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Is Oregano Oil enough to Complete a Candida Cleanse?

August 29, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking about different anti-fungals,
anti-microbials for Candida. So I have a question here from another subscriber
asking me if oregano or oregano or oregano whatever country you live in. If oregano has basically an excellent effect
on Candida. If it’s sufficient to do a Candida cleanse
just using oregano. Well of course it is. You could just use oregano. You could just use grapefruit seed extract. You could use just anything you want. But whether it’s going to have the effect
that you want particularly the wide range of effect that you want, the broad spectrum
effect. Whether it’s going to assist in taking out
a whole lot of different bugs combined, that’s the question. After looking at thousands and thousands of
stool tests, particularly at the susceptibility panel, meaning the lab will find a bug in
your tummy, and then they’re gonna try to find a natural agent which is gonna counter
it. They’ll create a panel or basically of agents
which can create a vulnerability against that particular suspected pathogen. Oregano does come up, but it doesn’t come
up anywhere near as often as I see, for example, grapefruit seed extract coming back. That one comes back nearly all the time, but
so do other selenic acid and caprylic acid. So does uva-ursi. Other things come up very often. It’s a combination of those different things
that come up that’re gonna have a more powerful effect than just using oregano on it’s own. I would use oregano, for example, on nails. I find it to be a little bit stronger than
tea tree. If you wanna use oregano, you can also use
it as a mouth rinse. Some people put a few drops of oregano oil
in a bit of hot water, or warm water. Swish that around in their mouth and spit
that out. Colloidal silver or oregano can be quite good
orally. Don’t ingest it, just spit it out. Excellent to use on toes. Toenails. I find it quite good. Except for ringworm it’s quite good for topical. Internally, it’s not really strong enough
on it’s own to create the broad-spectrum effect you’re looking for. It’s a bit like a previous video I did where
people were asking if the black walnut and coptis berberine containing herbs, if these
two were sufficient. Well, the oregano belongs with the black walnut
and the berberine, but then you want to pad down a bit more with those fatty acids. Caprylic acid and undo-selenic acid. Now you’re starting to talk a bit more money
now. ‘Cause if you gotta buy all these products
separately it’s gonna all add up. This is how I practice for years. Patients had to pay the price because I didn’t
know product that was formulated that contained all of these things together in the right
proportions. People sometimes complain to me because they
wanna have a look. It came see that removed, they wanna know
exactly the level of each of those ingredients. That’s not put on there because it’s proprietary
information. Meaning, it took a long time to work out the
correct proportions of each of these herbs that work with each other and not against
each other. If you’re cooking a meal, you don’t wanna
have one ingredient that overpowers the dish. Otherwise, it’s not really gonna taste nice. They’ve got special people called tasters
that work with big companies. They gonna work out just the right combination
ingredients in that soup or casserole, whatever they’re creating, to make it taste really,
really good. That’s how I kind of work with formulating
a product. Not so much the tasting part, it’s the activity
part in the patient’s body, to see how they product works over time. When you get experience using many different
anti-microbials like garlic, and grapefruit seed extract, and berberine, and black walnut,
you start to feel … get a feel of understand the power of these ingredients. These individual ingredients. Then you get a feel for how to match one up
against the other, and make sure that one doesn’t overpower the other one. This process can take a few years, and that’s
how Candida remove was formulated. Over a period of time, using my different
patients, with patients’ consent. Looking at the outcomes that we’re getting
the fine-tuning a formula until we get a formula that we’re happy with. Where one ingredient’s not overpowering another,
or another one that’s powerful is not weakly represented. This takes time, and for that reason oregano
is not enough to complete a good gut cleanse. You need more. You need more of a broad spectrum product. It’s gonna save you money, it’s gonna give
you a better result in a shorter period of time, and that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for tuning in.

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