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Is My Yeast Infection Linked Up With Lowered Immunity?

September 7, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath again, author
of Candida Crusher with another question. Is my yeast infection linked up with a lowered
immunity? Absolutely; a strong immune system is going
to overcome a yeast infection much more easily than a weak immune system. But not only a
yeast infection, a strong immune system is going to overcome a lot of problems in your
body; inflammation in particular. A strong immune system is now even linked to helping
prevent heart disease, cancer, and many illnesses in your body. So it’s imperative that you
develop a very powerful immune response. How do we do that? Try and understand what
builds immunity up in the body and also what breaks it down. In a previous video, I spoke
about health builders and health busters. I spoke about increasing resistance and reducing
susceptibility. You’re not going to build good immunity by taking antibiotics or by
taking pharmaceutical drugs. These are purely symptomatic treatments. They make people a
lot of money who make these drugs, but they don’t build you a lot of health. You need to think of your immune system like
a powerful army. If a country has a weak army, it gets invaded quite easily. If a country
has a very powerful army, it’s going to take over that threat very quickly and deal with
it and lay it to rest before it even infiltrates into the country. So it’s important for you
to understand this concept. I want you to really work on building up your
immunity, and I’m going to speak a lot more about this in other videos. But I’ll explain
a little bit more about immune systems in this video for your interest. Immunity is linked up very much so with digestive
health, with emotional health, and particularly with adrenal health. So the adrenal glands
manufacture a particular hormone called cortisol, and cortisol has an extremely powerful affinity
on your white blood cells. So good cortisol levels mean a powered up immune system. Poor
cortisol levels mean a weakened immune system. This will explain now to you why when people
undergo stressful events that have a period of time not long after where they get ill. So cortisol affects the body in many ways,
but when it comes to your immune system, cortisol in sufficient levels is going to help prevent
acute infectious disease. So it’s going to help prevent recurring coughs and colds and
flus. Cortisol in sufficient levels is going to prevent hypersensitivity or allergic response,
i.e., food allergies. Cortisol in sufficient levels is also going to help prevent autoimmune
disease and ultimately a very good adrenal system should ultimately help you prevent
cancer. These are pretty good reasons why you want
good adrenal health. I’ve seen many people with chronic yeast infections with poor immune
health that can’t recover because they’ve got poor adrenal health. And once their adrenals
are treated and powered up and cortisol is working, the chronic yeast infection goes
away. So that’s something for you to think about. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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