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Is Red Yeast Rice Extract OK To Lower Cholesterol On The Candida Diet?

August 21, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand. I’ve got an interesting question here from
a subscriber. “Is red yeast rice extract okay to lower cholesterol
on Candida Diet?” Well why would you want to lower cholesterol? I’m not sure if I’ve done any videos on cholesterol
management but this whole cholesterol management, lower management thing is a huge myth. Most people have got no idea or understanding
of cholesterol and its effects on the body. We’re told that LDL or the bad cholesterol
damages our health, and we’re told that the high density lipoprotein, or the HDL is actually
beneficial for health. But they’re only giving you a very tiny little
piece of the information. Heart disease occurs by way of inflammation
and inflammatory mechanisms go far beyond just HDL and LDL ratios. So red yeast rice extract is basically a kind
of a fungus, it’s a yeast called monascus, and this basically is grown on rice. It’s quite popular and has been used, I think
like 300 before Christ they discovered this. So it’s actually a type of a statin drug. So back in the ’70s the Americans, I think
Lovastatin came from a fungus called aspergillus. So aspergillus is a particular type of fungus
that can also affect our bodies really bad if it grows in the lungs. But they isolated this particular drug, which
they call now a drug, a statin drug, called Lovastatin back in the ’70s, and what they
found out that Lovastatin is very similar to the monostatin or the one from the monascus
yeast. Did you get all that? I hope you did. So yeast, fungus can actually be quite beneficial
for the body too because as you can see fungus have different effects on the body. In this case the monascus can block the effects
of HMG-CoA reductase which is an enzyme which helps to produce the LDL. But you don’t really need to lower LDL, it’s
a pretty dumb thing to do. You need to get your bowel functioning better. So by improving the bowel motions, you’re
going to have a much better ability for the body to bind to cholesterol in the gut and
excrete it. You don’t need to lower it through taking
drugs, it’s a stupid thing to do. So there are many, many different videos you
can watch now on the internet about the cholesterol myth, or what we call the Big Fat Lie. It’s a load of crap that you need to lower
cholesterol in order to prolong life. You need to keep cholesterol balanced and
in good amounts when you get older, ’cause cholesterol is a formation for four major
hormonal pathways in the body, including production of testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol,
[inaudible 00:02:39]. All these hormones rely on a good supply of
cholesterol. So if you’re mess around with cholesterol,
you could also potentially mess around with hormones. There’s a book called “The Thief of Memory,”
written by a lady who’s husband was an astronaut, whose brain basically went coo coo on him
after taking these statin drugs. Statin drugs make billions of dollars a year
for companies and this Big Fat Lie one day will come out. Hopefully this video is up long enough for
people to say, “See that guy was right. These drugs are a joke.” So if you’re worried about heart disease,
keep your blood pressure down, your weight down, and keep your bowel function working. One of my teachers used to say, “People need
to keep their mouths shut and their bowels open ’cause it’s going to prolong their lives.” Hope you got something out of this video.


  • Reply zwerina56 April 10, 2018 at 1:21 am

    I wish my arrogant doctor would watch your presentation on this. He doesn’t even check my cholesterol levels anymore bcz he knows I am not buying & I agree with your rationale.
    Unfortunately, they killed my thyroid with radiation 6 years ago & since then my metabolism & bowels have shut down badly. I take compounding T3 & T4 to compensate but feel worse than I did before.
    My naturopath explained it well when he said that the thyroid is just like the gas pedal of a car & killing it stops the driving. The problem is the puturity gland which regulates thyroid & that is what needs to be addressed instead. Problem is, how can I get into better balance now? I don’t & won’t take laxatives to compensate unless I get desperate (traveling affects me the most). I take magnesium daily (fibroplex) which helps to a certain extent & am careful about what I eat but still I have problems.
    I have NEVER met a male with thyroid disease so far – is this a war on women perhaps?
    Thank you for your videos & for sharing your knowledge 😃

  • Reply pawlinski74 June 13, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    Yes Doc . Eric , but what can i do if i got to the point i cant take statins and if i cant take natural based pills what should I take if Im on candida diet
    I came to a dead end , Im after heart stroke last year and if i dont start to treat my heart i will kill myself and i dont want to ruin my candida diet with canxida ,what should i take to lower the cholesterol then???

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