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Is Studying Your Gut Bacteria Key To Good Health Or A Waste Of Money?

December 1, 2019

Eric Bakker, a naturopath from New Zealand. Thank you for coming back. My apologies regarding a batch of videos that
we made last week because the sound reproduction was very poor in them. So I’ve redone 6 videos out of the original
10, and we’re loading those up now, so hopefully you’ll get the message. Is studying gut bacteria a waste of money? Is it something you really need to do to get
benefit from? Are you going to learn a lot from it? What’s it going to give you? What are the benefits? What are the advantages? Well, I think any kind of study is an advantage,
especially the study of yourself. You can’t go wrong, but you need to go to
a gut shrink to work out what’s wrong with you, a gut psychiatrist or something? With the new kind of DNA tests now, many people
are getting these brand new tests done by startup companies with gene sequencing. They’re looking at basically all the bacteria
in their gut. But what useful information are you going
to get from that? Is it going to really help you to improve
your life in general by looking at bacteria, and then making a few decisions on what kind
of foods you’re going to eat based around those bacteria? I don’t think so. I really don’t. In my mind, a stool analysis makes much more
sense. A comprehensive digestive stool analysis is
a lot more commonsensical and logical from where I’m sitting than just looking at gene
sequencing for bacteria. The benefits you’ll get from a proper stool
analysis will also go far further. You’ll actually understand if there’s inflammation
in the gut, what the immune status is like. All right? You’ll get counts. You’ll probably get counts, cell numbers and
cell counts in these gene tests. But the point I’m making in here is with a
comprehensive stool analysis, you’re going to get a lot more information to work with. And particularly if you do one when you’re
feeling very poorly, and get another one completed when you’re feeling really good. Nobody gets tests done when they’re feeling
great, but that’s when you should get a test done, when you’re feeling at your best, because
it’ll give you an idea of a baseline that you should be striving for. Okay? No different from if you’re unfit, and you’ve
trained to a high level, and you’ve reached your personal best. I mean that can be a bit of a benchmark for
you, but you’ll never know until you try. Okay? But many of my most successful cases, I’ve
urged people to get a stool test done when they felt in their best health. They said it was one of the best things they
ever did when they compared that with how poorly the stool test results were, so that’s
a good tip for you. But remember, information is only as good
or useful as what you actually do with that information, and who you’re going to see regarding
that information, and what you’re going to discuss, and the actions that you base on
that information. For that reason, most stool tests are a waste
of bloody time, and they’re crap as far as I’m concerned. You’re far better off taking a long, hard
look at yourself in the mirror and looking at where you eat, and also what you’re digesting
emotionally, what kind of crap you’re digesting from other people, or what kind of crap people
are putting up with from you for example. All right? A self-analysis of your occupation, of your
relationships, including your diet. These are things that you need to do long
before you look at 25 pages of bacterial names that sound like something from another planet,
that mean probably nothing to you at all. This to me is logical advice. Okay? Get stuff sorted before you go down the path
of a stool test. Stool test is way out here, but you’ve got
all this stuff that you may be wanting to do. Is it a waste of money? It is for most people. It’s not a waste of money for a person who’s
completed all of these things first, they’re eating well, okay? They’ve got a lot of personal crap sorted. They’ve got their life in a nice place, and
they want to have the icing on the cake. That’s when you can start doing DNA stuff. You don’t do it here in the beginning when
you’ve got blood coming from the back passage, and you’ve got tremendous pain in the tummy. You got headaches, and migraines, and you’re
fighting with your wife or son, whatever. Waste of time. Waste of time. It really is. A lot of startups will tell you that I’m a
waste of space and a waste of oxygen because I’m wrong, but of course anyone who’s selling
a test for a hundred bucks or something is going to always promote their products over
anything. Tests are valid and important, but think of
when is the best time for you to do that test. Trust me, the best time to do it for your
interest is as you’ve improved yourself to a high level first. Then you can tweak things further, the diet
particularly, by doing a test like that. Then hopefully you’ve also had expert advice
that you work off, not just some 20-year-old kid that’s barely out of diapers. So just be careful. There’s a lot of instant experts out there. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Mads Hansen November 28, 2019 at 5:12 am

    Much better

  • Reply American Honey November 28, 2019 at 9:49 am

    I had high levels of Zonulin. Still not clear on how to go about it/treat it.

  • Reply borriffick November 29, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    Dr. Bakker, I've been dealing with chronic strep for years. Stool test showed streptococcus spp. high in the gut recently as well as high bacillus spp. Antibiotics never worked and likely made things worse. Now I'm dealing with Crohn's getting worse (high Calprotectin as well, though zonulin fine). Where do I turn to now in treating this? Thanks so much. (Happy for your well deserved retirement, and thank you kindly for your many great videos!)

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