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Is My Yeast Infection Causing A Fever?

August 16, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher with another question I get asked from time to time. Is my yeast infection causing a fever? So a good question. Yeast infections don’t
really cause fevers as such, but they can cause a lot of different immune dysfunctions.
I do commonly find, particularly in males and some females, too, but I’ve found it most
in males. They can get a lot sweating and feeling flushed and hot, and this will often
be associated with fermentation in the gut. So when you think of fermentation, you’ve
basically got yeast and sugar generating a lot of gas and that can create body odor and
heat as well. Heat can be a byproduct from fermentation or warmth. And I can certainly
associate sweating and smelly body odor with fermentation and a yeast infection as well. So if you’ve got bloating, gas, sweet cravings,
and armpits and groin that smell, feet that smell, and a strong sweet craving, you could
have a lot of gas going on here and fermentation. And I certainly associate that with a yeast
infection. Fevers may come about through immune dysfunction
on other pathways as well. Generally, I wouldn’t associate a strong fever with a yeast infection,
but I’m sure that there could be some link between them both indirectly. I haven’t really
researched that to any great degree, but there could well be a link. But I would associate
heat more with fermentation. So I hope that answers your question. Thanks
for your question.


  • Reply Jure Repina April 12, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Hi, Eric!

    I noticed one strange ting regarding candida. Last year I was eating mostly uncontrolled also junk food and take-out, white rice and pasta etc. Tho whole year I was getting severe symptoms which all pint to candida infection. So ok, I found and started reading your book and in the same time a switched to "paleo" diet. So to cut it short, after starting to eat lots of vegetables and no sugar, no carbohydrates I started to get muscle cramps and I have been sick three times (with fever) already in 2 months.

    On the other side as long as I was recklessly feeding candida the whole time before I noticed I somehow didn't get sick, maybe just a cold but I haven't had fever the whole year.

    Since I didn't find this information in your book (I am 3/4 through now), I am wondering of what to do? should I reintroduce a small portion of carbs?

    I am also starting to get lots of diarrhea the past two weeks, It looks like my body can't take this diet any-more. I keep telling myself that this could be die-off or just normal aggravations.

    This week I am waiting for the colozone shipment and I want to start your program this weekend with the Big Cleanup, so I am somewhat concerned how will my imune system react to this one weak cleansing. However I have Remove and Restore on stand by, because I want to do the Cleanup before I start introducing the supplements.

    I hope you see this comment and that you for answering!


  • Reply Candida Crusher December 20, 2017 at 9:49 pm

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