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Is the flu shot safe? What to know about the flu vaccine

November 18, 2019

(electronic chiming) Influenza vaccine is a
stupendously safe vaccine. Now, just think about it. Over the years and around the
globe, each and every year, we give millions upon millions of doses of influenza vaccine. Yep, you can get a sore arm. Each and every year
when I get my vaccine, my arm, right there,
is a little bit sore for about two, three hours. Some people get a
little more than that. The get a little redness. They get a little swelling. I don’t get that. A very small percentage
of people may actually get a degree of fever overnight. That’s not the flu. You can’t get the flu
from the flu vaccine. That’s just a reaction
of inflammation and your body’s immune system
working with the vaccine. So it’s really an
extraordinarily safe vaccine.

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