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Is Metranidazole Any Good For Candida?

August 12, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker, Naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. We’ve got a question here, which I’ve been
asked many times: “Is Metronidazole good for Candida?” Metronidazole is the name of the drug we also
call Flagyl. Flagyl is a very interesting drug. It was designed quite a few years ago. It’s an antibiotic, and it’s designed for
Gram-positive and Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria. These are specific types of bacteria. It also is used for bacterial vaginosis quite
often. It works for certain types of bugs. It has no effect at all on viruses and no
effect at all on Candida yeast. Antibiotics don’t really do anything for yeast
so you’re wasting your time taking them if you’ve got a Candida problem. parasite, however, Flagyl will have a particular
type of an effect. I don’t use Metronidazole anymore. I was using it up until not that long ago
very occasionally on a rare case I would recommend it. But, I just don’t like it because I’ve seen
a couple of people particularly in the last several years have such strong neurological
side-effects from it, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk anymore. It may only occur in one in a few thousand
people, but that one in a few thousand, you get debilitating, serious side-effects for
a long time. To me, it negates the reason why I would ever
recommend it to anybody so it’s just not worth it. You can try it if you want and you may get
a side-effect, you may not get a side-effect. The typical side-effects we see for Metronidazole
would be things like stomach pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, but they could
also be a furry tongue, pain on the tongue, sore throat, vaginal discharge, headache. You name it; there’s a list a mile long. But not everybody is going to get side-effects
from it. If they do, it’ll range from very mild to
severe and debilitating. You know, you could be anywhere on that spectrum. So, I don’t really recommend Metronidazole
anymore. I believe there are far more effective natural
ways of getting rid of infections and particularly for Candida. Don’t take it for Candida. It has no effect at all on yeast infection. So that’s my take on Metronidazole. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
to get your free Candida report if you haven’t already got that. It’s in the description box. Thanks for tuning in.

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    Is itraconazole good for candida??

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