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March 4, 2020

hey morning after evening
Passive Income Tom with a quick video you know there’s really about how do you
buy a stock when it’s on sale or what do you what do I think a stock is on sale
just because the stock has gone down maybe a dollar or two or one percent
whatever that really is not on sale but you really have to look at something
that’s really Goods hits hard you know say what right now with the coronavirus
the coronavirus is pushing a lot of stock down and it’s just crazy it’s
probably good a little bit lower over the next week so you’ve got to watch up
that’s something like that because the things like that that’s when the stock
is going on sale because things that outside not affecting the stock itself
not affecting the company but outside factors that are influencing it
influence the price causing the price to go down down down down down so that’s we
gotta look out for something when a stock go starts going on sale when
outside influences are pushing it to go down another one the good to look at is
you know facebook last year I believe it was last year you know Mark Zuckerberg
got up to Congress Congress was bashing him you know over the Labor coin the
cryptocurrencies calling that you know Facebook one to create and so Congress
was bashing him you know and that was pushing the stock down a lot that’s
another time you know when outside influences were pushing down a stock or
a company and Industry you know you have that’s these things you got to look at
you know looking for those little indicators you know you know you always
see in the news and everything but you don’t really think how does you know
what’s happening over here may have affect that stock so you’ve got a look
at both things you know correlate you know how does that figure out how do
those two things you know how are they affecting the stock how are they
affecting the stock price and you know could that mean the stock is good on
sale because of that because if you look right after that right to the Facebook
was bashed by Congress you know Facebook socks are going to up higher and higher
and higher after that so that’s we got to look for you get a look up four key
little indicators like that because things like that will cause a stock
price to drop all right and just just say you know I bought some
I bought a stock a couple shows of stock last Friday I bought BP you know BP you
know oil and gas company is doing very well but because everything going on
with the coronavirus it’s pushing the stock down lower
you know it’s hurting the inn is hurting the industry hurt an airline industry as
well hard in the oil and gas industry you know but some things if you look at
it some stock price is going to look a lot lower than what they should be you
know BP is a great company you know they had the little oil spillage couple years
ago but overall they’re a great company as a world because the international
company of helping out different countries
help me up people that need you know that resource even though Elon Musk has
drawn all the news people still need gas people still need oil and still getting
use can every day all right all right that’s when a big is quick short right
to the point today not really a whole lot but it may I want this more to be
more of a thinking video more some for you think about anything when investing
anything would passive income anything you want to do to buy you really have to
do a lot of thinking you can’t just go and say hey I want to do this today yeah
you’ve got to put a lot of fun and you gotta use you know use what God gave you
you know your little brain up here and you really think about some things
because too many things today we don’t think about it we just go and do it but
a lot of things you really got a plan for you got to think about it and then
how it’s gonna help you in the future not just today not just tomorrow you’ve
got to look at you know you look at weeks years down the road
you really got look further out you know how is something really gonna help you
is it gonna help you and what you’re doing is gonna personally help you is
gonna help you in the future that’s you’ve you’ve got a look at things like
you’ve got a plan for some things and a lot of things may be hard you’ve got how
to get there how to do it because if you do that it will help you so much more in
the future and you know go a little tangent but a little bit of a message as
well hopefully you get something out of this I really appreciate it if you
haven’t already you know like this video subscribe click the bubble notification
because this Friday I’m coming back with another video another passive income
video alright take care have a great day you you


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    Just gotta hit the watch time now.

    Not too worried about temporary weakness in these companies either. Looking to make money long term. I like the oil sector here.

  • Reply GenExDividendInvestor February 3, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Hey you hit 1k subs, congrats! How goes the hours side of monetization?

  • Reply Experiment Nation February 3, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    watched and enjoyed till the end

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  • Reply David Moadel February 4, 2020 at 2:01 am

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims around the world

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    Congrats on 1k!!! You work hard on your videos and deserve it!
    Really think-worthy topic today.

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  • Reply Passive Income Tom February 4, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Prayers out to those who are currently affected by this horrible virus.

  • Reply The Cash Compass February 4, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    Agreed! The virus is definitely putting many stocks on sale. As long as it is a solid company with good earnings and a profitable business model then you can take advantage of these dips

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    Thanks for your insight. I did pick up some shares when the market went on "sale" for a like 2 days last week.
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