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Is Parsley Good For Candida?

August 27, 2019

Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand.
Thanks for checking out my video. I’m going to talk about parsley today. One of my favorite
herbs. Parsley is very easy to grow. You can get the curly kind or you can get the large
Italian flat leaf kind. Parsley is a biennial herb, which means it grows over a two-year
period and then it basically dies. Aren’t you glad you live longer than two years. Imagine
that, living for two years only. The first year it tends to really concentrate
on growing a root structure and has a very powerful above ground appearance. The second
year it consolidates its above ground and it will form a thick trunk and then a very
big underground root structure. In the third year, it basically dies. It’s going to produce
a lot more seed in the second year. In the second year actually, you can pull it out
and you’ve got these big chunky roots that you can wash off, scrub, and, in fact, it’s
a fantastic thing to put in your chicken soup. Really, really good. I just heard yesterday
someone called chicken soup the Jewish penicillin, which is quite an interesting analogy.
Parsley roots are a little bit like celery roots or celery. They’re wonderful in soups.
But the beautiful thing about the second year, the roots are actually a very powerful kidney
cleanser. So you can actually chop the roots up and create concoction, boil them and simmer
them and then drink that tea, parsley tea for cleaning out the urinary system, especially
if you suffer from recurring UTIs or lower back pain and things like that.
Parsley has one of the highest levels of vitamin K of just about any herb or vegetable known.
It’s very, very good for people who want to add vitamin K to body, which is good for bones,
good for immune function. Good for blood. Make sure you’ve got healthy blood clotting.
It’s very, very high in vitamin C. Super high in vitamin C and also high in folic acid.
It’s a very, very healthy food. It contains about a half a dozen different types of flavonoids.
We know these flavonoids are very powerful to look after the very small blood vessels
in the body, especially for the eye and for the kidney and around the heart and in the
brain. The benefits of parsley go on and on. I can’t
recommend parsley enough for people to consume. It’s an incredibly powerful food. Get rid
of the dried crap. If you’ve got dried herbs, throw them out. These are just powdery junk.
Grow fresh herbs yourself. They’re so simple to grow. So next time you go grocery shopping,
have a look at the section where they’ve got the little seedlings for sale. Buy some parsley
plants, put them in the garden because they grow nearly all year round. We’ve got frost
at the moment outside and the parsley is growing fine. If you get a really hard frost, you
need to shelter it. But keep every year putting two or three parsley plants in and you can
use it as a garnish on nearly all dishes. It’s great in stir fries. It’s good in salads.
It’s good in soups. It makes a wonderful tea. It’s got a very fresh powerful taste. It also
has this ability to really help to stimulate different kinds of enzymes in the body that
protect against a lot of carcinogens like tobacco smoke, char, stuff when you have that
piece of steak and you get that char grill on it. It also reduces polyp formation in
the gut, so it stops tumors from forming. I could spend an hour talking about the benefits
of parsley. Is it good for Candida? It’s excellent for
Candida because it promotes great digestive health. It’s also a bitter, so it stimulates
the body to produce different enzymes and acids. It’s also high fiber. It’s also a prebiotic,
so you can’t go wrong. If you want a super food, eat parsley. I’d rank up in the top
super group along with avocados, blueberries, wild salmon, those sorts of foods. Parsley
is right up there with those. So make sure you put some parsley on your plate.
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    Are dried herbs really that bad Dr?

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