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Is it Bad When Dogs Lick Your Face?

November 9, 2019

Is it bad when dogs lick your face? I’ve heard
everything from how telling a dog no hurts its feelings, to saying it will give you the
plague. Dogs show affection by licking, that much
is true. And I like my dog telling me she loves me. The bad part is that the dog’s tongue has
been everywhere. Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than ours are. Oh, no, they are not. Are you brushing your
dog’s teeth as often as your own? No, but dogs eat dog biscuits. I wouldn’t consider a tongue covered in bacteria
laden dog biscuit bits clean. Dogs keep themselves clean. Just like cats, but licking themselves. If
you are annoyed when he rubs his boy parts against your leg, you should be annoyed if
his tongue that was just licking there is now licking your face. Valid point. And then there is the dog sniffing and licking
to explore the world. He may have been eating his own poop or another animal’s poop. No, he doesn’t eat poop. He’s more likely
to actually catch the animal. Lovely, so now he has rotting dead animal
guts in his mouth. And he’s licking you with that same mouth. It should be safe. Dogs can get diseases like strep throat from
us. There have even been cases where a dog and child kept passing the disease back and
forth until both were on antibiotics at the same time. I get the point. He shouldn’t be allowed to
lick me in the face. And then there’s the possibility you get pink
eye if his tongue hits your eyes. Or your mouth – OK, I give up! What should I do? When your dog wants to show affection, hold
out your hand so he can lick that. And then I can pet him all I want. And then you need to wash your hands before
you touch anything else.

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