind of potential for powerful allergy. That really allows the person’s gut to heal
a lot faster particularly the leaky gut as we put them through that cleansing phase,
the no-allergy phase. We put the fermented and cultured foods back
in there again. You can have them all along or you can put
them in after you’ve cleaned up the gut which really alleviates a lot of bloating and gas
that people get and helps to increase the population of beneficial bacteria. In my mind I’m thinking more about the gut
in terms of microbes. I’m thinking about how we can improve the
enzymes of the person, facilitate proper breakdown of foods, proper digestion and absorption
of foods and excretion. That’s very important to me even more important
sometimes and exactly the type of foods that we eat is to facilitate and improve the digestive
aspect as much as we can. That’s the difference with the Candida Crusher
diet is try and really get that gut rejuvenated into a higher frame. Cleaned. Bugs eradicated. Balance bought back again. Then I generally find the anxiety drops off. The brain fog goes away. The person’s ability to maintain a healthy
eating style is definitely really improved. We see that and, of course, weight loss occurs. Most all of my clients long term lose significant
amounts of weight when they’re overweight or gain weight when they’re underweight. So, don’t forget that. It’s not just about weight loss. I’ve got quite a few people that really want
to gain weight, so, keto is probably not the right approach for those people. The Candida Crusher approach is probably more
beneficial in that respect. But, healthy keto is a very, very good thing
to do for a lot of people. My concerns are that it’s targeting weight
loss which I don’t really like. It’s just purely targeting weight loss for
the majority. What foods do you avoid on the healthy keto
plan? You avoid grains, wheat, corn, rice, cereals,
etc. You avoid all sugars. You avoid all fruits except blueberries and
raspberries. You avoid tubers, sweet potatoes, yams, things
like that, and you avoid bad sweeteners which I agree on which are crap anyway. The bad sweeteners gets my tick. The sugar gets my tick to a degree because
I do allow people to have honey in their diet especially as they get better. The grains I can’t agree with nor the tubers
nor the fruit. I really believe that most people benefit
even early on with green apples and various types of fruits that really have a great affect
on their digestive health. Fruit, particular green apples have a good
effect also on appetite control. They contain many different fibers that really
improve the beneficial bacterial count. But, as I say to people, if you can’t tolerate
these fruits, pull them out. Try them down the track to see if you can
tolerate. The difference between one or two weeks can
be astronomical in terms of the ability for the gut to accept the food or not. Depends on where your bugs are there at that
point in time. Now, blueberries and raspberries are fine. I’m quite happy with that except avocados
are not on this list. I suppose they’re allowed but they’re not
really added to the fruit because avocados are a fruit. Avocado is an exceptionally good fruit. The fruits I pull out of the Candida Crusher
diet are the sweet fruits. Grapes. Watermelons. Melons. Lots of citrus fruit apart from lemons and
limes. Lemons and limes are fine most of the time
with all people regardless of their gut. They can tolerate that citric acid in their
diet quite well. Grains I have to agree because I feel the
majority of people can tolerate rolled oats especially an organic oat. If they can’t tolerate it at that point, pull
it out. Try it back in later. Again, rice, I really don’t feel rice to be
a bad food for the majority of people. If you get a wild rice or a brown rice, there
are 35 types of rice I’ve basically worked out in our area anyway that I’ve seen, and
there are several really good forms of rice to eat. They also have a good effect on the gut. They control the appetite. They contain various starches in them that
are beneficial for the health. But, remember, it depends where your gut is
at the time. But, to pull a food out of the diet like rice,
like all fruits apart from berries and to do that for a long period of time, it just
doesn’t really stack up in my mind. Sweet potatoes are fantastic food for so many
people, but again, can you tolerate them or not? I look at some of the foods on the keto approved
list and you may not tolerate those at all, so, it really depends on your tummy what you
can and can’t handle. But, by far and large the keto diet is a good
diet, but I don’t really feel it’s good long term to eat like this especially when you
look at the fat content of the diet. But, hey, if it works for you then it’s great. Just remember, when you have got the body
shape that you’re looking for, it pays to introduce different types of fruits, vegetables
and grains, things like that depending on your tolerability to really round out your
diet more and give you larger, more balanced microbiome. The wider your food selection, the more diverse
the gut. The more diverse the gut, the better your
health will be long term. Don’t forget to click on my link in the description
box for your free candida shopping guide. Thanks for tuning in.

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